How to choose curtains for the kitchen: design ideas and tips

By | January 15, 2023

Choosing curtains in general, and for the kitchen in particular, means completing the design of the apartment. Whether you are finishing repairs or just decided to update the tired interior, curtains will be the finishing touch in this difficult matter. The original design of the kitchen window will not only give coziness and comfort to the room, but also allow you to show taste and style. Properly selected curtains help to adjust the space in the right direction, play with the color. Curtains can be the main accent in the kitchen interior.

Curtains create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. They are selected based on the chosen stylistic solution for the kitchen. The geometry of the kitchen also affects the choice of curtains, so it is important to take into account all the factors that will create a harmonious and stylish interior. In this article, we will consider design options and help you decide which curtains to hang in your kitchen.

Design ideas

Translucent light curtains combined with luminous strings of garlands will create a festive atmosphere. Only use a high-quality power grid and turn it off when you leave home. This is your safety.

Often kitchens cannot boast of a large area, so it is worth considering this point when choosing curtains. They should fit harmoniously into the interior and look compact, so as not to attract too much attention.

Popular models that are used in small areas are short light curtains that look simple and concise. They also use models in several layers, which are superimposed on each other in different colors, creating an interesting and airy composition. Here you start from your desires and preferences.

Bright curtains are a trend and many choose juicy shades for textiles. Just keep in mind that in this case, the background and interior of the kitchen is done in neutral tones. Do not complicate and add these colors to the composition of the kitchen set.

Small accents in color are enough, for example, cutting boards or cushions on chairs. Also, curtains are chosen light and transparent, so that sunlight does not meet obstacles and casts beautiful colored shadows.

What to consider when choosing curtains

First of all, the square. The smaller the room, the lighter and more transparent the curtains should look. For large spaces, you can choose a more voluminous composition, but it is also important to take into account the arrangement of furniture. For small kitchens, simple, non-overloaded fabrics are suitable. But you can choose the color at your discretion, play with patterns and images. But you need to remember to observe the color scheme, or use one bright color when muted in the rest of the space.

If the kitchen has low ceilings, this can be visually changed. It is enough to choose curtains in vertical stripes or choose light options with the possibility of mounting on the ceiling.

Curtains can serve as a color accent in a calm interior or repeat the color of any element. It is very important to choose a combination for a bright window. It can be tableware, small decor or textiles. If you choose a curtain to match the color of the walls or kitchen set, it’s still better to choose a shade a few shades darker or lighter to refresh the composition.

The kitchen is a special place, and all materials used in the decoration and design should be wear–resistant, including curtains. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the arrangement of furniture, especially the work area and heating appliances. It should also be taken into account whether you use a hood or often open the window. When applying these parameters, the length and width of the curtain, the presence of additional elements are selected.

With the help of additional elements, you can give the curtains originality and features characteristic of any style of interior design.

How to be guided when choosing curtains?

The purposes of using curtains in the kitchen can be considered the decoration of the space, taking into account the style of interior design and color scheme. As well as creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

What should be considered when choosing:

  • Functionality. The material for curtains hides the kitchen room from prying eyes through the window, makes natural lighting softer and more cozy. Hides a not too cool window space design. Since it is mostly white plastic, it always looks standard and usual. Fresh air through the window calmly and without obstacles should enter the apartment through the kitchen windows.

  • The practical side of the choice is of great importance. There are a lot of aromas in the kitchen that are sure to permeate all textiles. For the treatment of curtains, a special liquid is used that repels dust, dirt, unpleasant odors and prevents burnout. But even with such a miracle impregnation, it is worth giving preference to light and airy models. Heavy velvet curtains should not be hung in the kitchen.

  • Beauty. For many, the most important point. Only in the modern world, practicality and functionality are still more important.

  • Aesthetics is achieved through balance. If you have a bright kitchen interior, you should stop at simple monochrome models. Bright and intricate textiles are appropriate in a neutral interior to become the center of the whole composition.

An interesting and practical design option is blinds made of wooden slats. The wood texture will give extra comfort and warmth, and the shape of the blinds meets all the requirements described above.

