How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen: design ideas and tips

By | January 19, 2023

Choosing a coating for walls, you need to focus not only on the design. The main criterion to consider is practicality. Wallpaper should tolerate wet cleaning with detergents and have a persistent color that will not lose its saturation for the entire period of operation.

What type of wallpaper is best suited for the kitchen?

When choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, you need to pay attention to the density and moisture resistance. The higher the indicators, the longer they will retain their original appearance. Usually manufacturers mark their products with the “wave and brush” icon, which indicates the possibility of washing and cleaning the walls.

When decorating the walls of the kitchen, it is worth avoiding relief drawings and pronounced textures, where fat and dirt from the air will accumulate. It is better to give preference to smooth wallpaper, but with bright colors.

Types of wallpaper that are recommended for the kitchen:

Vinyl wallpaper

The material is characterized by density and durability. Vinyl wallpaper, with proper care, can last 8-10 years and not lose its original appearance. The coating allows air to pass through and does not accumulate moisture, which will eliminate the possible appearance of fungus and mold on the walls. The material is easy to clean and can be used for painting.

If there is no desire to make repairs every ten years, then you should pay attention to hard vinyl, which will not require replacement for a long time, is easy to clean and does not fade in the sun.

Non – woven wallpaper

They are made on the basis of pressed cellulose, but have a denser structure than ordinary paper wallpaper. In production, the non-woven fabric is covered with moisture-repellent compounds that add strength and protect the wallpaper from burning out in the sun. The coating is perfectly breathable and does not swell under the influence of water. Dense non-woven fabric hides small defects on the walls well and is easily glued.

Glass walls

Excellent material for use in the kitchen. Fiberglass is very durable, easily tolerates high humidity and cleaning with any detergents. The coating is made both in color, with ornaments and drawings, and in a white version that can be used for coloring.

Wallpaper hides the irregularities and defects of the walls well, additionally strengthens the surface and does not allow the fungus to spread. Usually the wallpaper has a small relief, but for lovers of smooth textures, you can choose a glass canvas with a bright and beautiful pattern.

Silkscreen printing

The wallpaper is made on a vinyl base with an outer smooth layer of silk threads. The material is very beautiful. This coating has a smooth surface.

Especially silk–screen printing is widely used by designers in the kitchen in the form of coatings imitating natural materials – wood, stone, granite.

This coating is resistant to washing and cleaning the walls, does not lose color in the sun.

What type of wallpaper is not suitable for the kitchen?

Experts do not recommend using paper and acrylic-based wallpaper in the kitchen and in adjacent rooms. Such coatings quickly accumulate dirt and dust and cannot withstand regular wet cleaning.

If we are talking about finishing the total area of the studio apartment, then you need to give preference to more dense and resistant to mechanical influences materials. Acrylic and paper coatings can only be used in dry isolated rooms, otherwise they will quickly lose their aesthetic appeal.

Popular colors and their combinations

When choosing a palette and drawing, you need to proceed from the basic rules of design – this is a combination of no more than three shades in the design. And it is also worth considering the size of the room and its architectural features.

Of no small importance is the side of the world on which the windows overlook.

  • If the kitchen is flooded with sunlight from morning to evening, then you can use cold tones.
  • With the northern side of the room, then give preference to soft and warm colors.

What you need to know when choosing wallpaper for the kitchen:

  • The dominant shade when decorating the walls should be in the same palette with the kitchen set.
  • If the furniture acts as a bright accent, it is better to choose wallpaper with a pattern, the color of which is combined with the facades.
  • A small room involves the use of light shades without large drawings and ornaments.
  • In a large kitchen, you can experiment with dark colors, but it is desirable that the dominant tone is light.
  • The color palette is determined by the design style of the kitchen. Modern designs allow bright experiments and combinations, and classics or Provence suggest the use of a certain tone on the walls.

From the assortment in stores, you can choose the desired wallpaper color, the main thing is that it brings warmth and comfort to the room where the whole family gathers in the evenings.

Popular colors will help determine the palette when decorating the kitchen, and their competent combinations will help transform and modify any interior.


The color is rarely used in its pure form, usually it is tinted with beige, gray, brown or blue tones. White is perfectly combined with the wooden facades of the kitchen set and parquet board, and can also be a tone for a bright cabinet or refrigerator.

Bleached colors are often combined with metal elements in the interior – gold, bronze or silver, which can be expressed in accessories and household appliances.


It is suitable for monochrome finishes and can be used as a background for a bright accent in the form of a countertop or a beautiful kitchen apron.

Especially popular are combinations of gray with dark brown flooring or wooden kitchen furniture, with all shades of blue or sand.

The gray color of the finish is distinguished by a variety of tones, which can be dark, deep and light, but they perfectly complement each other and are often used in modern and Scandinavian styles, as well as in minimalism and art design.


It will add warmth and comfort to a room of any size. Yellow color is often used in the form of drawings and ornaments on wallpaper in a neutral background, but it is also applicable as a bright accent for a kitchen table and chairs or facades of a set made of natural wood.

Yellow is often used in combination with milk, light beige or green, which will make the kitchen bright and very cozy.


It will bring a note of freshness and airiness to the interior. Blue can add a noble charm to the design, and pale blue will be a wonderful addition to a white kitchen set or dining area made in an aristocratic style.

All shades of these colors are well combined with pastel tones: beige, ivory or peach in interiors decorated in classic or Provencal style.

Also blue or blue, will be a great addition to gray in different tones. If the kitchen has a sufficient area, then dark shades are often used when decorating walls in combination with a gold or silver pattern.


Perfect for modern dynamic style and minimalism. Black color in small rooms is better to apply dosed, in the form of small geometric shapes on the walls or ornaments.

Dark wallpaper does not necessarily have to have a gloomy color – it can be shades of graphite or anthracite color with small white streaks, then the interior will seem more mysterious than uncomfortable.


Applicable in all its manifestations. It can be a wall of a soft light green, dark green or emerald shade. The green color is perfectly combined with yellow, brown or beige tones, and is also applicable with gray in the form of a stone floor covering or facades of a kitchen set with a texture made of natural materials and metal fittings.

Photo wallpapers as a decorative element of the interior

The kitchen can be decorated in almost any design that is used in other rooms in the apartment. The choice of style direction is very rich, but it is worth considering the canons of using colors in wall decoration.

Classics involves the use of wallpaper in delicate pastel colors combined with gold and wooden textures of materials. Photo wallpapers with a plot in the form of historical frescoes, columns or architectural elements will be a wonderful addition to the style.

For minimalism, you can choose a graphic drawing or a photo of a famous art object, as well as urban plots.

Provence and country can be complemented with photo wallpapers with natural landscapes and beautiful floral ornaments.

When choosing a coating for the walls of the kitchen, it is necessary, first of all, to be based on practicality. And well-chosen colors and their combinations will add coziness and comfort when using a room where the whole family will gather.

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