Hallway decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

By | December 7, 2022

On the eve of the holidays, everyone wants to decorate their home, and entering it requires something special. After all, it is in the hallway that guests are greeted, and if it is dark and uncomfortable, then the magical atmosphere of the entire apartment can significantly lose its position. Designers recommend starting the New Year’s decoration from the front door and finishing with the furthest room, then the holiday will be felt throughout the house.

To decorate the hallway for the holiday, a few details and attributes of the New Year are enough.

Features of decorating hallways and small rooms for the New Year

Often in apartments, the hallway has a minimal area, so you should not get carried away with a large number of diverse decorative elements. It will be enough to have several accents in the New Year theme and the first thing to start with is the front door, and further actions will depend on your imagination and the possibilities of the room.

Christmas wreaths are often hung on the front door for decoration.

In any case, it is better to abandon the large decor, it will look out of place in the hallway. If you want to put a Christmas tree, it is better to choose the smallest model and add it to the shelf by the mirror.

A small Christmas tree by the mirror will be enough for a New Year’s decoration of the hallway.

The main thing when choosing a decor for the hallway is the preservation of free space and security, so we focus on the ceiling, doors and walls, and leave access to hangers and wardrobes for undressing free. It is also worth abandoning the traditional candles of the New Year’s holiday, the use of which may be unsafe, it is better to leave them for the table, where an open fire will be under control.

To decorate the hallway for the New Year, use a free wall from furniture.

How to decorate the doors in the hallway for the New Year

If you are a happy owner of a country house, then both the interior and exterior surfaces need decoration. A classic decoration is a New Year’s wreath with bells or a symbol of the year in the middle. Most people do not want to leave the traditions and this is how they design the front door. At the same time, you can add a festive inscription with congratulations and snowflakes carved by children with their own hands to the surface.

In a private house, both surfaces of the entrance door are decorated for the New Year.

In the apartment, you can limit yourself to decorating only the inner surface of the entrance door, but many decorate it with tinsel and bells and from the entrance.

Decorating the front door from the inside, you can limit yourself to one Christmas element.

Christmas decoration of the hallway with garlands

Designers most often use glowing elements in the hallway. A garland in the form of balls, icicles, lanterns or snowflakes can be placed randomly on the free wall of the room. This will add light and create a festive mood long before the holiday.

Glowing Christmas decor will add light to the hallway and create a festive mood.

You can also decorate the wall with inscriptions, draw the outline of the symbol of the coming year or a Christmas tree from an LED strip. This element is produced in different color ranges and is inexpensive. LED strip can outline the contours of the entrance and interior doors, arched structure, frame the mirror in the hallway.

Such a decor on the wall in the hallway can be done by yourself.

In the same way, you can decorate the ceiling, it is enough to tape several garlands on the surface and complement them with hanging balls, snowflakes or icicles. Most of the decorating elements can be made with your own hands.

Glowing elements on the ceiling will make a small hallway welcoming and elegant.

Independent production of Christmas balls and decoration of the hallway with them

This decor will look very impressive, and to create it, you can connect children who are always happy to prepare for the celebration of the New Year.

You will need harsh multicolored threads, glue and balloons that need to be inflated in the right size. Such toys can be stored in a box for years and they can be used to decorate the house for any festive events.

Balls for the New Year are easily made with their own hands.

Wrap the threads around the balloon, fix them with glue and let them dry. After a few hours, it will be enough to let the air out of the ball and get it out of the toy with tweezers.

Handmade balloons can be used not only for the New Year, but also for other holidays.

The resulting ball can be supplemented with rhinestones, sequins, ribbons and beads. Decorations are fixed on the ceiling or along the LED strip and hung on the wall, it looks beautiful and saves the family budget. Also, homemade balloons can be used in New Year’s compositions on the table, adding them with spruce twigs, tangerines and sweets.