Choosing the fabric of kitchen curtains

The main features of the fabric for kitchen curtains are durability and ease of care. The material should not absorb odors, withstand the effects of high temperatures and the action of sunlight, and be easy to care for. The best fabrics for curtains in the kitchen will be linen, cotton, polyester, jacquard.

Jacquard is the best option for kitchen curtains. The material does not crumple, does not absorb odors, is not exposed to sunlight. The texture of the fabric can be any, also concerns colors and ornaments.

Cotton, linen or satin are perfectly combined with most interior styles, the choice of colors, ornaments and drawings is always great. Curtains made of these fabrics are lovely and eco-friendly, but they are quite complicated in everyday use. Therefore, it is better to use natural fabrics in combination with synthetic threads or special impregnation.

The classic combination of thick curtains and light tulle should be used very carefully in the kitchen. If the kitchen is small and the window is in close proximity to the heating appliances, then it is better to abandon the tulle for safety reasons. If the size of the room allows, the use of this option is quite possible, but you need to remember that light fabrics get dirty very quickly.

The use of velvet or silk curtains in the kitchen is difficult to imagine. But if the kitchen is combined with the dining room or living room and the windows are far enough away from the work area, this option is possible.

Length and shape of curtains for the kitchen

In small rooms, short curtains are traditionally used up to the window sill with a minimum of additional elements. Much depends on the location of the cooking surface relative to the window.

With the help of window styling, you can hide small flaws in the room. For example, you can enlarge a window or visually expand a room with a wide curtain along the floor, picked up by folds. If part of the work area is a window, it is more reasonable to use short curtains or to separate them to the walls with the help of additional elements. With small windows, you can use short, dense curtains, and with a large full–length window – long, as transparent as possible.

Light curtains bring freshness to the interior and emphasize its minimalism. A chic composition on the window of several types of fabrics with draperies can be used as the main element of decor. The fabric in this case will need 2 times the width of the window.

An interesting design of curtains can be made by having an exit to the balcony in the kitchen. It is important to adhere to a few simple rules, otherwise you can rely solely on your imagination.

  • Curtains should not cling to something when the door is opened frequently.
  • The curtains should not be too long so as not to get on the hob.
  • Curtains on windows and balcony doors should be a single ensemble and coincide in style with the rest of the kitchen.
  • The color scheme and density of fabrics should be selected taking into account natural light.

The optimal solution here will be an asymmetrical curtain of a loose texture of a light shade. Roll-up or Roman curtains will also look good in light colors.

Kitchen design options with curtains

There are different design techniques and strategies for the selection of textiles. We will consider them now.

Curtains for the kitchen to match the color and texture of the furniture

A proven option when selecting curtains for the kitchen. Especially if you have a neutral and calm palette of shades.

Patterns in the interior that are repeated on textiles look elegant and stylish.

The repetition of monophonic colors on facades in a lighter or, conversely, a dark shade on curtains gives a special charm and immerses in an atmosphere of tranquility. Especially successful combinations: white and green, cream and coffee, woody with blue.

Textiles with small holes look original and repeat the perforation on furniture facades, radiator mesh or weaving on chairs.

There are several general techniques that can be used when choosing the color of curtains for the kitchen:

  • Curtains with a bright pattern or juicy color are better suited to the kitchen in neutral light shades.
  • With small room sizes, it is necessary to use light, light fabrics, but contrast with the color of the walls is welcome.
  • Choosing one fabric option in pastel shades for the window is suitable for a classic design, combining different tones and materials, you can create a spectacular composition.
  • Most often, the selection of shades of curtains is based on the color of the walls or the kitchen set.

Curtains to match the color and texture of the kitchen walls

This design will suit adherents of rigor, conciseness and elegance. What could be easier than to pick up curtains in the shade of the walls. Despite all the ease of execution, such textiles look very stylish and modern.

Nowadays, notes of minimalism and light carelessness are appreciated. Thanks to this technique, you do not overload the interior, leaving yourself the opportunity to relax after a hard day’s work and enjoy the alluring simplicity, without unnecessary complications.

Curtains as an accent of the kitchen interior

A bright and juicy accent in the kitchen interior refreshes and sets the dynamics of the atmosphere. Suitable for those who love originality in everything. Including in the interior of your kitchen. The character of its owner is conveyed through the color palette.

