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Bedroom decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

On New Year’s Eve, I so want to forget about the daily routine, plunge headlong into the magical world. The special decor, which carries the charm and joy of a winter fairy tale, helps to create the right mood in the house. As a rule, the main attention is paid to the living room, kitchen,… Read More »

Bedroom with study area: design ideas and tips

The size of modern apartments often force owners to make rooms that combine different functionality. And the growing trend towards the spread of remote operation mode only contributes to this. For example, no one is surprised by the workplaces equipped in the bedroom, if there is no separate special office. How to equip the study… Read More »

Bedroom in a private house: design ideas and tips

About 30% of the entire life span people spend in sleep. Most specialists involved in chronobiology, exploring sleep as a scientific category, agree that a lot of conditions that coincide with each other are required for a good rest. A tastefully decorated bedroom design in a private house will help to solve several seemingly incompatible… Read More »

White bedroom: design and decor ideas

The white interior has long been considered a sign of luxury. It is enough to recall the halls of palaces and mansions of the nobility, richly decorated with stucco and gilding. Today, this color is increasingly rare in the interior, it is considered too expensive and impractical. And in vain. Now we will look at… Read More »