Bedroom decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

By | December 10, 2022

On New Year’s Eve, I so want to forget about the daily routine, plunge headlong into the magical world. The special decor, which carries the charm and joy of a winter fairy tale, helps to create the right mood in the house. As a rule, the main attention is paid to the living room, kitchen, hallway. However, do not forget about the bedroom, which has a strong influence on the physical and psychological state of a person.

Bedroom decoration for the New Year.

In the evening, the atmosphere of this room helps to relax, discard the worries of the day. And in the morning it gives you the opportunity to wake up in a great mood. It is the bedroom, its convenience and interior that determine the mood for the whole day, give a feeling of cheerfulness and call for new achievements.

New Year’s decor for a classic bedroom.

To decorate the bedroom for the New Year, it is not necessary to put a Christmas tree in it. Although, in a spacious room, this traditional attribute will not be superfluous. You can use anything from satin and shiny ribbons, knitted and fur bedspreads, to paper snowflakes and author’s compositions. You just need to choose exactly the decor that will give positive emotions and will not cause inconvenience. And our article will tell you some useful ideas for inspiration.

Illuminated curtains for the bedroom in the New Year.

How to choose the right color for decorating a bedroom for the New Year

The color palette is very important for psychological comfort and creating a festive mood. Although it is not recommended to use an abundance of cold, shiny elements and bright accents in the bedroom, it is worth making an exception for winter holidays. Red and gold shades will give the bedroom a special chic, warm on New Year’s and Christmas night. In addition, they promote activity, cheerfulness and cheerfulness. Such a mood will be useful during mass celebrations and sleepless festive nights.

Bedroom decor elements for the New Year.

Choosing the colors of the decor, it is necessary to focus on the features of the interior, decoration and furniture in the room. So, against the background of light walls and cabinets, bright and dark tones stand out better, and it is better to decorate a wenge-colored bed with silver or golden decor.

Toy Christmas decorations and garlands in the bedroom.

Choosing the color of Christmas decorations for the interior in warm colors

If the main palette in the room is represented by yellow and orange, warm green and red shades, then the Christmas classics will perfectly suit them:

  • dark green, malachite coniferous branches;
  • golden balls, figurines, candles;
  • red and garnet colors.

Transparent and crystal-icy decorations look exquisite, as well as arbitrary combinations of the main shades associated with the winter forest – brown, green, snowy, red.

Decor with fir branches and ribbons.

How to decorate a bedroom in cool colors for Christmas and New Year

If the main background in the room is light lilac, bluish, white colors, then it is worth giving preference to imitation of frost, frosty patterns, silver-blue details. The white and silver decor organically complements the cold interiors, creating the feeling of a Snow Queen’s palace.

Silver-green Christmas decorations for a white bedroom.

If you want a little warmth, you can add bright scarlet and orange accents – tangerines, red pillows or a plaid, vases. Also, coniferous paws covered with artificial “frost”, entwining the headboard of the bed or cabinet doors, look great.

Stylish decor for the New Year for the bedroom.

Bedroom decoration with neutral shades for Christmas and New Year

Beige, gray, white and brown interiors are perfectly “friendly” with all the colors of the rainbow. They can be decorated with toys and decorative elements of any shade, depending on the mood.

  • If you want to bring unbridled joy and fun to the winter holidays, then use bright red, sunny yellow, blue, gold details.
  • Green coniferous branches tied with bright ribbons or tinsel turn the bedroom into a magical winter forest.
  • Silver and snow-white, light golden jewelry allow you to create the atmosphere of a fantasy palace from ancient legends and tales, in which fairies or sorceresses live.
  • An unusual combination of white and light green, complemented by juniper or spruce branches, gives the bedroom an exquisite, cozy and festive look. And yet such an interior reminds of spring and summer days in the middle of winter.

All available materials are used as decorations, which allows you to get a unique festive interior. These are home textiles in the New Year theme, and decorative pillows, imitation boxes and bags with gifts, capes on chairs. Compositions of tangerines, coniferous and deciduous twigs, wicker products are also interesting.

Decoration of the gray bedroom for the New Year.

