Bedroom with study area: design ideas and tips

By | November 28, 2022

The size of modern apartments often force owners to make rooms that combine different functionality. And the growing trend towards the spread of remote operation mode only contributes to this. For example, no one is surprised by the workplaces equipped in the bedroom, if there is no separate special office.

How to equip the study area in the bedroom

First of all, it is necessary to determine where the bed will be located, and where the work table is. Is it possible to combine them into a complex or to arrange them in opposite sides?

There are different variations of the furniture arrangement, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. We recommend paying attention to popular placement methods:

  • Facing the window opening, so that there is a place to sleep behind your back. This will create a great atmosphere for work.
  • Side to the window. In this case, the bed can be connected to the work desk.
  • On the side of the sleeping place, you can place a work table if the room is very small. So the passage to the door will be free.

At the same time, we do not recommend placing a work table at the foot of the bed. This will only lead to a loss of free space, plus it is difficult to work fully, constantly looking at the bed. To install a table in the headboard is only necessary, having previously installed a partition for the ceiling. Otherwise, there will be difficulties similar to the first option.

Zoning with a partition.

Location of the bed in the bedroom

Of course, the main object in the bedroom is the bed and it is important to position it correctly. Then the design solution of the room will retain functionality. The design of the room should begin with the installation of furniture.

A small room creates difficulties in placing furniture. We recommend that you think over the location so that in the case of a slightly open door, the head of the sleeper is not visible. Otherwise, an incorrectly positioned sleeping place will create an anxious, unprotected atmosphere during sleep.

Recommended furniture placement options:

  • Diagonally from the door. This way the passage will be visible, but the light from the doorway will not interfere. At the same time, sleeping in bed will be calm and safe.
  • In the corner that is formed between the window and the entrance to the room. The bed, located in this way, can be approached from different sides. But in this case, the corner will not be involved, which is bad for a small room.

At the same time, we do not recommend placing the sleeping place with the head part or sideways to the window opening. In this case, a draft, noises from the street will interfere with a full sleep. In addition, there are heating batteries under the window, which also does not contribute to rest.

When installing a bed in the corner of the room, the approach to it from one side will be limited. It is also not worth installing the bed with your feet to the door. This will not give you a quiet rest, because it creates an uncomfortable atmosphere.

It is necessary that both areas in the bedroom are comfortable. The double bed in the bedroom should be positioned so that it can be approached from three sides.

Installing the door

Not everyone pays attention to the fact that the direction of the door opening is an important factor. Therefore, it is important to analyze and decide how it will happen inside or out.

If the door leaf is directed inward to the wall, this will maximize the useful space of the room.

When ordering doors, it is important to provide for the presence of a lock for locking from the inside, as well as a limiter that prevents impacts on furniture and walls.

Installing air conditioning in the bedroom

Installing an air conditioner in the bedroom requires special attention. The device must have a silent mode, filters, and also be positioned correctly. First of all, the flow of cold air should not be directed at the face. Of course, the device cannot be installed under the cabinet or near the heating system.

Finding the right location assumes that a functioning air conditioner will not interfere during sleep and will create suitable conditions during work. We recommend paying attention to the following factors:

  • Installing an air conditioner above the entrance is suitable if the sleeping place is directed with its feet to the door, and the workplace is not in the flow of cold air.
  • Installation above the bed on the side will cause cold air to pass through the legs. Then the desktop should be installed in line with the bed.
  • On the side of the sleeping place, you can install the device if the room is spacious. Then the flow will be directed perpendicular to the bed along the legs.
  • Mounting the device in front of the sleeping place is not an appropriate solution. The air will be directed into the sleeping person’s face.
  • Installing an air conditioner opposite the bed from the side is also undesirable. After all, in this case, cool air is directed to the head of the sleeper.

If it is not possible to choose the correct location, then it is worth paying attention to devices that can direct cold streams in different directions. But even in this case, you should not leave the air conditioner on at night.


The days when the chandelier was the basic lighting in the room are long gone. Now the lighting system of the room includes a variety of devices for illumination. Therefore, for a bedroom with a study area, two separate zones with lighting devices are required. We advise you to pay attention to the following details:

  • As a basic light source, you can use chandeliers or groups of spotlights, making an original composition.
  • Decorative lamps in the form of LEDs, which are sewn into niches of different levels. With their help, you can beautifully emphasize the decorative details of the interior.
  • Sources of intimate lighting in the form of nightlights, bed lighting or lamps in the form of candles.
  • Lamps for the desktop are necessary. These should not be excessively bright lamps. Otherwise, your eyes will get tired too quickly.

The best option would be to provide different types of lighting. In this case, it will be as comfortable as possible to use the room.

A bedroom with a study area requires more electrical outlets. Therefore, this factor should be provided in advance. We recommend that you first outline the areas where the electrical outlets will be located. First of all, devices are needed next to the bedside table, workplace, cabinets, TV, etc.

Storage places in the bedroom-study

In the bedroom you can place a spacious dressing room or a comfortable wardrobe. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the dressing room requires a lot of space, it is not suitable for any room. We advise you to study the following recommendations beforehand:

  • Sliding mirrored compartment doors at the moment of opening will not occupy a free area in the room, while reflecting and visually expanding the space.
  • If the room is large, you can equip the dressing room with the full width of the room. This will allow you to make a harmonious layout without unnecessary corners.
  • The price of the door and shelves for mounting the storage system will be much cheaper than the whole cabinet.
  • If you trim the dressing room door to match the color of the room, it will make it invisible.
  • A small room will not allow you to install a dressing room. Two doors will create difficulties when moving around the room. At the same time, a cramped dressing room will not allow it to be used for its intended purpose.
  • At the time of creating the bedroom layout, a socket for the closet should be provided. The backlight will make its use very comfortable.

We recommend paying attention to the following storage locations:

  • Dressers are suitable for storing underwear, towels, and home clothes.
  • Bedside tables near the bed will be useful in order to put a phone, a book, a cream and so on.
  • The space under the bed can also be used to advantage. There are beds that initially have a storage box. Otherwise, you can purchase special containers or baskets.
  • The makeup table can also be equipped with special containers. They can accommodate cosmetics, care products, and so on.
  • You will also need special storage spaces on your desktop.


The mirror in the bedroom, in addition to the main function, expands the space of the room, reflects light and makes the room more cozy. We recommend placing it in the headboard. This will allow you not to be afraid of silhouettes in the dark.

In front of the sleeping place, you should not attach a mirror. This will create uncomfortable sleeping conditions. It is also not worth attaching it to the ceiling.

Thus, it is not difficult to equip the study area in the bedroom. However, it is important to calculate and analyze many factors beforehand. The two zones should be harmoniously combined, while not interfering with each other.

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