Bronze kitchen: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The kitchen in an apartment or house is not only a place for cooking. The whole family gathers here for breakfast and dinner. There are unhurried conversations over a cup of tea. This is a small world where people live, philosophize and enjoy communicating with each other.

The interiors with the presence of bronze in them speak of the impeccable taste of the owners of apartments and private houses. The bronze color is suitable for the interior of any of the rooms, but it looks especially elegant in the kitchen. Bronze shades are present in different styles of interior design. They can be called the most attractive of all brown shades.

Color combination

The bronze shade of brown has a calming effect, inclines to a measured life, unity with nature, levels stressful situations. It gives the interior warmth and nobility. It is a mistake to assume that the bronze color has one shade. Its shades are presented in light and medium tones, depending on the admixtures of yellow and red colors in it.

Bronze is perfectly combined with other shades that have a medium-saturated color. The warm contrast of colors works to enhance the color of the duo, adding harmony and natural tranquility to both. The interior of the kitchen, made in bronze color, is cozy, modern, with a bit of nostalgia for the old days.

Having a similarity with the color of metal, shimmering under the rays of sunlight, bronze shades have a certain charm. Against the background of saturated shades of bronze, other colors look lighter, complementing the main one.

  • On a light background, the metallic color of bronze looks elegant. In combination with white and gray colors, bronze in the interior of the kitchen space will acquire a light tone.
  • The combination of bronze and pink shades is characterized by softness, warmth, romance. There are no sharp transitions in them. Even dark shades of pink are perceived as muted.

  • The combination of bronze with orange color will give the kitchen lightness and unobtrusiveness. Being one of the components of the brown color, it will favorably shade the bronze. Shades of brown include yellow and red colors. A bright spectrum of yellow shades will give the interior of the kitchen warmth and attractiveness. The kitchen interior is a combination of two related shades of red and bronze – warmth and naturalness.

  • Shades of bronze with warm green tones look harmoniously. The harmony of the duet is added by the yellow color, which is available in both shades. With a cool shade of green, a kind of contrast of colors is created, which naturally fits into the composition.

  • The sophistication of the interior will be given by the combination of bronze with purple. Combining two colors, red shades will saturate the design of the kitchen space with softness, originality, sophistication.

  • The combination of the matte texture of bronze shades and the glossy luxury of gold and silver can give the kitchen space elements of a bohemian look. But the top of harmony is still considered to be blowing bronze with brown, beige and light pink shades. Any interiors with a bronze color give the room high cost and elegance.

Interior design ideas

The bronze color can be made the main background or as an additional one. You can decorate the walls, floor, ceiling with bronze shades or focus only on accessories.

For example, for spacious, bright kitchens, this color can be used as the main color for painting wall surfaces. This interior design looks luxurious, unusual, stylish.

For small kitchen spaces, a combination of bronze shades with brown is more suitable. They can decorate the entire background of the room or highlight individual parts of it. For example, close the window openings with bronze-colored curtains, order a sofa for the kitchen, upholstery of chairs, various decorative kitchen utensils.

Elements of bronze fittings are often used by manufacturers of modern expensive kitchen sets. As a decoration, you can use various inserts, handles for interior doors and cabinets.

You can decorate the interior of kitchens with elegant kitchen faucets and sinks made of bronze alloy. They are, of course, more expensive than conventional ones, but they are resistant to corrosion, the effects of chlorinated water, detergents containing acid in the composition, and have an increased service life. Household appliances painted in bronze (refrigerators, microwave ovens) will also give elegance to kitchen rooms.

Interior design style

Kitchen designers use bronze color in almost any style. Even in the high-tech style, gilding can be replaced with bronze details. There is no need to talk about the combination of bronze colors with classicism. Bronze elements are used in loft style, minimalism, Art Nouveau, even in Scandinavian.

Classic style

Most often, a natural color scheme is selected for the classical style, often beige and gray tones, which are perfectly combined with bronze. In addition to neutral tones, the classics include natural terracotta, emerald, blue, yellow, red shades of saturated colors. Too bright colors are used by favorites only to highlight something.

For dark small kitchen spaces, the emphasis is on light tones. White colors and their shades visually increase the kitchen space. The bright kitchen seems to be filled with light, and the heavy furniture is light. Carved furniture elements, patterns, gilded and bronze wall decor look beautiful on the white walls.

Accents of matte and semi-matte metal parts are a win-win option for the classic style. This is especially true of gilding, copper, bronze, silver, artificially aged for antiquity.

Classic style can be made in different types, strict and elegant, but any of the facades of kitchen furniture should be accompanied by relief edging. Glass inserts, balustrades, decorative columns, carvings, gilded, bronze, artificially aged details are allowed in classic-style kitchen sets.

The design of the space in a classic style is more suitable for kitchens with a large area. The space of small kitchens can be visually increased by combining them with living rooms, with the area of balconies and loggias. A mirror mounted on one of the kitchen walls, wallpaper with an image of a landscape, a road stretching into the distance, can visually enlarge the kitchen space. Visually raise the ceiling – wallpaper with vertically arranged stripes.

Provence style

The style, which is also called rustic, has absorbed many details of other directions. Some romantic details, a bit with country and classics. Provence plays a special role in the design of the kitchen space, where everything should be done in natural cozy colors.

The style is not demanding of certain sizes of the area. Kitchens of large and small sizes are equally suitable for him. The peculiarity of the Provence style is the abundance of light pouring through large window openings, windows with transparent and translucent curtains. If there is not enough natural light, it is added by artificial illumination of ceiling lamps.

You can give a welcoming, calm atmosphere to the style with the help of light and soft pastel-colored furniture. The style is characterized by an abundance of living plantings in vases on window sills, in planters on the walls and ceiling of kitchens, embroidered tablecloths, napkins, curtains, colored motifs on dishes and kitchen utensils. It is the abundance of cotton and linen textiles, natural wood furniture with bronze inserts and accessories that give the kitchens a cozy and homely atmosphere.

The most relevant and in demand for small kitchen areas is white. The decor made in bronze colors will help to revive the white color of furniture and kitchen walls. Dark olive color is combined with dark wood. With milky, sandy, beige tones – light olive color. Kitchens made in blue shades belong to the French classics. French designers use it more often than others in their interiors.

Loft style

It is characterized by dark colors throughout, rough texture, brickwork walls, accessories in the old style, lamps in copper and bronze colors, not covered with pipes and wires. In its modern version, light gray tones of concrete floors, the unpainted surface of brick walls, and an abundance of metal products predominate.

The style is built on the contrast of a rough simple finish, which acts as the background of the kitchen space, and the original design of furniture sets. The dark colors prevailing in the loft style require additional artificial lighting installed at different levels. Sunlight for loft-style rooms is usually not enough.

Scandinavian style

It is the best suited for small kitchen spaces, especially those located on the north side of buildings that lack natural light. The main color in the Scandinavian style is white and its shades. For additional, you can use any restrained or bright colors.

As for the furniture, it should be simple, light, but at the same time elegant. Warmth and comfort in the Scandinavian style of kitchen decoration is created by an abundance of textile and fur products. But curtains and curtains on the windows can not be hung at all, so that they do not interfere with the entry of daylight into the room. Furniture made of natural wood with elements of bronze decor in retro style is selected for the Scandinavian style.

Art Deco style

It belongs to the most refined styles of the twentieth century. He combined modernism and neoclassicism into one. It is distinguished among other styles by polished, varnished, glossy-coated pieces of furniture made of natural wood with metal decor. The whole setting is characterized by smoothness, streamlining, symmetry, finishing with natural or artificial stone. The upholstery contains expensive silk textiles.

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