Nursery decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

By | December 10, 2022

New Year’s holidays are a joyful, delightful event. Unusual, colorful atmosphere, expectation of favorable changes create a magical atmosphere. Children are especially happy these days, because the fairy tale comes right into the house, coming to life together with an elegant, fluffy Christmas tree and a kind Santa Claus.

New Year’s decor of the nursery with soft toys and gingerbread.

To support children’s faith in a miracle, one should carefully prepare for the holiday, choosing decorations and traditional attributes of Christmas and New Year, hanging garlands and toys. If there is a child in the house, then it is his room that becomes a magic castle or a fabulous forest clearing filled with unusual creatures and animals. After all, the sincere joy of a child is a welcome reward for parents.

Scandinavian-style nursery decoration for the New Year.

It is absolutely not necessary to run to the store and buy sets of Christmas decorations. Many stylish, unique decor items can be created with your own hands by connecting children and adults. Decorating the nursery with your own hands brings no less joy and pleasure from the creative process than the holiday itself. Thoughtful preparation allows you to fully enjoy all stages of the New Year celebration. And we will tell you some simple and interesting solutions that should be made a reality.

What rules should be followed when decorating a children’s room for the New Year

The main task in the design of a children’s room is to create a delightful, festive atmosphere. However, do not forget that there is a small curious child in the room who will be happy to try beautiful decorations for durability, taste and indestructibility.

Christmas decorations for the nursery.

Even if the kids have already grown up, their activity has not decreased at all. On the contrary, a child of 6-10 years has much more opportunities for injury. That is why when choosing materials and decorative elements, it is necessary to think about safety.

  • Garlands, hanging parts that can cause harm, should be suspended to such a height that the child cannot reach them. The exception is products made of paper, plastic, foam.

Christmas garlands-snowmen.

  • A natural Christmas tree can be replaced with an artificial one, made of hypoallergenic materials, which does not crumble, does not emit resins and odors from which allergies may occur.

Christmas tree made of paper and colored garlands for decorating the nursery.

  • Christmas tree is installed closer to the wall, in a corner, so that it does not interfere with free movement.
  • If the child is very small, it is necessary to protect the Christmas tree with a decorative fence, put it on a chest of drawers or a table, or prefer wall decoration – stickers, paint painting, a Christmas tree made of paper or tinsel.
  • It is better to replace glass toys with durable plastic ones, sewn from fabric, knitted, felted. Also, use cardboard, foil and paper to make jewelry with your own hands.

Soft children’s toys-Christmas trees and gnomes for the New Year.

  • There should be no small, sharp details in the baby’s room. New Year’s compositions consist of fairly large figurines or figurines, soft toys. Or they lift them on the table, window sill, hanging shelves.
  • It is better to replace electric garlands with products made of tinsel, paper, fabric. If the child is big enough and understands the danger of electricity, then the garland must be carefully checked for operability and safety.
  • An excellent place for hanging decor is an interior door. Usually colorful posters, Christmas wreaths, fairy-tale characters in the form of stickers, paper figures are attached to it.

The style and type of jewelry can be absolutely any, if they do not cause inconvenience and are combined with the rest of the decor.

Unusual Soft Christmas garlands for children.

If you want to give your child a New Year’s surprise, you can prepare all the decor elements in advance, and decorate the room when he falls asleep, or will be in kindergarten, school. However, do not forget that decorating the room for the holiday gives children the greatest joy.

Christmas Tree decoration with safe toys, stars and letters.

How to decorate a nursery for the New Year

When choosing a decor, it is necessary to take into account the hobbies and character of the child, his tastes. Even the color palette greatly affects the psychological state and inner comfort of the baby.

Christmas decoration of the children’s room for a girl

Most girls adore romantic stories with beautiful sorceresses and the indispensable victory of good. If the child has favorite fairy tales, characters, it is worth recreating just such an option.

Decorating a girl’s room for the New Year.

Girls will certainly like Christmas trees of unusual colors – silver, pink, lilac or golden, as well as delicate flowers, sequins, sparkling balls. You can add warmth with a cozy New Year’s blanket or knitted Christmas socks. And also, you can offer your child to make New Year’s cards-posters by drawing fairy-tale characters. And decorate the walls, cabinets, windows with them.

