Orange kitchen: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Orange is one of the most controversial colors for use in the interior, it causes different emotions in people. The range of perception ranges from delight to an almost physically painful feeling of rejection. The main thing is that it is difficult to meet a person who is indifferent to this color. What is so special about this sunny color? This is exactly what we will try to consider in this article.

Human perception of orange

The space around us directly affects the mood and atmosphere in the house. Orange color is specially created by nature to bring a “note” of warmth, comfort and cheerfulness to the interior. If there is not enough sunlight in the apartment, then this shade will add it to the house, as well as improve the mood and tone of the body and have a beneficial effect on the health of all households.

The human psyche is a very subtle matter that is exposed to sound, smell, color. Therefore, psychologists and designers have come to the mutual conclusion that orange is not suitable for rooms such as a bedroom and a living room in an apartment because of its energy and brightness. For the interior of the kitchen, on the contrary, the color is quite suitable, if you take into account some of its nuances and avoid combinations with inappropriate shades.

This is due to the fact that the saturation of orange color is positively perceived by the human psyche only in a small amount. The limited kitchen space does not give room for this color, but at the same time contributes to the creation of an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

The beneficial effect on the human condition is that the orange color is able to charge with optimism, energy and cheerfulness, calm anxiety. However, in order to avoid an irritating factor, which may also be present, it is not necessary to make this color dominant in the design of the kitchen.

Advantages and disadvantages

What gives us the orange color in the kitchen interior: positive and negative qualities.

A sunny shade can act as a bright accent or to highlight contrasts. Orange color has a lot of shades, which is what designers use when they want to create a peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen space. But it is undesirable to use them in large quantities – they have an exciting effect on the human nervous system.

The positive aspects of orange in the kitchen:

  • This is a life-affirming mix of red and yellow, from which all the positive features have passed to him. These include the ability to make the room cozy and create visual illumination.
  • For an apartment with windows facing north or west, this is an additional enhancement of natural lighting.
  • Visual correction of the kitchen space in orange. The ability of color to visually compress space allows you to correct the perception of a narrow and elongated kitchen configuration. It is worth painting the wall farthest from the entrance in this color, and the shape of the kitchen will seem correct.
  • A wide palette of shades of color includes a huge number of noble colors: amber, cinnabar, brick, ginger and an abundant pastel range of tones.
  • Specialists in the field of chromotherapy successfully use the ability of orange to charge a person with positive emotions for the treatment of depression and apathy.
  • The appetizing look of food in the orange kitchen helps to improve digestion. The food tastes better in the orange kitchen.
  • The ability to warm and improve mood, especially when it’s dark and cold outside.
  • It normalizes the processes of digestion and assimilation of nutrients from food by the body, improves appetite, which is important if children live in the house who are difficult to feed.
  • Creates an unusual design in the kitchen and allows you to embody bold solutions in combinations with other colors. This allows you to create a festive atmosphere and a dynamic style that can be both challenging and pacifying.

An orange kitchen can be not only a bright accent, but also an element that adds warmth to the interior.

Disadvantages of orange kitchen:

Negative qualities of orange color are also available, so before buying or ordering a bright kitchen set for yourself, it is worth considering.

  • With its activity, brightness and juiciness, this color suppresses other colors in the room. To avoid such an effect, you can competently think through the details and design of the kitchen space. Experienced designers advise against using saturated orange shades in the kitchen interior. This is especially true for small-sized rooms, for which the ability of color to compress space will only harm. In a studio apartment, a riot of orange color in the cooking area is also not welcome, as it will attract attention.
  • A sunny shade magically increases appetite, and for people who are constantly dieting and trying to fight excess weight, this can become a big problem.
  • Orange color excitingly affects the nervous system, which can lead to its exhaustion.
  • If the windows of the house face south, then it is better to use shades for kitchen design: peach, amber or bronze. If there is a lack of sunlight, you can use bright and saturated tones of orange, as well as the color of orange or carrot.

How to choose the right shade of orange kitchen?

A diverse palette allows you not only to experiment in combinations, but also to use the orange color, but its different manifestations. If you have doubts about your abilities, you can look at natural shades and choose those that are preferable. Designers give a lot of recommendations on the proper use of bright colors in the design of the kitchen, it is enough to choose only your own version.

How to use orange shade in the kitchen interior:

  • It is better to finish the walls in soft peach or amber tones, which are able to visually expand the boundaries of a small room and make a larger area more cozy.
  • When choosing the saturation of the color palette, it is worth considering the preferences of all family members and the intended effect that the kitchen design needs. Bright orange is suitable for young creative people leading a dynamic lifestyle. The color of ochre, peach or amber will create a suitable atmosphere in the kitchen for a couple with children.
  • If you want to see a bright accent in your space, then its strong influence can be softened by the color of mahogany at the dining table and chairs. And you can also use terracotta tones as an ornament on textiles or individual decorative elements.
  • Juicy and bright pumpkin and tangerine tones perfectly zone the space and will not overload the interior.

