The best wall decoration ideas in the living room above the sofa

By | April 6, 2023

Often a room without decor looks empty and uncomfortable. A beautifully decorated space above the sofa will add a homely atmosphere and comfort to the room, and a wide variety of ideas will help you choose decor for any interior!

Let’s look at ways to decorate the wall in the living room above the sofa and choose the best ideas.

Rules for wall decoration in the living room

When choosing a decor, it is worth considering the size of the room. Small decorative items are better for small rooms, and more voluminous decorative elements will look appropriate in spacious living rooms.

A large-scale composition exceeding the size of the sofa will look ridiculous and will attract all the attention. And a tiny picture will get lost on the wall and create a feeling of incompleteness.

Also, with the help of jewelry, you can change the visual perception of space. Vertical canvases will increase the height of the ceilings and correct them if they are too high, and horizontal compositions will expand the space.

Decorating the wall above the sofa in the living room with a dimensional picture

The easiest way to decorate a wall is to hang a large picture. The decor should be selected based on the style of the interior. For example, abstraction is ideal for minimalism, and the landscape will harmoniously fit into a room made in the style of Provence. A universal option are portraits that are appropriate in any interior.

So that the picture is not lost against the background of furniture, its width should be equal to half the size of the sofa at least.

Decoration of the wall above the sofa in the living room with a painting.

Decor of two paintings

2 canvases made in the same style will look stylish and harmonious. If you place them vertically next to each other, it will visually increase the height of the ceilings.

Scandi-style living room with two paintings on the wall above the sofa.

You can hang two posters on the walls, this will also help to visually expand the space.

The wall decor above the sofa consists of two paintings.

You can calculate the ideal distance between the paintings as follows:

  • Sum up the width of both pictures.
  • Subtract the received value from the width of the sofa.
  • Divide the remainder by 3.
  • Add half the width of the frame to the resulting number.
  • Stepping back from the edge of the sofa by the final number, you will get the exact location of the hook.

Wall decoration above the sofa in the living room with an emphasis on paintings.

3 separate paintings above the sofa in the living room

A modular picture consisting of a single image divided into three parts. There is also a picture of two parts, divided into 4 parts, and so on. The width of the composition should be 2/3 of the back of the sofa. You need to hang the decor, starting with the central picture, which is placed exactly in the center of the sofa. The remaining parts are installed at the same distance to the left and right.

You can use not only the modular version. A great solution will be several canvases that match each other in style!

The use of several canvases in the interior of the living room above the sofa.

Decoration of the wall above the sofa in the living room with a composition of many paintings

There are many variations of the arrangement of paintings and photographs. There are ready-made schemes that take into account the dimensions of the frames and the furniture itself.

Composition of small paintings above the sofa in the living room.

You can go a simpler way and hang an even number of paintings symmetrically, for example, in the form of a square or rectangle. Another way is to arrange the images around the central object. It is important that the whole group is designed in the same color scheme or similar in theme.

Instead of pictures, you can use photos.

This combination can be diluted with various decorative elements: clocks, shelves, and so on.

The composition above the sofa in the living room consists of various elements: clocks, paintings, shelves.

Shelf for photos or paintings on the wall above the sofa in the living room

This option has two advantages at once. First, you can put as much decor on the shelf as you want. You can put up an entire composition. Souvenirs, figurines and other decorative elements will help to complement the shelf.

Place photos or children’s drawings on the shelf above the sofa.

Secondly, only a couple of holes are needed to place the shelf, unlike a lot of nails when hanging paintings. It is worth filling shelves with objects of the same style to avoid confusion and chaos.

Decoration of the wall above the sofa in the living room with mirrors

Thanks to the reflective ability of mirrors, they will be an ideal way to “push” the space.

With an abundance of decor, it is worth giving preference to laconic models with or without frames at all, and the original shapes of mirrors and unusual frames can become an accent in a calm interior.

Mirror mosaic above the sofa in the living room interior.

