Wall decor: design ideas

By | April 8, 2023

“My house is my fortress” does not mean the immutability of the interior and the constancy of the habitat. We expect not only protection from the house, but also pleasant emotions, relaxation, inspiration and diversity. And if you are bored with the appearance of the wall, you can decorate it. Let’s look at unusual and creative ways of decorating walls and choose the best ideas.

Abstractions in interior design.

Creative wall decoration with wallpaper

Wallpaper is the most affordable and most familiar way of decorating walls. It has been in demand for several centuries, because:

  • it’s familiar and familiar;
  • a wide variety of colors and textures suggests that there is no limit to perfection;
  • different price categories allow you to meet any budget.

It seems that what is simpler and more trivial? Yes and no. Ordinary wallpaper can also become great helpers in creating an unusual interior. Vertical or horizontal alternation of different drawings will enliven the interior and visually push the walls apart. The main thing is to choose harmonious combinations.

Bamboo grove wallpaper in the interior.

Photo wallpapers are a good solution. Their choice is huge, and they are suitable for any room. And the wallpaper on which you can draw? After all, there are such. You don’t have to be an artist to do that. If, however, you doubt your visual abilities – stencils for drawing will help you.

Finally, there are fabric wallpapers, silkscreen wallpapers, which will give the dwelling a luxurious look of palace chambers. Cork wallpaper, with imitation leather – there are an infinite number of options on the market. And what if you turn the wallpaper into a panel? Place them in a frame and decorate one wall in this way. Wallpaper, of course, should be worthy of such a design. Run-of-the-mill stripes won’t do here.

Decorative plaster

Decorative plaster for walls in an apartment or wall paintings give room for imagination and make your interior absolutely unique. Decorative plaster is good in itself. It can imitate silk, wood or brickwork.

Decorative plaster in the interior.

And how do you like mother-of-pearl plaster? Of course, this is an expensive pleasure and requires preparation – perfectly smooth walls. But the result will surely please you. Liquid wallpaper is also sometimes called plaster, but unlike the latter, they do not require special preparation and perfectly mask all the irregularities of the wall.

Simple painted walls are a great alternative to wallpaper, especially since the choice of colors is huge now. Only it is necessary to prepare the walls even more carefully than under plaster, because the paint does not hide defects, but emphasizes them.

Therefore, before painting the walls, they should:

  • primed,
  • plaster,
  • putty.

Tile is a well–known material for a long time, especially since its choice is very wide. Now tiles are being produced that successfully imitates stone or brickwork, wood and is quite appropriate in the living room. And its gypsum variety is lighter and cheaper.

Wall panels – wooden, plastic, PVC and even linoleum on the walls are also quite acceptable in certain cases.

Creative wall decor

There are many ways to diversify the interior with the help of small and original details:

  • Photo frames on the wall in the apartment interior.

  • Mosaic – its infinite variety awakens the imagination. There is an abyss of creativity in the mosaic panel. And the source materials – whatever comes to mind. Expensive mosaic – made of natural materials – stone, wood, leather. But it is absolutely not necessary to spend money like that. Cheap artificial, successfully imitating natural, is not inferior in beauty and originality. An interesting mosaic canvas can be created even from pieces of linoleum.

  • Paintings and photographs. You can make an original composition and change it at least every day.
  • Application – it can be flat and voluminous. Paper flowers, insects, trees look wonderful and evoke the most romantic associations.
  • Fabric decor. Not only wallpaper can be placed in the frame, but also pieces of decorative fabric with a fancy pattern. The carpet on the wall, it seems, will not surprise anyone, but put it in a frame and under glass, and it will get a new look.
  • Interior plants – do not forget about this decoration. Green climbing plants are eco-friendly and always refresh the home atmosphere.
  • A slate can become an ever-changing detail of the interior. Paint it with colored crayons, apply motivating inscriptions.
  • Vinyl stickers – that’s really not easier to come up with. Change them as soon as the mood changes. They do not require any special skills and are able to completely transform the wall. They are easy to apply and easy to remove, do not leave traces on the wall.

  • Decorative plates – there are real works of art among them, which means that they belong on the wall.
  • Mirror – cut out different figures from it in the workshop – flowers, geometric shapes or just make an unusual frame for it – mirror decorations on the wall will add light and increase the volume of the room.
  • Letters, inscriptions – you can simply write on the wall or make them voluminous by making them from different materials. In both cases, it is a very original solution.
  • Old shutters, blinds. One wall can be decorated in this way. You can also simulate a window with a mirror – an option for small rooms.
  • Yarn, wool products. Here’s another idea for you: decorate the walls with pompoms of different sizes, knitted napkins or just hang pieces of yarn.

  • Metal plates are not an option for every case, but sometimes it is quite acceptable and always original.

The methods of decoration can be enumerated indefinitely. Next, let’s talk about which room is best suited.


A few more ideas for decorating walls in rooms.

Paint the walls with colored splashes or streaks. To do this, use a towel twisted into a bundle, twine, brush, mesh, an ordinary broom – you will get a textured coloring.

Blooming apple tree: floral stencil on the wall.

Paint the walls with stencils – their shape and appearance are infinitely diverse. Don’t have the time and energy to paint walls and mess with stencils? They can be decorated with unusual shelves – both beautifully and functionally.

