Kitchen decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

By | December 8, 2022

In many families, it is customary to celebrate the New Year in a cozy kitchen environment. And a positive, festive atmosphere is very important in the process of preparing treats for a feast. So, it’s time to pick up decorations for this important room, decide on the style and materials.

Christmas decoration with live Christmas trees and snowflakes.

Elegant, bright kitchen will please not only on Christmas Eve and New Year. The decor perfectly withstands all the holidays, creating a magical, warm atmosphere. You can use whatever your heart desires – fir twigs, twinkling LED lights, Christmas toys. Everything depends only on the imagination of the residents, their taste and desire to create beauty with their own hands.

Christmas composition of fir branches.

In this article we will tell you how you can decorate the kitchen for the celebration of Christmas and New Year. And we will also offer colorful photos for inspiration.

The best ideas for decorating the kitchen for the New Year

The main task is to create a comfortable, bright and positive atmosphere. Decorations should give a great mood, give strength for fun and in no case interfere with the inevitable hassle of cooking or washing dishes. Therefore, working surfaces are practically not used. But walls, kitchen doors, windows and window sills, as well as other suitable objects can be used to the maximum.

Many decorations can be made with your own hands, successfully combining them with purchased products, for example, stickers or garlands. Natural materials and edible decor are appropriate in the kitchen:

  • tangerines, apples;
  • seeds, cones;
  • gingerbread and christmas cookies;
  • candy, chocolate, lollipops.

The type and number of decorative elements are selected based on the size of the kitchen. On a tiny square, the abundance of decorations causes the effect of claustrophobia, creates the feeling of a fairground booth. Therefore, a sense of proportion is important in everything.

Decoration for Christmas and New Year.

The Christmas tree is the queen among the decorations

If the kitchen is connected to the living room or pleases with a large area, then its best decoration will be a traditional Christmas tree with toys, tinsel, twinkling lights. The Christmas tree is installed next to the dining group so that it does not block the usual ways of movement to the sink, refrigerator, stove.

Compact Christmas trees are installed directly on the table, on the refrigerator or shelf, placed on a wide window sill. You can limit yourself to a pair of lush spruce or pine paws placed in a tall bottle or vase. Or prefer artificial Christmas trees of any color and made of any materials. They have a couple of significant advantages:

  • can be used repeatedly over the next few years;
  • there is no crumbling needles, which causes significant discomfort.

If the worktops of the kitchen set are wide and long enough, you can create a magnificent composition of Christmas trees, toys and artificial snow.

Christmas tree in the kitchen for the New Year.

Decorating the kitchen with Christmas wreaths

Ornaments woven from branches of coniferous trees are an excellent substitute for the usual Christmas tree. There are also analogues made of artificial materials, just as beautiful and magical. Red and gold berries, beads and bells are woven into malachite greens, and products are tied with ribbons made of fabric or foil materials. Often they are decorated with flowers or glowing bulbs.

How to decorate the kitchen for the New Year with Christmas wreaths?

To learn how to weave Christmas wreaths with your own hands, you can watch master classes on the Internet. Children especially like this creative activity, because you can make a delightful decoration from improvised materials. Wreaths are hung on the walls, windows, attached to the interior door, furnishings. They can be miniature or voluminous, in the form of long garlands, depending on the goals and availability of free space.

Decorating the New Year’s kitchen with simple and aromatic candles

Candles are a great way to create a real Christmas mood. Live lights bring together, give special, wonderful moments of waiting for a miracle.

New Year candles and illumination in the kitchen.

They are used as an atmospheric decor in a variety of areas of the kitchen:

  • When serving a festive table. Place massive candelabra or elegant candlesticks, original group compositions of twigs, tangerines or cones and candles, miniature candles in glass containers.
  • Decorate the windowsill. Here candles can be part of a New Year’s story scene, illuminate a space or an interesting painting on glass.
  • They are placed on open shelves, a countertop or a bar counter, attached next to wreaths, a Christmas tree.

When using candles as a decoration, it is necessary to observe safety precautions, and do not place flammable objects nearby.

Interesting ideas for table setting for the New Year.

