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Kitchen decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

In many families, it is customary to celebrate the New Year in a cozy kitchen environment. And a positive, festive atmosphere is very important in the process of preparing treats for a feast. So, it’s time to pick up decorations for this important room, decide on the style and materials. Elegant, bright kitchen will please… Read More »

Pros and cons of glossy kitchens

The stumbling block in choosing the design of the kitchen and facade cladding is the concern about how to take care of the surface, while spending a minimum of effort and resources. Numerous forums of housewives are full of hundreds of opinions on this subject: someone assures that gloss is the ideal coating for the… Read More »

Orange kitchen: design and decor ideas

Orange is one of the most controversial colors for use in the interior, it causes different emotions in people. The range of perception ranges from delight to an almost physically painful feeling of rejection. The main thing is that it is difficult to meet a person who is indifferent to this color. What is so… Read More »

Kitchen without upper cabinets: design ideas

The kitchen in many homes is a place where households spend most of their time. Here not only food is prepared, but also joint gatherings are organized. It is important to make it cozy and functional. Designers offer a lot of fresh solutions. Advantages and disadvantages Kitchen sets offered by stores are usually bunk. We… Read More »

Bronze kitchen: design and decor ideas

The kitchen in an apartment or house is not only a place for cooking. The whole family gathers here for breakfast and dinner. There are unhurried conversations over a cup of tea. This is a small world where people live, philosophize and enjoy communicating with each other. The interiors with the presence of bronze in… Read More »

Gold Kitchen: design and decor ideas

The golden interior is associated with wealth and luxury, is a kind of sign of family well-being. But if you choose interior design and furniture in metallic tones, it is important to think through the future project correctly. Color combination What colors are in harmony with the gilding in the kitchen? One of the frequent… Read More »