How to decorate bedrooms of different styles for Christmas and New Year

Having decided on the color scheme, it’s time to start choosing decor elements, as well as stylistics. Properly selected decorations do not just shine and remind of the holiday, they are a full-fledged continuation of the interior style of the bedroom, harmoniously complement it. Chaotic and unreasonable decoration of the room with the attributes of New Year’s holidays creates a tasteless, garish atmosphere in which it is difficult to stay for a long time.

So, what types of decorative elements to choose:

  • Classics are perfectly combined with candles. A variety of glass or plastic balls, delicate lace products and veils, flowers and bows, bells and stars, gilded or silver cones, Christmas beads and ribbons are suitable for a classic bedroom. Decorative pillows tied with lush bows and characteristic Christmas wreaths look great. They are hung at the head of the bed, on the headboard of the bed or on the interior door from the inside.

Bedroom decoration in classic style for the New Year.

  • Country and Alpine style require natural materials, a real Christmas tree or its replacement – branches of coniferous trees. A particularly warm atmosphere is created by large–knit products – Christmas socks, blankets, table capes. And wicker baskets with New Year’s citrus and other gifts of nature will give the room a special atmosphere.

Original bedroom decor for the New Year.

  • Scandinavian style welcomes natural materials and handmade jewelry. Stars and snowflakes can be made from twigs, wood or paper, arrange miniature Christmas trees and live indoor plants. And for the mood, a bright interior can be complemented with a pair of bright accents – a garland or a bedspread, a painted vase.

New Year’s decor in the Scandinavian bedroom.

  • Loft style is quite difficult to decorate, as it requires deliberate roughness, exaggerated simplicity. Stars made of tin or metal rods, wooden boxes and Christmas trees cut from plywood, wooden dies – this is the embodiment of a New Year’s interior in the loft style. It can be supplemented with glass aquariums or bottles filled with compositions of cones, toys, nuts and fruits. And fix the illumination and a congratulatory inscription on the wall.

Brutal decorations in the bedroom for the New Year.

  • For fashionable eco-styles, choose the most natural decor. These are draperies made of wool and cotton fabrics, wreaths made of coniferous branches, citrus fruits and apples. Baskets or glass dishes with compositions of tangerines, cranberries, viburnum and mountain ash, cones, holly leaves, cinnamon tubes and other gifts of nature associated with winter are popular.

Christmas decorations for the bedroom in eco-style.

To create the right atmosphere, figurines of deer, fairy-tale characters, small trees and Christmas trees with and without lighting are actively used. And candles in candlesticks or jars, lanterns create a charming, surprisingly comfortable atmosphere in the evenings.

Christmas lighting in the bedroom

Garlands of lamps or LEDs have long been a familiar attribute of New Year’s holidays. With their help, you can quickly and easily, without large financial costs, create the right atmosphere in the bedroom.

Bedroom decoration with garlands for New Year holidays.

However, it should be remembered that the room is designed for rest and sleep, and therefore follow certain rules:

  • Choose non-flashing garland models, or with slow, smooth transitions. Fast running, actively flickering lights irritate and interfere with rest.
  • The optimal color scheme is monochrome, light white, yellowish or bluish tones.
  • Large lamps are good for loft, country or chalet style.
  • Garlands in the form of convolvulus, flower buds or stars are perfectly combined with classical styles, the interior of Provence.
  • Miniature LEDs are the best option for minimalism and all modern styles.
  • Instead of a real Christmas tree, you can make an imitation of it on the wall, from a garland-thread.

Christmas lighting for the bedroom.

On the bedside tables put dim lanterns-candles, night lights with a characteristic New Year’s design.

Christmas lanterns in the bedroom.

Decorative elements made with your own hands help to create an unusual, festive interior in the bedroom for the New Year. These can be:

  • snowflakes or stars from improvised materials;
  • woven and knitted gizmos;
  • products made of ribbons, clay or salted dough;
  • voluminous crafts and garlands of flowers made of paper, wood, vines.

Christmas decorations for the bedroom in the form of snowflakes and stars.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Joint creative work helps all family members to get closer, brings joy and pleasure.

Wall decorations-snowflakes for the New Year.

Minimalist Christmas decor in the bedroom.

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