Kitchen in a private house: design ideas and tips

By | November 17, 2022

The kitchen is the most visited place in the house. Therefore, the location of this zone should be thought out especially carefully and take into account all the nuances. Even in a small area, you can plan a comfortable and beautiful kitchen area.

Dining area by the window in a private house.

Already at the design stage, it is necessary to determine how many functional zones there should be in the house, where the equipment will be located and think over the location of sockets and switches.

Island zoning in the interior of a private house.

In a private house, it is better to plan the kitchen area next to the window. This way you will always have enough natural light. If you want to realize a bold idea with an island in the middle – think about the ventilation and gas outlet.

Modern interior design.

The kitchen in a private house is usually divided into a cooking area and a living room. Visual separation can be done with the help of different color solutions and the play of light.

Separation of the cooking area and the living room.

Bright accents when zoning.

Kitchen on the ground floor of a private house

The most common design option. It is convenient and functional. Place the kitchen area right next to the window. This is the most convenient location. It gives you a lot of natural light, and you can also enjoy the view from the window while you cook culinary masterpieces.

Modern interior design.

The first floor should be light and open. Instead of doors, use decorative arched design of openings. And you can combine the kitchen itself with other functional areas. So you will achieve lightness and airiness of space.

Arch for zoning in a private house.

Attic kitchen in a private house

The attic kitchens look unusual and very beautiful. This creates a special atmosphere that attracts and relaxes. And the sloping ceiling gives a special charm and mystery. In such a room, we recommend paying special attention to the roof material.

Attic floor.

Saving on it, in this case, is impossible. It must be strong and durable, and also have the characteristics of sound insulation. Plan a window in the roof to provide natural light. To finish the ceiling, use beams, they do not weigh down the ceiling, make the interior interesting and you can freely bring lighting to them.

Attic floor.

Pay attention to the attic heating system. Otherwise, you will not be comfortable there in winter.

Kitchen on the open veranda of a private house

Yes, in a private house there is an opportunity to arrange such a seasonal option. On which it is cool and comfortable to be in the hot season. Design options: build a brick oven, put a small stove and bring electricity to it.

Outdoor veranda.

Everything you need will still be stored in the house. And everything that is necessary for one cooking is taken to the summer veranda.

Forms of premises of a private house for a kitchen area

It is always better to think in advance of the place where the kitchen will be located. It can be of the right shape or unusual and designer.

The shape “Square”

The simplest and most concise form in execution. It’s up to you to arrange the cooking area with the letter “U” or linearly on one wall.

It all depends on your vision, the embodiment of your desires and creativity. Next to the cooking area, create a dining area where you will enjoy fragrant coffee in the morning and receive guests in the evening.

In a square-shaped room, you can easily implement a bold idea of designing a kitchen set with an island. An island is a work area with a sink or stove in the center of the room.

Interior design option.

This option is not suitable for small square rooms. It is better to visually combine a small kitchen with an adjacent room. It’s easy to do – design a decorative arch instead of a door.

The shape “Rectangle”

This form, as a rule, has a narrow configuration. Here it is better to follow choose minimalism. Simplicity and conciseness, emphasis on bright details. And the kitchen will be cozy, fresh and will not overload the space with unnecessary details.

Minimalist style.

Windows, in this configuration, it is desirable to highlight and make the maximum attention to them. It can be stained glass or bright curtains. The choice is yours.

Minimalist style.

Kitchen with bay window

Beautiful and unusual shape. Emphasize the bay window with an emphasis on the windows. This is the first rule of the bay window.

Bay window.

It is your choice to place a dining area or a work surface in it. The main thing is not to distract attention from the shape of the trapezoid to other insignificant details.

The form of a walk-through kitchen in the house

In the pass-through version, furniture should not interfere with the free movement of residents. The first rule of the interior is convenience and comfort.

Layout in two rows.

The layout of the kitchen set depends on the shape of the room and the location of free zones around the perimeter.

Narrow walk-through kitchen.

As a rule, all furniture is located close to the wall, without ledges and bar counters. This is done for one purpose. Do not interfere with comfortable movement through this room.

Layout in two rows.

If you do not know how to properly equip and design a kitchen, contact specialists who work in this field, they will help you make the right decision.

Style interior design and color scheme

And again, it all depends on the individual layout. But there are general rules. They are simple.

Yellow in the interior.

Small rooms are better maintained in the style of minimalism or light classics in bright colors. Just use different shades and place bright accents. Otherwise, the interior will be dull and joyless.

Beige interior with bright accents.

If space allows, feel free to choose dark kitchen tones against the background of light monochrome walls or a light accent kitchen against the background of dark saturated interior tones.

White and dark.

Minimalist style.

White and grey.

The design style is limited by your imagination. Realize your wildest desires. Classic with lots of elegant details or strict and daring high-tech, or maybe a gentle rustic and cozy Provence?

High-tech style.

Complement the interior with beautiful textiles, and the space will immediately play in a new way.

Provence style.

Lovers of minimalism will suit such styles as Scandinavian, English classics, loft, eco style. And lovers of luxury and a lot of details should pay attention to the Italian classics using patination (artificial aging with gold or silver).

Scandinavian style.

English style.

Loft style.


Italian classics.

Let’s repeat the main thing: what to consider when planning a kitchen in a private house

The location and layout of the kitchen should be carried out at the design stage. To do this, contact specialists who will help you think through the smallest nuances and make your home and kitchen in particular comfortable and functional.

There are square, rectangular, walk-through and kitchen of irregular design shape. Including the “bay window” form. It is easy to beat each of these options, it is enough to follow a number of simple rules. Do not overload a small space and correctly place bright accents.

Excellent design solution in dark and light colors.

It is better to choose a neutral style and color scheme in light colors. But fans of bold solutions will like the accent version. A combination of dark and light tones. Minimalism without unnecessary details or luxurious classics with baguettes and gilding – it’s up to you.

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