Living room decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

By | December 7, 2022

The New Year is just around the corner, which means that you need to start thinking about the style and details of the festive decor. As a rule, for a feast with relatives and friends, the table is set in the living room. This means that special attention should be paid to its design. If a party or even a series of festive gatherings with friends and relatives is planned, then Christmas decoration becomes a priority.

Festive design for Christmas and New Year.

How to create a magical interior? How to give the living room a gloss that speaks better than any words about the impeccable taste and prosperity of the owners?

We offer you a selection of simple and inexpensive ways to transform the living room for Christmas and New Year.

Decor for Christmas and New Year.

Top 10 ways to give the living room a festive atmosphere of Christmas and New Year

When planning a New Year’s room decor, it is necessary to observe the measure. It is very easy in a burst of creative inspiration to “overdo it” with illumination or shiny elements.

On holidays, the living room should be especially cozy, without causing discomfort or headaches. Therefore, it is worth learning how to approach decorating correctly.

Scandinavian-style Christmas decor.

Method 1. The odd numbers rule for the New Year’s decoration of the living room

There is one secret that experienced interior designers are willing to use. It’s called the “rule of three”. It’s all about the peculiarities of human perception: odd numbers in the setting seem more harmonious, consistent.

Decor for Christmas and New Year.

Therefore, decor elements and furniture sets are selected by professionals in the amount of 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on. Here are some examples:

  • A sofa and a lonely armchair are clearly not enough. But the recreation area, consisting of three components, looks self-sufficient and harmonious.
  • 3-5 decorative pillows on the sofa give the interior elegance and comfort, and four create a sense of ostentation.
  • Two candles or vases on a table or shelf look lonely, and three is exactly what you need to give the interior a fleur of unobtrusive luxury.
  • Two pictures on the wall are superfluous. A large canvas should be in one copy, but a thematic selection of small paintings or framed photos can include 7-9 pieces.
  • Even dressers with three or five drawers look more harmonious than with four.

The principle is very simple, but it works perfectly even in small things.

Method 2. How to decorate the living room for the New Year with the help of additional lighting and illumination

The principles of modern interior design speak of the need for multi-level, zoned lighting. If a single ceiling chandelier is still installed in the living room, then it must be supplemented with a floor lamp, several table lamps, wall sconces or battery-powered lamps. Why is this so important?

  • Even the most refined interior, consisting of premium-class furnishings, does not look good enough in the light of a single lamp. It casts sharp shadows, creates darkness in the corners. Such lighting visually collapses the space, making the hall uncomfortable, cramped.
  • With the ceiling light, the festively set table and the dishes on it do not look as impressive and appetizing as they could.
  • Products with large, fabric lampshades give the room a particularly stylish, “rich” look.

A little side, diffused light from a table or floor lamp dispels shadows in the corners, creating a more comfortable environment. In addition, with such lighting, you can vary the saturation, immersing the living room in a private twilight, or flooding it with bright light.

Classic style decoration for Christmas and New Year.

Method 3. Decorating the New Year’s living room in a single color scheme

Diversity is not always appropriate. A lot of Christmas tree toys and decorative details with variegated coloring create the effect of a fairground booth: everything sparkles, catches the eye, but the cheapness and ostentation of the situation are clearly felt. And, on the contrary, the decor in a single color palette gives the living room an expressive, incredibly luxurious appearance.

Christmas tree with golden balls.

The rules are simple:

  • It is necessary to choose 1-3 basic colors in which the entire decor will be made.
  • The colors should echo the design and interior of the room.
  • The table, the fireplace area and the Christmas tree, the decor of the walls are kept in a single range – white-gold, red-green-white, red-black-white and others, to taste.

Especially expensive and luxurious look “royal” colors – gold, burgundy, purple.

Christmas tree decorated in red.

Method 4. How to decorate the living room for the New Year with your own hands using natural materials

Natural materials are a traditional sign of luxury, respectability and prosperity.

Decor with coniferous wreaths and ribbons.

For New Year’s holidays, this is the most natural and logical decor that helps to create the atmosphere of a forest fairy tale. As improvised materials are used:

  • fabric draperies, bedspreads made of fur, cotton and wool;
  • branches and paws of coniferous trees, cones;
  • brushes of rowan and viburnum, branches of deciduous trees, fancy sticks and driftwood;
  • neat birch logs, forest stumps;
  • tangerines, lemons and oranges, wicker baskets and boxes.

