Gold Kitchen: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The golden interior is associated with wealth and luxury, is a kind of sign of family well-being. But if you choose interior design and furniture in metallic tones, it is important to think through the future project correctly.

Color combination

What colors are in harmony with the gilding in the kitchen?

One of the frequent questions for those who plan to make a kitchen in a golden style is how to combine colors in such an unusual interior and how not to make a mistake in choosing.

4 win-win combinations:

White and gold

It is preferable to use light shades of white and gilding in small rooms. So, a snow-white kitchen set will visually help to make the room wider, and metal yellow elements will create the effect of austerity and antiquity. If you use interior decoration in Art Deco style or some other, then be sure to consider the placement of modern household appliances. So that it does not spoil the overall picture and the perception of expensive design in gold, it is better to make a microwave oven, refrigerator or dishwasher built-in, hiding behind neat furniture facades. In this case, the kitchen will remain functional and will look noble, since the type of household appliances does not break out of the stylistic unity.

In addition, it is in the interiors of white and gold that these colors can be realized in a 1:1 ratio, while the space will be visually organic, without overloading with any one shade.

Combination of white and gold.

Grey and gold

The interior will be laconic in gray tones, including with the addition of metallic in this tone. The color sets off gold in the best way and allows it to reveal its depth to the fullest. On the one hand, yellow metal gives the space elegance, conviviality, abundance of light, on the other – gray – makes it calm, neutral-cold. The combination is perfect for decorating modern interiors.

Combination of gray and gold colors.

Red and Gold

Saturated and deep colors in the golden kitchen can only be used as an additional shade, otherwise the space will be overloaded and it will be unpleasant to stay in it for a long time. A few items selected according to the principle of contrast are enough. In the golden kitchen, it can be furniture facades, wall decoration, doors, bar stools, a dining area. You can also use burgundy, rich blue, indigo. They also go well with yellow metal.

Combination of gold and red.

Combination of blue and gold.

Black and Gold

The combination of completely opposite colors gives an unusual look to any kitchen. Black and gold is a spectacular and catchy option that is hard to imagine, but in implementation it turns out to be extremely unusual and shocking. However, when using a dark color (especially near the sink and stove) it is worth remembering that all dirt and drops will be visible, and cleaning will have to be done more often.

Combination of black and gold.

Design ideas and tips

One of the popular design styles where gold interior decoration is often used is Art Deco. Non-standard decoration and furniture allows you to preserve the Victorian era trend and the feeling of high cost, pomposity. The gilded elements emphasize the strictness and at the same time the pretentiousness of the style in the best possible way. Let’s take a closer look at what features distinguish Art Deco, and also tell you about the competent use of yellow metallic shades in the interior.

Art Deco style.

Much attention should be paid to the choice of additional accessories for the golden kitchen. They should fit seamlessly into the space and highlight its advantages.


What kind of furniture to use in combination with gold in the kitchen?

Natural wood itself is considered an expensive and luxurious material that not everyone can afford. And in combination with gold or gilded elements, it looks even more solid and presentable. Of course, you will have to spend a large budget if you decide to buy wooden furniture and a door to the kitchen.

Of course, you can choose kitchen modules with imitation of the desired texture, which will be cheaper, since modern production technologies offer the buyer a wide choice in this regard. But the furniture made of mahogany or ash will be ideal for a golden interior. Another spectacular option is imitation of marble or natural stone.

How to choose furniture for the golden kitchen?

Creating a golden interior is quite a difficult task, especially if you are not a professional designer. Try to adhere to the following rules when choosing kitchen furniture:

  • Give preference to facades that are laconic in form and design, without additional decorative elements. Give up complex carvings, panels, prints and drawings, moldings. The presence of a gilded finish already looks luxurious, so you should not add any other finish. The rule also applies to locker handles and accessories. Their form should be simple and logical. If you still want to put furniture of complex shape in the golden kitchen, then the color scheme is limited to neutral shades: beige, gray, shades of white.

  • If you decide to purchase kitchen modules with gold facades, then the color of yellow metal should be avoided in the decoration of other furniture. The best option is beige, gray, white, brown or neutral tones that can be combined with anything.
  • If you want to add more gold elements and have a large kitchen-dining room, the dining table can be decorated with patina.
  • If you are afraid that due to the use of gold facades, the interior will be too heavy, then you can use an easier option: buy only the upper or only the lower cabinets in this design, and the rest in a neutral color.

Kitchen with golden facades.

  • Another way to decorate the kitchen space in an unusual way is to add mirror or reflective surfaces. They always visually increase the space, besides, due to reflection, they allow gilding to “play” in a new way.

Golden kitchen with reflective surfaces.

  • Carefully consider the location of kitchen tables, cabinets, shelves and other gilded furniture. Strive for minimalism in design.
  • The interior should be mainly made of natural materials or with their realistic imitation. This applies to both the dining area and the kitchen design: wallpaper, flooring, ceiling.
  • The maximum allowable amount of gold in the interior is about 25%, the rest is other complementary shades. Of course, you can choose golden facades and bright walls, then such a room will look tasteless and ridiculous.
  • In small kitchens, the dominance of gold items and elements is completely contraindicated. Here it is better to take some one or two items in a similar design. For example, to put a golden sink, to finish the patina of furniture facades or table legs. A similar way can be done with household appliances. Choose the one that imitates the gold coating, while the rest of the kitchen will be decorated in calm and neutral tones.
  • Decorating kitchen facades with a golden hue. If you are afraid of the abundant presence of gold in the interior, then you can only partially include it in the project. For example, to make gold-plated handles on a kitchen set. They will be appropriate in almost any case. The choice of form is also not regulated here, any variations are possible.

Golden apron

Another place to use gold is the work area in the kitchen. However, provided that the facades of the furniture are made in calm colors. The apron can be made of various materials: ceramic tiles, mosaics, wall panels, frescoes, painting with paints.

Plumbing fixtures

Another example of a conscious choice of gold elements is the purchase of plumbing in the color of yellow gold. It can be both a mixer and a sink. But if you decide to stick to the direction of gold decoration, then avoid chrome models. The mixer can be combined with black or white elements – a stylish and concise option. It is best to install it on a snow-white sink or imitating a natural stone.


The ceiling with spotlights looks spectacular in the golden kitchen. They give uniform light around the perimeter of the room, thereby illuminating the facades of cabinets in the best way. Another option is crystal chandeliers. Designers advise to take a closer look at bulky models consisting of a large number of glass balls. The most suitable place for such a chandelier is the dining area. It creates a special atmosphere, as if at a royal dinner.

Also, gold accents can be used in other interior details: paintings, lampshades, cutlery, dishes.

Lighting in the golden kitchen.

Mistakes in interior design

And finally, let’s list a few mistakes that are made when decorating the golden interior of the kitchen:

Simultaneous combination of gold and silver. Give up any elements in the room made of simple and cheap materials. For example, a stainless steel sink or a simple metal faucet is more suitable for budget and standard kitchens.

Cluttering of space with shelves and cabinets. Leave open space at a minimum. All products, dishes and utensils should be hidden behind facades. But at the same time, you need to limit the amount of furniture and buy only those modules that are really needed.

Too much gold in the interior. Remember the 25% rule, that’s how much gilt should be within one room. In no case can you simultaneously choose the same facades and wall decoration – the room will be heavy and uncomfortable.

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