In any case, considering the design of the kitchen in orange, you should not get carried away with too saturated shades, it is better to alternate and soften them with a softer palette.

Design ideas

In which elements of the interior will the orange color look the most advantageous?

Bright shades are rarely used in the decoration of kitchen walls, they are most in demand in the form of accents that bring dynamics and sunny mood to the design. The orange color scheme is perfectly combined with the texture of natural wood, and if the floor in the room is made of parquet or laminate, then any sunny shade will sparkle with new colors.

Any interior made in monochrome can be diluted with elements of bright sunny color.

These can be:

  • furniture for a small kitchen, when choosing which it is worth giving preference to advanced models with glass and metal parts and original lighting;
  • apron above the work surface, made in various types and styles: mosaic, ceramic tile, plastic, colored glass, brickwork;
  • the dining group consists of a table, chairs or armchairs of orange color made of plastic and natural wood, which depends on the chosen style;
  • drapery of windows in kitchens of Provence, country, eclectic styles will be quite appropriate and will fill the space with warm light, which cannot be said about such styles as hi-tech, where it is completely absent;
  • partial finishing of the walls or only one of them with textured colored plaster, dense wallpaper, tiles suitable for the chosen style;
  • artificial lighting sources – chandeliers, sconces – can play the role of a successful decor for the kitchen in orange;
  • vintage interior items, such as a refrigerator, are a fashionable trend in kitchen decoration.

Creating a space in orange tones in the existing kitchen interior, you should adhere to the color scheme of shades suitable for the spectrum on the apron, the facades of the headset and other decorative elements.

Orange kitchen set

Models with glossy facades look especially beautiful in the room. The orange kitchen set will look great in a modern style, high-tech, classic and modern. If the room is small, then it is better to limit bright inserts to the facades of furniture, and the main structure can be brown, white or gray. Frosted glass inserts and metal fittings look good in bright kitchen sets.

In large spaces, you can install a set of furniture in a bright design, which includes not only cabinets, but also a dining table with chairs in one tone. In large spaces, an orange kitchen can take up enough space and not look defiant at the same time.

Kitchen apron in orange shades

This element has not only a protective function against splashes of water and oil during cooking, but can also act as a bright accent in the design. When designing a work area, it is not advisable to use only one color, it is better to combine an orange shade with black, white, gray or green. The apron can be made of any material, but more often designers use mosaics or bright glass models with beautiful realistic drawings.

If an orange apron is used in the kitchen, then the facades of the headset should be made in a different color.

Dining area in orange

If the kitchen is made in white, then a set of a table with chairs will be quite enough to bring a sunny mood and warmth to the design. Such interior items in minimalist and high-tech styles are especially relevant, but one bright dining area will not be enough, you need to add a little orange in other elements. It can be a floor vase with sunflower flowers, curtains with a pattern of juicy oranges or tangerines, or a little sunny tone in the design of an apron.

The dining area in orange color helps to increase appetite and good mood.

Soft orange furniture

If the kitchen space allows you to install a small corner with a sofa, then why not orange. Such a dining area will attract the whole family in the evenings. A soft sofa in the kitchen with bright colors will perfectly harmonize with a white, beige or gray kitchen set. And if the main furniture is made of natural wood, then the orange color will successfully emphasize the beautiful texture.

The orange kitchen corner is conducive to home gatherings and a pleasant pastime with friends.

Textiles in orange tones

Curtains or a small rug under your feet will bring a note of warmth to the interior if you want to see a bright accent on your house, but there is no readiness for drastic changes. Buying an orange kitchen set is a responsible step, such furniture is purchased once every decade, so you can start adding orange color to the design in portions. Bright details will allow you to determine for yourself whether it is worth enhancing the effect or limiting yourself to small elements of a sunny tone in the interior. At the same time, the rug and curtains can be easily replaced if necessary.

Light orange curtains can be a great addition to a kitchen set.

Lighting fixtures in orange

A ceiling chandelier with an orange ceiling lamp will be the final accent to the kitchen set in the same color. To make the sunny shade look more advantageous in the interior, it is combined with cold spectrum lamps, for example, the illumination of the apron in the work area. If the orange color is not enough, it can be supplemented with sconces with bright shades at the dining table or such small details as a tablecloth, dishes or elegant vases on the shelves.

Orange chandelier will add comfort and warmth to the interior.

Color combination

Don’t be afraid of bright colors in your homes – they bring warmth and joy. Orange color can add positive emotions only if you use it sparingly.

It is very difficult to find a combination for such a complex color. However, it is not recommended to use it for the design of the kitchen in its pure form. This creates a feeling of irritation and fatigues the eyesight. Therefore, a competent combination with the right shades of other colors is required.

The following combinations are considered the most successful and popular:

Orange and white

White color will add cleanliness and comfort to the interior, while successfully emphasizing the sunny shade. This combination is often used in kitchen sets, where a light shade acts as a background, and orange is used as a contrast.

This combination is traditional and harmonious. The snow-white background of the walls shades the facades of the orange kitchen set. But we must take into account that at the same time it will enhance the brightness of the orange paint. For those who want to get a calm interior, it is better to choose muted pastel shades of pumpkin, carrot and apricot.