Decorating the New Year’s kitchen with Christmas toys

Not only the Christmas tree can be decorated with toys. They are hung on lamps and cabinets, decorated with windows and shelves. Small balls and figures can be placed in a wide glass vase, creating an interesting composition. And also lay out suitable toys on the festive table. You can use products made of glass, plastic, soft materials. Weave whole garlands of golden or silver balls.

In the kitchen, compositions of branches decorated with toys in the form of birds, forest animals, snow made of cotton wool or tinsel look organically in the Scandinavian or rustic style of interior design.

Decorating the New Year’s kitchen with Christmas toys and candles.

Decoration of the New Year’s kitchen with festive illumination

The New Year is a great occasion to decorate the kitchen with a luminous, iridescent illumination with all the colors of the rainbow. It is recommended to use a variety of options, combining them creatively:

  • LED garlands in the form of a grid, thread or rain;
  • neon and LED threads;
  • lanterns, themed night lights in the form of snowmen, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and other New Year’s characters;
  • decorative lamps in the form of candles, Christmas trees, ice cubes, houses.

Light decor is decorated not only with a Christmas tree or coniferous paws, garlands. You can arrange a glowing Christmas tree on the wall or closet, stretch across the entire kitchen or frame a window with a backlight. Small products are placed on the table, shelves and any horizontal surfaces.

Cozy atmosphere in the kitchen for Christmas and New Year.

Kitchen wall decor for Christmas and New Year

Christmas wall decor in the kitchen:

  • colorful posters on New Year’s theme;
  • flags, large figures of fairy-tale characters;
  • stickers in the form of Christmas trees, stars, snowflakes;
  • decorative elements in the form of clock towers, greeting inscriptions;
  • glowing and vegetable garlands, tinsel.

Kitchen decor for the New Year.

Another inexpensive and effective way to transform a room is drawings. This will require a large sheet of paper, any canvas in a frame, glass. If there is no artistic talent, you can use stencils. This decor is easily fixed and easily removed at the end of the holiday.

Christmas socks for the New Year in the kitchen

One of the bright symbols of Christmas is socks for gifts. Americans traditionally hang decorative socks on the mantelpiece so that Santa Claus puts gifts in them.

In decorative Christmas socks decorated with tinsel and ribbons, put small coniferous twigs, cones, nuts or toys, figures of dwarfs and Santa Claus.

Kitchen decoration for the New Year in the American style.

Decorative tableware for Christmas and New Year holidays

For the New Year, it is worth updating the festive tableware set with stunning Christmas designs created especially for the winter holidays. Even a few decorative plates or a salad bowl will serve as an excellent addition to the interior.

Designer tableware for the New Year.

New Year’s kitchen textiles

Woven and knitted products make the kitchen cozy at home, create the right mood. The table is covered with a festive tablecloth, New Year napkins are laid out. Chairs are provided with soft cushions, and luxurious, shiny bows are tied on the backs.

Translucent curtains with Christmas prints or roll-up curtains look stylish.

Decorating a small kitchen for the New Year.

Kitchen decoration with themed Christmas figurines

Various figures of animals and fairy-tale characters remind of a carefree childhood, magic. You can create compositions from them, or limit yourself to 1-3 figurines made of porcelain, plastic, wood or wool.

Decorating the kitchen with stars and snowflakes

Images and three-dimensional figures in the form of stars, snowflakes symbolize winter, New Year and Christmas holidays. They can be purchased in the store or cut out of paper, foil yourself.

Natural decor in the New Year’s kitchen decoration

Cones, nuts, berry brushes and tree branches are an excellent addition to the purchased elements of the festive decor.

Decorations for New Year’s holidays from branches, berries and cones.

They are painted or covered with silver, decorated with “snow” and “frost”, sequins and rhinestones.

Kitchen decoration for the New Year.

Decorating the kitchen for the New Year with paper crafts

Paper is a very plastic, fertile material for various kinds of crafts. A couple of sets of colored paper, ribbons and glue are enough to get an original, author’s decor for the New Year.

Paper crafts for Christmas and New Year holidays.

Window decoration in the kitchen for Christmas and New Year

Window panes are another ideal platform for creating a festive mood. Translucent snowflakes made of paper or foil can be pasted on them. If there is a desire, you can paint the glass through a stencil or according to your imagination. To do this, use ordinary gouache or special, washable paints, markers.

New Year’s drawings on the windows.

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