Therefore, you should not follow the fashion trends when choosing an accent. Rely on your desires and put some of your inner energy into the interior design of the kitchen.

In order for textiles to become a contrasting accent, the entire kitchen environment should be calm and neutral. A bright shade should make up 10% of the total color palette. For example, a white kitchen, light milk floor and walls, a wooden countertop, a light dining table and simple laconic chairs.

Curtains, pillows on chairs, towels are a bright accent shade. Only then will it look balanced and harmonious. Remember that each color has its own psychological influence on a person. A lot of red will make you irritable, and green will give you peace of mind.

Choose practical curtains. Keep in mind that the bright shade of the curtains fades over time from washing. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the quality of textiles even at the time of purchase.

Types of curtains

The style and color scheme of the interior is the basis for choosing curtains. Color, texture, additional decorations – all this depends on the style of the interior and the desires of the hostess.

The material for curtains is purchased taking into account the specifics of the room. It is better to choose a dense and wear-resistant fabric for curtains that can withstand frequent washing and maintain an attractive appearance.

The drapery on the window should be chosen in accordance with the style and size of the kitchen. The length and additional decoration depends on the arrangement of furniture and the area of the room. If the kitchen is very small, you can pay attention to Roman, roll-up models or practical blinds.

Kitchen curtains with elements of asymmetry

Asymmetry is very popular in modern textile design. In this design, the kitchen looks more interesting, even if it is made in neutral tones without accents.

This option is ideal for a window opening with a balcony door. When one curtain is straight and covers the threshold of the balcony, and the other is lifted by a beautiful big wave and fixed in the opposite corner. Thus, there is a lot of open space for natural lighting, and all white plastic is closed and does not spoil the interior of the kitchen.

The asymmetrical design is also achieved by combining different textures and textures of textiles. It looks easy and organic. Use this technique to refresh the interior and focus on textiles.

If you want to hide from prying eyes from the street, it is not necessary to pick up heavy and dense curtains. Organza is perfect for these purposes. Add transparent tulle to it and you will have an interesting composition with the necessary functionality.

Short models of kitchen curtains

It is not always possible to hang curtains in the floor. For this purpose, short and concise models have been invented. They fit perfectly into the interior of small kitchens, as well as when a kitchen set is placed in front of the window. Therefore, a light model for half a window perfectly complements and decorates such interiors.

Short stylish curtains do not prevent natural light from entering the room. Models made of natural fabrics look especially cozy and gentle.

After all, we spend a lot of time in this room. Treat yourself to such an accessory. Linen, silk, cotton, calico materials are suitable. The main thing is that you like the texture and color. The rest is a matter of technique.

An interesting option is when the short halves are crossed and fixed in opposite corners. Simple, unusual and stylish.

Pay attention to the proximity of the gas stove to the curtains. Consider this nuance and do not buy curtains that are too light, which can catch fire at any time. It’s not safe.

In a spacious room, short models also decorate the kitchen. They are used not only for window decoration, but also for the doorway. This is especially true in the styles of Provence, classical, country.

Roman models of curtains always look advantageous. In a large and small kitchen, they look balanced and easy.

The option of roller blinds is a combination of practicality and minimalism. Nothing superfluous. Beautiful and functional. It is easy to wash and care for them. And they perfectly protect from prying eyes from the street.

A bright accent with the help of roll models gives the room a special charm.

Classic and traditional long floor-length curtains

A great option for the ability to hide from prying eyes the battery under the window and an unsuccessful window sill.

When choosing, the mobility of fasteners should be taken into account. It is advisable to open and close the curtains with a quick movement, without touching them with your hands during cooking, in order to reduce the contamination of fabric cloths.

The fastening of classic curtains on grommets – rings embedded in the fabric – is very successful, taking into account the requirements. For special convenience, you can equip the structure with a curtain leash in the form of a stick attached to the outer ring, and allowing you to open the curtains without touching them with your hands.

A fashion trend has recently become the use of loops instead of rings of curtains, freely moving along the rod or completely worn on it. But in this case, the problem of touching hands arises again.