Geographical maps on the wall in the living room

Often such an idea can be found in children’s rooms. This decor can be decorated stylishly and interestingly. For example, to make a monochrome composition of continents.

Or paste a photo wallpaper with a map image.

Wallpaper with a picture of the world map.

Designer maps of the world often perform only a decorative function, and continents retain only recognizable outlines. But there are also examples that combine both a classic and a design approach to the image of the map. For example, you can use monochrome processing or use different materials: vinyl, cork panel, etc.

Carpet or tapestry

Many consider carpets on the walls a relic of the past and avoid such outdated design. But with a competent approach to his choice, the carpet turns into a wonderful element of a modern interior.

A wall carpet can dilute even the strictest interior and bring comfort and warmth to the room. In addition, it can be used for zoning a room.

Most often carpets are used in ethnic styles, such as Indian or Oriental. But it can also fit into the classic style, if you choose neutral shades and traditional ornaments.

Lamps above the sofa in the living room

Usually sconces are an addition to other decorations, but they can also become an independent decorative element.

This is a great way to put accents or create a special atmosphere in the room. Lighting effects will successfully create a creative interior.

Clock as a wall decor

The clock on the wall in the living room will never be superfluous. This decor goes well with paintings, drawings and shelves. Models can be classic, laconic and without decor, or they can have abstract shapes and unusual colors.

To make the clock not look lonely, add small pictures.

Strict restrained watches are suitable for an interior in the style of minimalism.

Minimalistic clock on the wall.

Cute watches, decorated in the form of animals or cartoon characters, will stunningly decorate a children’s room.

Indoor plants over the sofa in the living room

Home plants will help to add freshness, liveliness and cleanliness to the room. Phytodesign can radically change the dwelling and mask the shortcomings of the space.

Hang planters in the country living room, and in the Provence style, flowers will embody natural beauty and sophistication. In a minimalist interior, green plants will become a wonderful color accent.

Lots of small plants on the wall above the sofa.

Shelves or cabinets

This option is for a small living room in which there is a lack of space. Organize things in the room with the help of hanging shelves and cabinets and place books and necessary items in them, and decorative figurines and small flower pots will help to complement the composition.

You can place a whole rack behind the sofa, and if you are tired of its constant cleaning, a closed module will be an excellent solution to the problem. In order not to overload the space, give preference to a glass facade.

Decorating the wall above the sofa in the living room with interior stickers

This type of decoration is budget-friendly and affordable, besides stickers are for every taste. This is a quick way to transform a space without repair work.

If the wall surface allows, you can use interior stickers.

Black stickers are suitable for every interior, and mirrored ones will become an alternative to full-fledged mirrors. Colorful bright stickers need to be selected especially carefully.

Textured wall as a decorative element

It is better to perform this design during the repair process. You can finish the wall with decorative stone or plaster, or decorate the room with popular brick masonry in the loft style.

In a classic interior, the division into zones is often used with the help of frames made of moldings. They glue wallpaper that is similar in color to the main ones, or leave an empty space. If desired, you can also put a picture or a sconce there.

Wall decoration with photo wallpapers

Finishing the wall behind the sofa in the living room with photo wallpapers is a common method that does not require large monetary investments. It is important to consider whether the image corresponds to the general style of the room design and whether it harmoniously complements the interior.

Depending on the material and service life, they are divided into several types:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • non – woven;
  • latex.

The paper ones are made of several layers of paper and fixed on the wall with the help of ordinary wallpaper glue. This should be done very carefully, since paper wallpapers are thin and quickly impregnated with glue.

Vinyl wallpaper is the most unpretentious and has a long service life. They also convey the volume of the depicted trees, waves or plants well.

Latex wallpaper. It is easy to remove dirt from their surface with a damp cloth, for example, children’s drawings.

Non-woven wallpaper allows you to create textured surfaces and are attached with a special glue. The print does not burn out for a long time and withstands high humidity and temperature changes.

When choosing a decor for a room, it is worth remembering that decorations should not only match the design style of the room, but also please you. Choose design solutions based on your own preferences.

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