Christmas decoration of stairs and hallways in private homes

Regardless of the type of construction, we pay special attention to the railing, which can be decorated with artificial or natural spruce branches, let along an LED strip or garland.

It is enough to wrap the railing with fir branches, and the staircase will be ready for the New Year.

If the area of the hallway allows, you can put Santa Claus at the edge of the stairs in an inviting pose. A pair of Christmas trees in sparkling decorations or symbols of the outgoing and upcoming year. On the ladders, you can place several lanterns or lamps that imitate candles, especially if you are going to celebrate the New Year only with a loved one.

Christmas lights on the steps look very romantic. But with a large crowd of guests and children, it is better to abandon such a decor for safety reasons.

Decorate the hallway for the New Year with a Christmas wreath

Such a decoration can be hung on the wall or put on any free shelf in the hallway, for example, by the mirror. Put any attribute of the New Year in the middle, a safe candle or fill it with sweets and tangerines.

Even a small wreath in the hallway will decorate it for the New Year. At the same time, it is not necessary to buy a Christmas wreath in the store, it is better to make it yourself.

Best DIY Christmas Decorations

To make Christmas decorations and decor for the hallway with your own hands, you will need soft copper or aluminum wire, fir branches and your imagination. Self–production of home decor on the eve of the New Year holidays is an exciting activity for adults and children who create something with their own hands, contribute to the decoration of the apartment, develop a sense of beauty and fine motor skills. If there is an old artificial Christmas tree in the pantry that you have been wanting to replace for a long time, then you can disassemble it to make decorations for the hallway.

If you connect your imagination, then you can make such a Christmas decoration with your own hands.

To create a New Year’s wreath with your own hands, you need to make a circle of wire and wrap it with fir twigs, which are easily fixed with colorful ribbons. Then turn on your imagination, the decor can be supplemented with fake fruits and berries, bells, snowflakes or painted cones. You can make an edible wreath and fill the middle with sweets, tangerines and various sweets.

A New Year’s wreath can be placed on any surface.

This decor can decorate not only the entrance, but also all interior doors in the house, as well as free shelves and window sills.

You can decorate the hallway with Christmas installations instead of the traditional decor.

If one Christmas tree in the living room is quite enough and you want to create an original decoration with your own hands, then feel free to go to the nearest park for branches and cones, they will be very useful to you.

Such an installation will decorate any hallway for the New Year.

As a support for future decoration, you can use a floor vase. Paint the twigs silver, gold or white and hang Christmas tree toys, cones, tinsel or garland on them. Also, you can use sweets, dried rings of oranges, tangerines in combination with cinnamon sticks to supplement. Such an installation will look very beautiful and unusual.

This composition can be used to decorate the New Year’s table and the floor in the hallway.

The wall can be decorated with an original Christmas tree made of any available materials – tinsel and wire wrapped with a garland, an avant-garde composition of cinnamon sticks or wood, complemented by fragrant tangerines. Also, a forest beauty can be made from sweets, fruits and berries, which are fixed on the surface with adhesive tape.

How to decorate a mirror in the hallway for the New Year

At New Year’s fairs, a variety of stickers are sold that can be used to decorate the surface, but you don’t have to get too carried away and leave a free space so that guests can look at themselves before leaving.

Even children can make such a mirror decoration in the hallway.

Mirrors are decorated around the perimeter, for this you can use a multi-colored LED strip or garland. In the corners, you can fix a few paper snowflakes or a figurine of New Year’s symbols.

If aspiring artists live in the house, you can entrust the design of the mirror to them, they will complement the surface with painted fir twigs, toys and snowflakes.

Beautiful ornaments on the mirror in the hallway are easily created independently.

Often, we pay little attention to the hallway, but in vain, it is this small room that creates the first impression among friends and relatives about the hospitality of the hosts. Decorating an apartment for the New Year should begin with the front door and end with a bathroom, then the festive mood will be felt in every corner of the house.

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