Christmas decorations with tangerines and coniferous paws.

Branches and cones are decorated with ribbons, give a light mysterious shine with the help of spray cans with paint. You can weave Christmas wreaths and whole garlands. Branches and dried flowers are placed in vases or bottles on tables and shelves, and in wide containers they create whole compositions from the gifts of nature. This decor looks much more presentable than artificial analogues, and fills the room with a special aroma.

Method 5. How to decorate a New Year’s living room with additional details

Another secret of stylish, “expensive” interiors is their layering. Expressive, relief textures and prints give a special atmosphere to the room. So, in winter, woolen plaid blankets or large-knit products with tassels, fur skins, bedspreads are appropriate.

It is not necessary to strive for uniformity in everything. It is worth picking up several pillows with different patterns, colors, relief embroidery for the sofa, and the room is immediately transformed. For the New Year, covers for decorative pillows can be made in a fairy tale or Christmas tree theme.

Christmas decorations with tangerines and coniferous paws.

Method 6. How to decorate the living room for the New Year with fresh flowers

A favorite technique of experienced decorators. Bouquets or garlands of flowers enliven the atmosphere, give the holiday a gently solemn note. You want to be in such a living room, but in the photo it looks just amazing. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to spend all the money on lush bouquets of roses or orchids.

These can be small, modest or creative compositions of spruce branches, mistletoe, poinsettias with the addition of small white and red flowers.

Christmas decorations with tangerines and coniferous paws.

Method 7. Decorate the living room for the New Year with candles

Natural fire fascinates, gives rest to the eyes and nerves, creates a relaxing, private environment. Therefore, the more candles in the festive living room, the better. It is worth dimming the overhead light, and lighting a dozen lights, and the room is transformed, becomes more noble and cozy.

Candles are selected according to taste and preferences, depending on the place and method of installation. There are many options:

  • stylish candlesticks for 3, 5, 7 candles;
  • flashlights made of glass, paper or fabric;
  • candles floating in transparent glasses;
  • miniature items placed on windowsills and table, between plates.

Even the Christmas tree can be decorated with live lights, observing safety precautions.

Decoration with candles for New Year holidays.

Method 8. Individual design for Christmas and New Year decoration

A house in which the presence of the owners is not felt is perceived as a museum or a crypt. The most refined and expensive interior should bear a clear and distinct imprint of the personal interests, tastes and history of the residents.

  • Family photos, souvenirs and relics.
  • Antique and vintage items with their own “legend”.
  • Favorite books, paintings, posters.
  • The results of hobbies are macrame, DIY crafts, embroidered or woven napkins, carved shelves.

All these things define the atmosphere, the character of the living room, make it memorable and individual.

Method 9. Clean and tidy the living room before decorating it for the New Year

The junk accumulating over the years, incomprehensible and not very necessary objects gathering dust on all surfaces create an uncomfortable, sloppy environment. No tricks will save such a living room.

Therefore, before you start decorating, you need to put things in order.

All outdated, broken items, things that do not fit into the general style are either thrown away or moved to the pantry. On open shelves, consoles, in glazed cabinets, objects and dishes are laid out by types, colors, groups, in a beautiful order.

Method 10. Aromatization of the living room decorated for the New Year

A person perceives the situation with all his senses. The most elite interior can be spoiled by unpleasant, musty or inappropriate smells. By the holiday, it is recommended to get rid of dust and dirt, do a thorough wet cleaning. And also take care of pleasant aromas.

Natural Christmas tree and scented candles for the New Year.

For the New Year, the most appropriate smells are pine needles, citrus and vanilla. They evoke pleasant emotions and memories, create a truly New Year’s atmosphere, familiar to everyone since childhood. If the living room is decorated with a natural forest beauty, or there are coniferous twigs, then additional aromatization is not needed. Artificial Christmas tree is supplemented with appropriate essential oils in diffusers, aroma lamps or ultrasonic humidifiers with the function of a fragrance.

The coniferous fragrance during the Christmas and New Year holidays creates a magical atmosphere.

Simple but effective methods make it easy and without any problems to prepare the living room for the holiday. To give the room an unusual, magical appearance, preserving a sense of prosperity, individuality and well-being.

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