Roller blinds

The ideal solution for a small kitchen is the choice of suitable roller blinds. This window design option does not require additional elements in the form of a rod or pickups, the mechanism is attached to the window frame. If you really want, you can additionally combine them with a fabric curtain.

Roller blinds have many advantages. They are coated with special compounds and are characterized by wear resistance. Such curtains can be used in close proximity to heating devices, with their help you can easily adjust the amount of natural light. Color solutions and texture can be found for every taste.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are considered a type of roller blinds. They are made of various types of fabric and when opened, they fold into even horizontal stripes. Such curtains are perfectly combined with simple textile curtains, as it is easy to choose an option with a pattern or ornament.

It is quite possible and even effective to use this type of drapery in combination with, for example, classical.

Roman curtains can be considered in the kitchen with access to the balcony only as a roll option. This design is not suitable for such premises. With all the stylishness and modernity, the assembly of the fabric into folds prevents the doors from opening and collects a significant amount of dirt and dust. Interesting, but not the most successful drapery.

Window blind

Blinds can be made of any material from common plastic to exotic reed. Such curtains are chosen for their practicality, they are easy to clean, do not need to be removed for cleaning, take up little space.

Easy to care for, with a wide range of color suggestions, different in texture. An interesting option, but not without nuances. A special feature is the installation only on the glass of the window and door. This method is suitable only for a small number of styles: high-tech, loft and minimalism.

With their help, it will not be possible to hide the design flaws or features of the room. But if there is no such task, and the blinds on the windows are well suited in style, then they will perfectly hide the kitchen space from prying eyes and bright sunlight.

Japanese curtains

Moving along the rod of rigid upper fasteners on the fabric cloth on the principle of compartment doors allows you to open the passage to the balcony without interference. They look good in discreet interiors. Exotic and original look in a spacious room with high ceilings.

Tulle in the kitchen

The material fits perfectly into a modern interior, having advantages over dense curtains. This is ease of care, free access to natural light, the creation of a single visual kitchen space with a balcony.

Open windows

The option of the complete absence of curtains on the window in the kitchen is also present in design projects.

If there is an exit from the kitchen to the balcony, you are lucky. Many housewives dream about it. You can bring a lot of design ideas to life. With a north-oriented direction and no buildings in front of your balcony, this can be a good solution. But you should carefully work on the rest of the design of the kitchen space so that the window free of fabric fits seamlessly into the interior and does not create a feeling of emptiness and incompleteness.

Interior design style

Getting into the style is a fundamental condition when choosing the type of curtains, their sizes and colors. If the kitchen is decorated in a certain style, then:

  • Curtains made of light and light fabric in the same tone with kitchen furniture will be the most suitable for Provence.
  • Country will be supported by ornaments in ethnic style.
  • Roll-up or Japanese curtains will harmoniously fit into the styles of high-tech, loft and minimalism.

It is not worth considering the use of heavy curtains in small kitchens. Any stylistic direction will be perfectly supported by the light tones of the color palette of plain fabric. Let’s say a small ornament or drawing. Cold tones will visually expand the space, but at the same time they will bring restraint and rigor into it. Warm tones are more suitable for creating a homely atmosphere and coziness.

Do not give in to the temptation to create a multi-layered structure made of a material of various textures. In addition to the fact that this will visually reduce the space of a small kitchen, such curtains will be inappropriate. It is also not practical to use the same material for curtains and upholstered furniture in the kitchen. Changing the curtains will require replacing the upholstery.

As a rule, several interior styles are chosen for kitchen design.

The classic style is characterized by two-layer curtains, consisting of denser monochrome curtains and light light tulle. The color of the curtains is chosen in accordance with the color palette of the walls or facades of the kitchen. But, if the walls and the kitchen set are made in close shades, then it is possible to intersperse the bright color of the curtains. The length of the curtains can be any.

Elements of oriental style can be both light tulle, which does not hide natural light, and dense fabrics with ornaments in the form of hieroglyphs, knitting or floral motifs. You can choose blinds or roller blinds made of natural materials. The main thing here is to pick up some kind of partner detail, in the form of a mat on the floor or chair covers, or an apron made in the form of a thematic mosaic.

