Simple ideas for Christmas office decoration: step-by-step instructions from designers

By | December 11, 2022

The end of the year is a difficult period for each team – a lot needs to be completed before a long weekend, and, as a rule, everyone is in a hurry and nervous. How to prepare the office for the main holiday in such an atmosphere, and it is necessary to do this, because we want to celebrate it together, and we deserve it.

Corporate ethics rarely forbids the celebration of the New Year to any team, and most of us will need useful tips from designers on preparing the premises for the celebration.

How to plan office decoration for Christmas and New Year

A small office with 20-30 employees simplifies the task of organizing a holiday, but if you strictly follow the plan, then the number of people in the team does not matter. Of course, you can contact a special service that holds special events and will take care of everything, but most teams prefer to prepare for the New Year on their own.

If there is enough free space in the office, then a Christmas tree to the ceiling will be quite appropriate.

The discussion of organizational events, the choice of decor and dishes on the table brings the team together, which means that the holiday will be held in a friendly atmosphere, after which we will look forward to going to work.

A large team needs a bonding factor – office decoration will unite employees.

Making a plan for the New Year’s office decoration with colleagues

Christmas office decor is a little different from home decoration, here you need to choose a certain concept that will be approved by the majority of employees. Therefore, it is worth creating a creative group right away and it is desirable that it has the skills to organize holidays. The more creative the room will be decorated for the New Year, the better.

It is necessary to discuss in advance in what style the office will be decorated. The Christmas tree, of course, has not been canceled, but the ceiling, walls, windows and doors can be decorated in different ways.

If the creative group does not have enough ideas, then you can turn to the advice of professional designers and choose the option that will be optimal for your office, based on the free space not occupied by computer desks and other furniture.

It is advisable to pay attention to all surfaces in the office when decorating for the New Year.

Budget for decorations for Christmas and New Year

Which Christmas office design to choose depends directly on the budget. Choosing an office design concept for the New Year, you can find out how much money you will need to implement it. It would be great if the management took over the costs of the festive event.

If the office has been in existence for several years, then surely it already has a holiday box in which you need to conduct an audit and determine what needs to be purchased.

Cleaning the office before decorating for Christmas and New Year

Before wet cleaning of surfaces, it is necessary to disassemble shelves, cabinets and computer desks from old papers, then the New Year will begin with order.

How to choose a style for Christmas office decoration

The design of the room for the holiday largely determines what the organization does. In recent years, many offices have been decorated in corporate colors, for example, if it is blue, then tinsel and garland should be bought with an abundance of this shade.

Corporate colors are often used in Christmas decor.

Usually, the Christmas decoration of the premises is started a few days before the holiday in order to create a festive atmosphere for employees and visitors, so there is no need to overdo it when choosing decor. The abundance of bright details tires the eyes and distracts from the workflow.

When decorating the office for the New Year, you need to observe moderation.

To begin with, you can install small Christmas trees on office desks, decorate windows and entrance doors, hang garlands on the ceiling and install a large Christmas tree for employees just before the holiday.

Christmas decoration of computer desks should be minimized so as not to distract employees from the workflow.

How to decorate an office for Christmas and New Year

Most modern offices are limited to traditional Christmas decorations. Decorating the office for Christmas and New Year, it is important to pay attention to each room. The more creative the idea, the better, if it is agreed with the management of the company.

The unusual decor of the office will be remembered by visitors, and most of them will want to “plunge” into the kind and friendly atmosphere of your organization once again.

How to decorate windows for Christmas and New Year

Glass surfaces in offices have a fairly large area, so it’s better to start decorating with them.

Christmas window decoration in the office.

If the budget allows, you can order holiday blinds for windows that can hang until spring. Simple designs are decorated brightly and very beautifully, can have a three-dimensional pattern on the surface and will not require wasting time on cutting out snowflakes and Christmas figures. Windows can be decorated with purchased applications, which are easily glued to the surface and also removed after the holiday.

To save the holiday budget, employees can make decorations themselves, which will look no less festive.

Such Christmas decorations can be made independently.

There are a lot of windows in the office, so it is better to prepare stencils in advance for cutting out snowflakes, animal figures, winter houses and snowmen.

How to decorate doors for Christmas and New Year

Designers advise not to get carried away with an abundance of bright details and snowflakes to decorate this surface. It is enough to hang a festive wreath on the front door of the office, and the perimeter of the box can be framed with fir branches with a garland that will attract the attention of customers with bright lights.

Bright Christmas decoration of the entrance group can attract new customers to the office.

You can hang bells, several unbreakable toys or bows on interior doors, but it is better to abandon bright tinsel and garlands so as not to distract the attention of visitors and employees from the workflow.

Interior doors in the office do not need an abundance of Christmas decorations.

How to decorate walls for Christmas and New Year

To decorate surfaces, you can show imagination and creativity. Fix a Christmas tree made of tinsel on the wall, and add balloons and small toys – this is a classic in Christmas decoration. Also, the New Year’s symbol can be made from natural tree branches and cones painted in different colors.

The composition will be complemented by classic snowflakes, stars and congratulatory inscriptions. Bright glowing garlands are not welcome in the office – it can cause eye fatigue and distract, and no one has canceled the workflow yet. Therefore, the decoration of the wall can be a set of photos from past holidays, New Year’s cards or beautiful greetings written on multicolored paper.

Bright garlands can be placed in corridors and non-working offices, where they can be used to create a symbolic Christmas tree on the wall that will not interfere with anyone.

For New Year’s decoration of the walls in the office, you can show imagination and use improvised materials.

How to decorate the ceiling for Christmas and New Year

Few people pay attention to this surface during work, so you can decorate it as much as possible with bright tinsel, Christmas tree toys and balloons in different shapes.

To decorate the office ceiling for the New Year, you can use any compositions.

“Rain decorations” are often made on the ceiling, when all the free space from lighting fixtures is covered with hanging multicolored ribbons.

Christmas tree

If the office is small, then you will have to be content with a small Christmas tree installed on a computer desk.

Christmas tree in the office space.

With enough free space, you can install a Christmas tree to the ceiling and, in addition to classic toys, decorate it in the theme of the workflow.

A classic Christmas tree in the office can be supplemented with thematic details. You can complement the Christmas tree with photos of all employees, small surprise boxes so that everyone can take it off at a special event.

Creative Christmas tree in the New Year office.

How to use nice little things to decorate for Christmas and New Year

It is worth budgeting a small amount for small details that will cheer up colleagues and will remain as a souvenir while standing on a computer desk. Such a Christmas trifle as a small figure of the symbol of the year will be pleasant to any office employee.

The team will also be pleased with a set of mugs with congratulatory inscriptions, then the celebration of the New Year will be remembered with warmth. And if a Santa Claus mailbox is installed in the office, then each employee can write congratulations to his colleagues, which can be read at the New Year’s celebration. Such an installation in the office will not leave anyone indifferent and will create a festive New Year mood.

Any office space needs to be decorated for the New Year and the more decor is done with your own hands, the warmer the atmosphere in the team will be. Then the employees will remember this holiday for a long time and will leave for the weekend in a good mood.

Christmas and New Year decor stimulates the workflow of employees.

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