Decor ideas for Christmas and New Year

By | December 6, 2022

The most magical holiday is approaching, we expect the best changes from it and want to leave the troubles behind. A rare house is not decorated for this night, attention is paid to every surface, because, celebrating the New Year, you will live with it for the next 12 months.

A New Year’s mood can be created in any room.

A selection of the best ideas of designers will help to decorate the apartment in a classic or original style, the choice is yours.

What can be used to decorate a room for the New Year

Holiday fairs start working a month before the celebration, but this does not mean that you need to go there right away and buy the decor you like. Most of the decorations can be made by yourself, and the products on the New Year’s counters can give an idea that is worth borrowing.

Most of the decorations for the New Year can be created with your own hands.

Of course, buying classic garlands, tinsel and toys is inevitable, but the original balls can be made independently from threads and glue. If children live in the house, this simplifies the process of preparing for the New Year: they will make most of the toys for the Christmas tree and snowflakes on the windows themselves, only you need to teach them. Spending time together in the evenings will bring the family closer and make it friendlier.

Children will help with the preparation of snowflakes for decorating the room for the New Year.

Choosing a Christmas tree for the New Year’s room

The main festive attribute needs free space, and if there is none, you have to be content with small models on the dining table or shelves. A big beautiful Christmas tree in the room is wonderful, there is a place to put gifts to Santa Claus, and by itself it creates a festive mood.

Most of us want a big Christmas tree in the room for the New Year.

But if the place does not allow, and you want a forest beauty, then you should pay attention to wall and ceiling models. The Christmas tree, which is fixed on a vertical surface, looks no less elegant and much more spectacular. Such a composition can be created independently, it is enough to prepare a base in the form of a board and fresh tree branches that are glued. You can decorate your work with traditional toys and garlands.

Wall-mounted Christmas trees can be used in any room.

Ceiling Christmas trees will be able to free up space in the room as much as possible. The trees, fixed with the top down, look very original.

An original composition in the form of a Christmas tree made of balloons in the room for the New Year.

You can also create a ceiling composition of balloons, cones, garlands and tinsel.

Window decoration in the room for the New Year

Pasted snowflakes, hanging garlands and tinsel figurines often act as decor. If you want something unusual, consider the option with applications. It will not be difficult to print a drawing suitable for the holiday on white paper, and children can cut it out. All elements are easily glued to the glass with a soap solution.

The application on the window is able to decorate any room for the New Year.

Recently, LED curtains have been gaining popularity, which are able to shimmer with different colors and their combinations – such a design will look organically next to a decorated Christmas tree.

LED curtains can become the main decoration of the room for the New Year.

Do not forget about the window sill either. You can create a composition of fir branches, balloons, decorative candles and figurines with New Year symbols.

To decorate the windowsill, any compositions of fir branches, fruits and sweets are suitable.

You can make a “sweet windowsill”, which will be decorated with a basket with traditional tangerines, sweets and chocolate, complemented by snowmen, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

How to decorate interior doors for the New Year

If traditional Christmas wreaths, socks and bells are no longer impressive, designers recommend showing imagination.

New Year interior doors are another reason for a festive mood.

Create a Christmas tree on the surface of the interior door from tinsel, cut out a snowman from a paper and decorate it with infused carrots, sweet cookie buttons and hang tangerines instead of traditional balls and stars – children will be delighted with such abundance.

How to decorate the walls in the room for the New Year

If there is no free time to devote to the surface of the walls, you can limit yourself to drawing patterns from tinsel and garlands, voluminous congratulatory inscriptions that are sold in a wide variety.

This New Year’s decoration of the room is done simply and quickly.

But creative people who want to create something unusual on the wall can be helped by creative design ideas. Sort out family photos and assemble a garland of the best and funniest, which can be supplemented with drawings of children for the New Year and crafts.

Family photos in the form of a Christmas garland on the wall of the room – it is original and improves the mood.

Instead of decoration, you can use a projection with changing subjects or decorate the wall with thematic images.

Projection can become the main decoration of the room for the New Year.

