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Nursery decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

New Year’s holidays are a joyful, delightful event. Unusual, colorful atmosphere, expectation of favorable changes create a magical atmosphere. Children are especially happy these days, because the fairy tale comes right into the house, coming to life together with an elegant, fluffy Christmas tree and a kind Santa Claus. To support children’s faith in a… Read More »

Bedroom decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

On New Year’s Eve, I so want to forget about the daily routine, plunge headlong into the magical world. The special decor, which carries the charm and joy of a winter fairy tale, helps to create the right mood in the house. As a rule, the main attention is paid to the living room, kitchen,… Read More »

Kitchen decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

In many families, it is customary to celebrate the New Year in a cozy kitchen environment. And a positive, festive atmosphere is very important in the process of preparing treats for a feast. So, it’s time to pick up decorations for this important room, decide on the style and materials. Elegant, bright kitchen will please… Read More »

Hallway decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

On the eve of the holidays, everyone wants to decorate their home, and entering it requires something special. After all, it is in the hallway that guests are greeted, and if it is dark and uncomfortable, then the magical atmosphere of the entire apartment can significantly lose its position. Designers recommend starting the New Year’s… Read More »

Decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

The most magical holiday is approaching, we expect the best changes from it and want to leave the troubles behind. A rare house is not decorated for this night, attention is paid to every surface, because, celebrating the New Year, you will live with it for the next 12 months. A selection of the best… Read More »