Wood wall decoration: design ideas

By | March 22, 2023

Wood is valued for its durability, practicality and aesthetic qualities. After all, the wall covering, as a rule, should serve for a long time. Accordingly, we need a material that will meet the requirements for quality and presentable appearance. That is why modern masters of interior design recommend taking a closer look at the unique finishing material – wood.


From ancient times to this day, the tree remains at the peak of popularity, it never goes out of fashion. Depending on the well-being, people use various options, from valuable exotic wood species to low-budget laminate.

The main advantages of wood wall decoration:

  • A variety of textures and colors. Depending on the variety and type of wood, processing method, decorative coating, shades vary from almost black and reddish-brown to pale golden, almost white.

  • From such material it is easy to create an interior in the right style and mood, lay out a stunning mosaic at the head of the bed or as an accent over the sofa in the living room.

  • Part of the stylistic trends cannot be realized without the use of wooden trim. It’s all rustic interiors, eco, country, Provence, classic.

  • Natural wood shades, intricate patterns have a positive effect on the nervous system and the mood of residents. They allow you to relax, relieve stress. They create a pleasant feeling of security, home warmth and comfort.

  • Wood is perfectly combined with any other materials. Such a finish can be safely combined with mirrors, stained glass inserts, chic large paintings in carved frames and painted on plaster. It can be included in the composition as an accent wall, while the rest of the space is decorated in any convenient form – wallpaper, painting, brickwork, bare concrete, tiles.

  • Leather chairs and chrome-plated metal products look great against the background of wooden wall decoration. They are in harmony with the crystal pendants of luxurious chandeliers and modern floor lamps on a flexible leg.

  • Installation of panels, boards, plywood sheets or parquet boards on walls does not require special skills. All work can be done independently or hire one master.

  • Wood materials additionally insulate the walls, which reduces heating costs. In addition, they isolate sounds qualitatively.

  • Wood is an environmentally friendly material, safe for the health of people and pets.

  • Wooden panels do not require careful maintenance. It is enough to vacuum or wipe the dust from time to time. Natural wood is impregnated with oil or varnished. And laminate and parquet board do not give the hostess any trouble, thanks to a durable, perfectly smooth protective layer.

  • The boards can be varnished from time to time, painted over, changing the color, making drastic changes to the interior of the rooms.

  • Behind such a finish, construction errors and shortcomings, inconveniently located communications, cracks are hidden.

  • Finishing materials made of wood are distinguished by long service life.

Finishing options

  • Wooden board. Ordinary boards made of pine, larch, beech or oak allow you to create amazing compositions on the walls. They are laid diagonally, herringbone or diamond, ends, in the form of a kind of shelves. They are used to decorate rooms in Scandinavian, minimalist, country, chalet, classic, Victorian, American, eco-style. The color can be left natural or colored with color. The boards should be dry enough, but not over-dried. Otherwise, deformation or the appearance of cracks over time is likely.

  • Parquet board. Depending on the chosen class and type of materials, the option may be expensive or low-budget. The elements are arranged horizontally, vertically or in the form of intricate patterns. With this design, you can decorate rooms in the style of Art Nouveau, neoclassicism, eclecticism, minimalism.
  • Laminate with a decorative layer of “wood”. Inexpensive and durable finish that does not require special care. Suitable for all modern styles. The only downside is that allergies may occur.
  • Chipboard, plywood. An unusual option for fans of original solutions. They decorate not only walls, but also partitions, ceilings, furniture.

  • Wooden slats. Perfectly in harmony with all modern styles – eco, Scandinavian, Provence, oriental and ethnic trends. Narrow slats open up limitless possibilities for creativity and original decor. They are laid out with an intricate mosaic of transverse and longitudinal, diagonal lines.

  • Ends, cuts of various shapes and sizes. They are often used to create accent walls or sections, framing fireplace areas. Relief walls with elements from different types of wood perfectly fit into the interior of eco, country, chalet, British, Scandi.

  • Aged boards. They are good in all rustic directions, give a noble flair to the vintage interior. It is permissible to use elements with peeling paint, old boards from buildings and barns of the XIX century, small dies and massive, long boards. Aged boards are well suited for loft-style interior decoration.

  • Wall panels and veneered are one of the most expensive options for multilayer finishing materials. They are available in various shapes, sizes and designs, from laconic and strict to precious inlays made of marble, crystal, metals. Cheaper products are made with oak veneer, and for expensive ones, veneer of exotic breeds is used.

  • Carved panels made of solid wood. This is the most optimal solution for classical, English or neoclassical styles, antique stylizations. For example, elegant palace rooms or a cozy study in classic English or colonial design. The products are made of oak, walnut, ash, larch, rattan, birch, bamboo, and other exotic species. Usually such panels are made to order, according to individual measurements and layouts, in carpentry workshops and in specialized factories.

Wood or wood trim is the best way to create a comfortable atmosphere in the house. Golden or light brown walls give off warmth, reliability and comfort. In addition, this decor looks respectable, speaks of the prosperity of the owners.

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