Christmas decoration of the ceiling in the room

You can use traditional tinsel and toys, and you can also use a garland and a projector. Luminous lamps in the form of icicles, snowflakes and stars can complement the ceiling chandelier, and if it is made of crystal, then the beautiful effect will increase.

The chandelier will be a wonderful addition to the Christmas tree if it sparkles with New Year’s icicles and snowflakes.

Projectors are gaining popularity now, they can create a starry sky, a Christmas tree or Santa Claus with a Snow Maiden on the surface without additional decor, so having such a device in the house means that you can create an unforgettable and beautiful holiday.

Projection can enhance festive New Year’s impressions.

Decorating the room with Christmas compositions

In any house you can find a small basket or vase, which can be decorated with spruce twigs, ribbons and tinsel. You can fill the middle with sweets and fruits, put candles or a lamp in the form of a flashlight or Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Such New Year’s compositions are easily created from what is in the house.

At the same time, you do not need to spend money on accessories, but to make such a decoration from what is in the house.

Features of the design of different rooms for the New Year

When decorating a house or apartment for a holiday, people pay more attention to the living room where the family gathers, but after all, the celebration can last more than one night, many relatives and friends stay with the owners for several days. Every room needs a New Year’s atmosphere to prolong the feeling of a fairy tale and a good mood. The living room can be decorated in all possible ways in the maximum amount, but in the bedroom it is worth observing the measure.

You can decorate the living room in any way with an abundance of Christmas decorative elements.

The advice of designers will help to keep the festive mood for a long time and at the same time give the opportunity to take a break from festive events.

How to decorate a bedroom for the New Year

The bedroom does not need an abundance of bright lights, flowers and a variety of decor, it is better to decorate it with the greenery of a Christmas tree, and if it is natural, it will contribute to a good rest after the holiday.

The bedroom should not shine with an abundance of New Year’s decor, a Christmas tree and several toys are enough.

For decoration, you can use wreaths on the walls and long compositions of tinsel. The LED curtain will look great in the bedroom. If there is a wardrobe with mirrored surfaces in the room, you can decorate them with applications or drawings in the New Year theme, glue homemade snowflakes or hang Christmas socks for gifts.

New Year’s textiles will decorate any bedroom.

Lay a beautiful bedspread on the bed with the image of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, snowmen, deer or a winter forest – it will remind you of the New Year for a long time, while not tiring your eyes and nervous system with an abundance of bright details.

Decoration of the children’s room for the New Year

A mandatory attribute of the holiday in the room should be a Christmas tree, while you need to make sure that it is safe and firmly fixed. For small children, you can consider a wall or ceiling option so that the child cannot reach the New Year’s beauty and get hurt.

Such a New Year’s decoration of the children’s room will keep the child’s sense of celebration for a long time.

Decorating a room is better to do together with children, for them it is an exciting activity that develops a sense of beauty and fine motor skills. And it does not matter that the snowflakes will not match the size and ideal shapes, the main thing is that they should be made together with their parents.

All Christmas decorations in the children’s room should be safe. The wall can be decorated with a safe garland, on which to hang small surprise bags, then children will be able to tear them off, receive a small gift and bring the New Year closer every day.

How to decorate the kitchen for the New Year

Most of the preparations for the holiday take place in this room, so you should not occupy the working surfaces of the kitchen set with a Christmas tree and decor. You can limit yourself to a live dwarf plant, which are sold in flower shops – this will create a proper atmosphere and will not take up much space.

The kitchen is decorated with Christmas trees and garlands.

The main decor can be created on the window – it can be sweets and fruits in baskets decorated with fir twigs. Applique on glass in a New Year theme, tinsel hanging on the windowsill, as well as a glowing garland.

Often the decoration of the kitchen is limited to the window sill.

Do not forget about the small details for the New Year’s table – this is a tablecloth and napkins, plates decorated with thematic drawings, decorative vases made of multicolored glass and beautiful candlesticks that will complement the holiday with a living fire and warmth.

Even if there are no children in the house who are sincerely happy about the New Year, create a holiday for yourself. By decorating your house, you can cheer up and strengthen faith in magic, and it will definitely happen if you wait for it.

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