Make a collage of photos – an idea that will take you into the world of memories. Old postcards can also be turned into a beautiful application. Origami, voluminous paper and cardboard applications can look very different and endlessly diversify your home.

Original crafts from wine corks.

Wine corks are an excellent material for creating patterns. A cork panel will certainly decorate the wall, and you can buy enough corks in any wine store.

Avid gamers will surely like the pixel design. Geometric stickers are a great idea for the avant–garde, loft or high-tech style.

A decoration made of multicolored threads looks very impressive. In this way, you can create whole paintings and inscriptions with minimal cost. This will require only thread, nails and a hammer.

Wood can also decorate the walls in a rustic style. Wooden pallets and boxes – what is not a source for creative ideas? You can make interesting installations out of them.

Plants on the wall – here’s another idea for you. Vertical gardening is both beautiful and eco-friendly. Of course, it’s quite troublesome and not all plants are suitable for this, but it’s always fresh and interesting.

And here’s another simple idea – decorate the walls with colored ribbon. You will be surprised how interesting and very modern it can be.

Decor with colored ribbons.

Wall decor in different rooms

Photos and paintings are a great option for the living room. Applique, fabrics and carpets in frames, greenery and decorative panels will give the interior of the living room completeness.

Vinyl stickers, letters and inscriptions will be appropriate to decorate the office or nursery. The best decoration of the nursery is drawings drawn by a child. A slate will be good as a stimulator of creativity. Drawings on the wall, voluminous applications, to the production of which you can attract a child – all this will make the nursery a favorite corner for games.

Fabric paintings and a framed carpet will add comfort to the bedroom. Pompoms and yarn products will warm her up. Gypsum tiles with imitation wood will evoke sweet dreams of rural life.

Mosaics, decorative plates on the walls are a wonderful decoration of the kitchen or dining room. Vinyl stickers and applique are a completely universal decor, suitable for any room.

Interior design style

Wall decor, of course, is inseparable from the general style of the interior. Therefore, next we will talk about what and where it is appropriate to use for wall decoration in interiors with different styles:

  • Classic interior design. Framed paintings are, of course, from here. Carpet on the floor or on the wall, framed fabrics with a fancy print, geometric applique, finally, a mirror – everything is here. The classic interior will quite calmly digest the black color, if there is not much of it – hang the graphics on the wall, add black to the upholstery of the furniture, your gain is elegance.
  • Provence style. Green plants, paper applications in the form of flowers and butterflies, romantic pompoms, wooden shutters and many different textiles are most welcome here. The walls are decorated in soft pastel colors, this style does not like sharp contrasts. Pieces of fabric in frames, paintings with rural landscapes will also go for decoration. Wicker products and patchwork will be good.
  • Scandinavian style. Its cold monotony is enlivened by decorative details. Decorate the walls with wooden frames – simple, without drawings and photos – you will be surprised how original they look in this restrained interior. A little brickwork or wooden slatted panels will also warm the interior and diversify it.
  • Minimalist style. That’s where there seems to be no room for decor. And yet creative ideas find their application here. Green plants, wood and textiles will give the interior in the style of minimalism comfort and individuality. The main thing is to apply all this skillfully, because the basis of minimalism is simplicity and spaciousness. Inscriptions and letters will fit well here, geometric applications are acceptable. Minimalist style likes a lot of white, and a bright accent on the wall in the form of a painting by a modern artist will enliven the atmosphere. You can also decorate it with a wall clock.
  • Hi-tech style. The main thing is functionality. This, however, does not mean that the interior should be boring. Metal jewelry. At the same time, nothing superfluous, each item carries a functional load. For example, you can decorate the walls with metal lamps or shelves. This style does not like natural materials. For wall decoration, you can use glass or a mirror. Style loves plastic and concrete. No accessories for the sake of decoration. However, an abstract painting in the colors of the main interior will fit perfectly and will not destroy the design.
  • Loft-style interior design. This is an urban style and accessories should be appropriate. It will be good to paint the walls directly on the brickwork, posters with urban landscapes, inscriptions, panels. Creative lamps, clocks. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments: eclecticism, a combination of incongruous is a distinctive feature of this style. Therefore, the elements of antiquity and the deliberate roughness of the finish with specially aged walls are side by side with modern technologies and avant-garde lamps – this is a style for bold, not afraid of experiments.
  • Avant-garde style. Everything is acceptable here: a contrasting combination of colors, the use of the most unexpected materials in the decoration – metal wallpaper, laminate on the wall, glass wallpaper. Nevertheless, all the elements of the interior are perceived as a single composition.
  • Art Nouveau style. Unsurpassed style in the art of decoration. The walls are decorated with expensive wallpaper, luxurious framed paintings and even stucco. Textiles are a mandatory element. Luxurious curtains, drapes on the windows – you can’t do without it. In addition, mosaics, stained glass windows, decorative plates, bronze products, clocks, mirrors in luxurious frames. If you have good taste and a sense of proportion, then your Art Nouveau apartment will become a real work of art.
  • Modern interior design. There are no restrictions for wall decoration in a modern style. Everything that your imagination is enough for is suitable here: plaster painting, three-dimensional applications, panels, paintings with photographs, vinyl stickers, plywood panels, leather mosaic.

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