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Yellow sofa in the interior: design ideas

Yellow color is associated with the sun, joy, communication. It is associated with flowering, ripening, fertility, colors of hot summer. People who ignore the yellow color are mentally unbalanced. There are many shades of yellow: warm and cold, pale and saturated, with a undertone of orange, with a combination of blue, beige, green shades. Yellow… Read More »

Green sofa in the interior: design ideas

A green sofa in the interior will help to create a harmonious, cozy and calm atmosphere. Let’s look at design ideas, pros and cons, materials, shapes, combinations with other colors. Sofa functions in the room Manufacturers of the furniture market offer consumers a huge range of various items. However, sofas are not inferior to leadership… Read More »

Blue sofa in the interior: design ideas

Upholstered furniture is an important element of the interior. Most often sofas can be seen in the interiors of residential premises with high traffic – hall, hallway, kitchen and living room. In the bedrooms, sofas are installed less often, preferring beds to them because of greater convenience. However, modern upholstered furniture is comfortable and functional.… Read More »

White sofa in the interior: design ideas

White color refers to neutral. It cannot be called either warm or cold, so it is considered an ideal background for creating any compositions in the interior. Visually white color pushes the boundaries of the rooms, making them spacious, saturated with air and freshness. Interiors of rooms made in white tones look stylish and do… Read More »

White bedroom: design and decor ideas

The white interior has long been considered a sign of luxury. It is enough to recall the halls of palaces and mansions of the nobility, richly decorated with stucco and gilding. Today, this color is increasingly rare in the interior, it is considered too expensive and impractical. And in vain. Now we will look at… Read More »