The style of “Provence” corresponds to simple lines in combination with loose materials. The rod and additional elements should also be as simple as possible. Shades should be chosen pastel, with a small floral pattern, a discreet stripe or cage. The repetition of the material in the upholstery of chairs or other textiles will look very organic. The length of the curtains also depends on the preferences of the hostess or the furnishing of the room.

Minimalist style also requires simple shapes and discreet shades, the absence of any accessories. The rod is also simple without additional decoration. The choice of colors is quite limited, it is better to choose translucent fabrics to maximize the use of natural light.

Choosing the “hi-tech” style, you need to remember about the presence of many metal parts. For window decoration, you can use a dense glossy fabric or a translucent material of cold pastel shades. Curtains with a graphic pattern or a large print in a suitable theme will be an interesting option. Accessories in the form of grommets or large rings support the style of interior design.

Tips for choosing curtains for the kitchen

Curtains in the kitchen should be practical and easy to care for. Therefore, it is important to choose the right material for them, which determines how long the drapery will look presentable. The choice is quite wide:

  • Fabric curtains are the most popular, sought-after and practical type of curtains. Synthetic and mixed fabrics have the best properties. Natural fabrics are especially good for Provence and country styles.
  • The material for roller blinds is subjected to special impregnations, so it is able to repel dirt and odors.
  • Blinds are difficult to clean from grease and soot. If you still decide to use them when decorating a loft-style and high-tech kitchen, then choose a textile option or fiberglass.

When choosing a material, do not forget that your comfort is above all.

The width and length are individual. It’s hard to make a mistake with the first parameter. But the length must obey the law of practicality and expediency. For the wall surface with access to the balcony, where a radiator is installed, not covered by any screen, the length of the curtains in the floor is preferable.

Not all fashion accessories are applicable in the kitchen. Garters of various types may be present, but they should be used in small quantities and they should have a neutral appearance. As a rule, it is recommended to abandon lambrequins. This is an additional element for collecting dirt.

Fire safety and exclusion of the possibility of injury are above all. It is necessary to observe the standard distance from the curtain to the stove. In addition, they should not pose an obstacle when going out on the balcony and cling to objects in the vicinity.

Important properties of fabrics for the kitchen. There are not many of them, but they are very important and will help keep the room clean:

  • resistance to sunlight and mechanical influences;
  • the ability to repel dirt and odors and at the same time freely let fresh air into the room.

Various types of fastening for curtains in the kitchen

The choice of fastening for curtains is also not an unimportant moment when decorating the kitchen. Such elements can be used as an additional decoration or hide them as much as possible so as not to distract attention from spectacular curtains.

  • The most common fastening option is a tape. It is suitable for light fabrics and any rod, wall or ceiling.
  • Fastening with clips is also a fairly simple way, but it is important to take into account the density of the fabric. If the fabric is too light, the clamp will deform it. The advantage of this mounting option is that it will withstand a fairly heavy fabric. In addition, the curtain clips can be hidden from prying eyes by the rod, which in this case also acts as part of the decor in combination with curtains.

  • Grommets are rings that are sewn into curtains, and a thin tube is used as a rod. Having picked up the grommets and rod, similar in appearance to the fittings of the kitchen set, you combine the window with the rest of the room as well as possible. This mount can also become a separate element of the decor.

  • Curtains on hinges look great in any length, materials, shades. A disadvantage can be considered their small mobility, but usually such curtains are rarely disclosed. Loops can be replaced with bows or a tie and pick up the appropriate style of pickups and clamps to get a spectacular picture.

Zoning of space

Another important function of curtains in the kitchen is the separation of the working and dining areas. When the room is large enough and can combine several functions, curtains will brilliantly play the role of a border. There are no restrictions in this case. You can choose a light transparent fabric and only slightly disguise the kitchen area, or, conversely, use a heavy dense fabric. The choice of colors is also limitless, you can use the color palette of both the kitchen and the living room. The main thing is the coziness and comfort for all family members in this multifunctional room.

We hope that the information in this article will help you make the right choice. And being in the kitchen will be pleasant and comfortable.

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