Pastel blue bedroom: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

It is these two properties that distinguish the bedroom in a blue color scheme from the general range of design ideas. Being in a bedroom with such a design, you almost physically feel a slight fleur of cleanliness, coolness and freshness. In addition, the advantage of this color range is the ability to relax the body, instill confidence and an optimistic outlook on life, calm and pacify the emotional sphere of the person in the room.

The blue color palette is preferred by designers who practice creating light and bright interiors in a modern style. Using the compatibility of tones, you can get a very interesting result.


Bedrooms decorated in a blue palette are in demand by many consumers, but few people know about the effects created by it:

  • The blue color forms in the subconscious of a person the desire for stability in relationships and life;
  • In a blue room, the impression of special lightness of breathing, the fullness of the room with clean fresh air is created;
  • This color of the bedroom relaxes and makes it possible to fall asleep quickly, which means that it allows the body to recover after a hard day or stressful situations;
  • The tenderness and lightness of light blue shades can replace the pink scale, so beloved by girls at a tender age;
  • With an excess of blue tone, the bedroom, even without losing its comfort, can be perceived as cold.

Blue shades of the color palette applied to large surfaces can simplify the interior.

Color combinations

The absence of any aggression, a subconscious association with the purity and depth of the sky, the serenity of a calm water surface are decisive in the question of the compatibility of blue with other color shades. There is a wide variety of shades of this blue spectrum color palette. Among them there are tones close to both blue: azure and ultramarine, and green.

The elegance of the blue color makes the bedroom design free from pomposity and pretentiousness. The main thing is to combine it correctly with partner shades. These can be creamy, coffee, beige, juicy tones of green. Based on the psychology of blue, we can safely say that the following color combinations will also give an excellent effect when creating a bedroom interior:

Suitable shades of blue for bedroom decoration.

Bright, deep, saturated shades are perfect for a bright blue color.

For example, in a bedroom decorated in a minimalist style using blue, a combination with a cream shade will look great.

In order to avoid some boredom of the interior, it is enough to place lemon-colored objects.

Pastel blue color is a classic of design solutions. Its use presupposes the presence of harmonious, visually pleasing traditional combinations of shades in the interior.

The blue-white combination is one of the most ideal. Antique porcelain looks especially beautiful in such a room. When the bedroom is oriented to the south, such a combination with the help of sunlight will not make the room visually cold.

To create a high-tech interior, a combination of gray-blue shades is best suited. Chrome furniture elements, glass and other modern materials will complement the color scheme.

This color palette is well suited to the Mediterranean style, reminding of the sea, the boundless sky and the stone beach.

Another trend option is a combination of tones and shades of azure. It will make the room sophisticated and elegant.

A combination of shades of beige and blue palette will help to warm up in the comfort of the bedroom. Lightness, lightness, warmth – all this is combined in this range of colors.

Spring greenery on a blue background is one of the most noble combinations. In such an interior, it’s nice to fall asleep and wake up without problems.

Combinations of blue shades with orange, pink, yellow will add creativity to the bedroom. The room will become juicy and bright.

Bedroom design

The materials that you plan to use to create a cozy bedroom should support the overall concept.

The ceiling can be stretched or simply plastered. The main thing is that its color is white. In a room with low ceilings, glossy canvases are quite appropriate. High ceilings will allow the use of multi-level plasterboard structures in the ceiling design. If a pastel blue color was chosen for the ceiling color, then white elements in the form of monograms, clouds and floral ornaments can be placed on it as an accent.

The walls can be covered with wallpaper with floral motifs or covered with textured plaster.

Decoration of wall surfaces with moldings, which will be a good accent on a heavenly or azure background.

Light and warm shades of natural materials used as flooring will look nice in a bedroom with a blue interior.


The blue background suggests the purchase of furniture made of natural materials: wood or wood, the color range of which is from pale cream to chocolate. It will soften the coldness and give comfort to the bedroom. Glass, silver and mirror elements on the cabinets will look very advantageous.

But the furniture surfaces of cabinets, dressers and bedside tables of red or red color in a blue bedroom will be out of place. A great addition to the bedroom interior will be white or gray furniture. The monochrome of the blue and white room will dilute the bed with a colored headboard or a dark sleeping bed. This will bring a bit of brightness into the room.


Textiles, with the right approach to its choice, can give the bedroom a unique look. The bedspread placed on the bed in light, almost cold tones enhances the feeling of coolness and freshness in the room.

The different texture of the window drapery material can change its color depending on the illumination of the room, which gives the bedroom a certain dynamic.

Carpet, pillows and blankets in beige tones will add warmth, comfort and tenderness to the atmosphere.

The main color tone will help to emphasize paintings, panels, mirrors. Large indoor plants will also be appropriate in the bedroom.

Interior design style

The classic style of the interior of such a bedroom will amaze at the same time with its grandiosity and restraint. Light furniture on carved legs, a wide bed, a carved, figured headboard, a gold or silver pattern on the wallpaper framed by a blue background – all this looks very majestic and rich.

Minimal decor, unusual texture and form of furniture, bright accent inclusions of textiles make the familiar interior sound in a new way.

The Provence style echoes the maritime style, in which shades of white and blue in various combinations are supported by attributes suitable for the topic: shells of various sizes, steering wheels, striped wallpaper, textiles.

In such a bedroom, it is easy to breathe and you can fall asleep perfectly.

Light shades of blue are also suitable for a Scandinavian-style bedroom. They visually add space to the created interior.

It is easy to breathe and it is possible to fall asleep perfectly in such a blue bedroom.


If you want to create a stylish and concise bedroom in your apartment or house yourself, take into account a few recommendations and tips from experienced designers. In this case, the result of your efforts and labors will be positive.

  • Observe harmony in the combination of all the shades found in the room, with each other and with the blue color.
  • Very dark decor elements and furniture will create some congestion of the bedroom atmosphere.
  • The choice of colors should be made taking into account the orientation to the cardinal directions. Different tones of blue color will balance the atmosphere of the room.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment, the blue color is not afraid of extraordinary solutions that can become the highlight of the created interior.
  • In a small bedroom, decorative elements and accessories of an intense blue palette will look good. And such a rich color of the walls can disrupt the emotional state of the owner for the worse.
  • Dark blue walls of a large room with panoramic windows or a balcony will give the interior comfort and elegance.
  • The bed is the central piece of bedroom furniture and the main element of the interior. Therefore, it is better to place it in the center of the room.
  • In a small space of the bedroom, it is quite appropriate to use a transformer bed, which is cleaned for a day in a closet, sofa or podium.
  • In order to emphasize the visual coolness of blue shades, it is advisable to choose products of a warm wood scale.
  • Snow-white and beige furniture is most suitable for a pastel blue bedroom interior.
  • When choosing wallpaper, textiles, bed linen, try to make the background on them the same. This will create a harmonious combination of all the elements of the decor.
  • If there are photos or paintings on the bedroom walls, then their illumination will give some depth to the room.
  • In addition to the bright headboard, the monochrome of the pastel blue bedroom can be diluted with accent bright wallpaper.
  • Moldings or monochrome wallpaper with a pattern can visually expand the space of the room.

We hope that these recommendations and tips will help to create the most comfortable blue interior for you in the bedroom.

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