Orange and gray

Another good combination. It is most often used when creating an interior in the style of minimalism and high-tech.

The steel, gray shades of the kitchen set, shaded by a bright orange apron, create an atmosphere of organicity and balance. If you swap the color design of furniture and walls, this effect will not disappear.

Orange and black

The brutality of black, accentuated by orange colors, is best combined with loft and industrial styles. The best combination for creating urban interiors.

There are a lot of options for this color combination. Black facades against a brick wall look as harmonious as combined ones. In any case, such a tandem of shades will give the kitchen the features of elegance and exclusivity. And in some cases – charm and sophistication. The presence of other shades is allowed, for example, beige and white.

And the built-in appliances matched to the tone will be a good addition to the interior. The design in orange and black colors requires a special careful approach to understanding the use of these shades. For some dilution of the palette, you can add white color.

Orange and black create a modern and dynamic design in the kitchen. Designers do not recommend using bright contrast in excess, so they often enhance the solar effect with a neutral color scheme. Such combinations help to shade and balance the orange color in the interior. To add dynamism to the design, you can add black and gray colors. But such contrasts are not recommended for use in kitchens with a small area.

Orange and green

The bright and juicy color of orange or tangerine and all shades of green look harmoniously next to each other. Such a tandem can be used both in modern directions, and in rustic and authentic styles.

Orange and brown

This is a classic that is applicable in any interior. This combination looks especially harmonious against the background of dark wood, and the sunny shade stands out as a bright contrast. These two colors create a very stylish and harmonious design in the kitchen.

Orange and natural wood

Designers use this combination when creating interiors in retro, ethnic and Arabic styles. Such interiors are characterized by a combination of bright tones with mahogany, wenge, dark teak on the facades of kitchen sets.

The combination of orange with natural wood in the kitchen.

Interior design style

You can use this color in different styles. Most often it is:

Hi-tech style

Modern and active people who are no strangers to experiments in the design of their homes prefer this modern style in their kitchen, filled with the latest built-in appliances and stylish furniture with orange facades and original glass inserts. Preference should be given to modern models of household appliances of the same company with black facades or silver metallic color. The color of the walls can be white or gray.

Spot lighting around the perimeter of the room and artificial stone on the work surface will emphasize the relevance of such a color solution of this style direction.

Minimalist style

No less in demand is a modern style that can make friends with orange, but on condition that there will not be very much of it. This will be quite enough to dilute the monochrome design of the kitchen space with orange objects and accessories of any type of surface – glossy or matte. These can be lamps, vases, a refrigerator. But it is necessary to avoid overloading the interior design. There is something to give up: textiles, open shelves with dishes.

Classic style

This style will take on an orange color only if a pastel peach shade is chosen that can create a soothing atmosphere. And it is better to use it in upholstered chairs, window draperies and tablecloths.

An excellent decorative technique can be the presence of beautiful dishes in suitable shades in such a kitchen. The rest of the stylistic characteristics of the modern classic interior remain unchanged: smooth lines, elegance of decorative elements, natural materials.

Country style

Kitchens in country, eco and ethno styles also welcome the orange color in their design.

Interiors in a traditional style can be supported by strict shades of orange: mustard, chestnut, terracotta, ochre. Saturated, bright tones will match modern styles.

Loft style

Is it worth decorating the kitchen in orange color?

It is necessary to make such a decision only individually. After carefully analyzing your reaction to this color, you can say “yes” if:

  • do not feel depressed and irritated;
  • do you own an apartment with a kitchen oriented to the north or west, which the orange color will make sunny and cozy;
  • you are an extrovert, and you like to invite and receive guests.

A categorical “no” for:

  • It is contraindicated for people who work in offices, communicate a lot with people and who want to plunge into the atmosphere of peace and tranquility at home.
  • It is contraindicated for lovers of constantly being in the kitchen, creating culinary masterpieces, working remotely, reading books or watching TV shows.
  • It is contraindicated for excitable people or those who suffer from high blood pressure.
  • It is contraindicated for those who want to maintain a slim figure, which can be harmed by an increased appetite surrounded by orange shades.

You should not choose the orange design of the kitchen area in the studio apartment and in the kitchen areas oriented to the south and east.

Some tips

Anyone can create the desired interior in their own kitchen. Choosing an orange color for the design, you can achieve an excellent result. But at the same time it is necessary to adhere to some rules:

  • The best proportion is the ratio of a neutral color base with bright elements of 1:3 or 1:4.
  • For an accent, you can use wallpaper, an apron, a tabletop.
  • You can not use orange in the Baroque and Empire styles, with caution – in the classics.
  • “Sunny” furniture facades best fit into the interior if their shades correspond to the chosen style direction.
  • In small-sized kitchens, orange can only be present in light peach shades.

Taking into account the above, you can create a neat and well-balanced interior that will look stylish. Orange color can create life-affirming, sparkling cheerfulness and enthusiasm kitchen interiors, filling the house with warmth, comfort and light.

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