Pink Christmas tree for the nursery.

How to decorate a boy’s nursery for the New Year

It is considered that all shades of blue and light blue are more suitable for boys. Indeed, these colors are perfectly combined with the Christmas theme, silver snowflakes and frost. However, you should not give up on brighter or muted details. The blue can be diluted with bright red and orange, gold details, combined with white or beige. Or completely abandon the stereotypes, and choose silver-green, light green-gold or red-white tones.

Christmas tree made of garlands and stars on the nursery wall for a boy.

As a Christmas and New Year decor for the boys’ room, you can use:

  • favorite movie and cartoon characters;
  • traditional snowmen, gnomes, santa claus, reindeer;
  • toys adored by a child – boats, cars, soldiers, drums or planes, rockets;
  • garlands of flags, snowflakes, “snow” balls;
  • LED garlands and night lights in New Year’s performance.

Decoration of the nursery for the New Year.

Instead of a Christmas tree on the wall, you can fix horizontal sticks, fir branches or a garland. A stylized Christmas tree made of tinsel of different colors or Christmas tree toys looks beautiful.

How to decorate a room for a baby for the New Year

For young children, any bright objects and drawings that differ from everyday toys are interesting. However, it should be borne in mind that kids do not perceive abstractions well, so all elements should be recognizable. So, instead of the usual electric garlands and tinsel, it is better to use animal figures, snowmen, cartoon characters, as well as their images.

Safe Christmas tree with decorations for the baby’s room.

  • Instead of dangerous glass and hard plastic, paper, thread, yarn are used to create toys. They are cut out or glued together, sewn from fabric, tied up. And even baked in the form of curly cookies, gingerbread.
  • Images of fabulous creatures can be printed on a color printer or cut from suitable magazines. Paste on the curly bases of thick cardboard, making interesting posters or garlands.
  • The baby’s favorite toys also need decorations. They can be equipped with knitted or sewn caps with bells, dressed in festive costumes or raincoats made of shiny fabric, decorated with medallions depicting Christmas trees, tangerines, sweets, winter forest.
  • Instead of a Christmas tree, it is better to install a three-dimensional structure sewn from felt or any other fabric, with soft toys. Or paint the wall, stick ready-made stickers in a suitable theme.

Wall decor for the New Year in the kid’s room.

In areas inaccessible to a child, you can install more “adult” elements – solid figures of deer, bunnies and Santa Claus, bright compositions of forest cones, cranberries or mountain ash, shiny balls and beads. If it is still decided to install a Christmas tree in the nursery, then it must be fenced with a fence with bright posters or fairy-tale characters pasted on.

The best ideas for New Year’s decoration of the children’s room

Decorating a nursery is a creative process that allows you to realize extraordinary fantasies and ideas.

Glowing houses and Christmas figures on the window in the nursery.

Everything is available, from chic balls and stars made of multilayer paper, independently molded from clay or dough of fairy tale heroes, to painting on glass and various garlands. Moreover, most of this decor can be done with your own hands.

Original painting on the window in the nursery for the New Year.

As a decoration for windows, you can cut snowflakes and stars out of thin paper or foil, paint funny snowmen, bunnies and bears, foxes and squirrels. The glued elements can be supplemented with splashes of silver artificial snow from a spray can. Or you can paint the windows according to a suitable stencil with white, silver or colored paints.

Wall stickers in the nursery for the New Year.

Knitted and sewn Christmas socks, boots are hung on the headboard, shelves or along the walls. You can also attach flags and paper garlands of rings, lanterns, flowers.

New Year’s composition on the table in the nursery.

Multilayer snowmen, snowflakes and stars, glass balls and pieces of cotton wool are fixed on threads, hanging structures from the ceiling or protruding furnishings.

Decorating the nursery window for the New Year.

Actively use the gifts of nature collected in the forest or park – twigs, cones, berries.

There are a great many ideas for the New Year’s decor of the nursery. You just need to choose the style and colors to your taste, and then the holiday will be unforgettable.

Christmas socks and compositions made of wood for the New Year.

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