Bedroom with a baby cot: design ideas and tips

By | December 1, 2022

Waiting for an addition to the family is an exciting and happy period filled with pleasant chores. One of the first tasks that future parents solve concerns the arrangement of a bedroom with the mandatory purchase of a baby cot. The first months and years after birth, the child is highly dependent on adults. He needs the presence of mom and dad next to him, so do not rush to identify him in a private room.

Experts recommend installing a baby cot in the room where the parents sleep: this way the baby feels protected, comfortable, and the mother is less worried and tired. In addition, living conditions may develop in such a way that it is impossible to provide a separate room. Therefore, it is very important to design a shared bedroom so that it is comfortable and cozy.

Requirements for a sleeping area for a child in the bedroom

A comfortable sleeping area is the key to a strong, sweet sleep of the baby and his health, which automatically implies a calm environment for all family members.

What rules should parents consider when choosing a crib, related accessories and other bedroom furniture?

  • A separate cot is required. Even if the mother plans to sleep together with the baby, it is much more convenient and safer to put him, if necessary, in a crib equipped with protective walls.
  • It is worth considering the presence of a changing table, as well as a small chest of drawers or a locker for children’s things.
  • All materials must be environmentally friendly, safe: cotton, natural wool, if there are no allergies, linen and silk, wood, high-quality plastic, metal protected by textile screens.
  • There should be no sharp corners, dangerously protruding elements on the crib.
  • In addition to high backs, furniture should be equipped with removable or stationary side walls, which are a lattice or mesh structure.
  • The mattress should be moderately rigid, elastic, ensuring an even position of the body during sleep. But parents are increasingly abandoning side soft screens because they are unsafe and are an additional source of dust.
  • It is necessary to provide free space from the parents’ bed to the baby’s sleeping place, so that even in a half-asleep state it is possible to quickly get to it.
  • The crib is best placed with the headboard against one of the walls – so the child feels more protected. You can equip a canopy or a sliding screen, which will create a feeling of a cozy nest.

When dealing with the equipment of the room, you should limit the number of house plants. Too saturated aromas of flowers can negatively affect the condition of the baby, and their pollen can cause an allergic reaction. You need to complement the bedroom interior with flowers gradually and very carefully, especially with regard to the space next to the crib.

Zoning of a bedroom with a baby cot

It’s great if the parent bedroom has a sufficient area, and you can easily equip it with a separate corner for the baby. But, not everyone can boast of spacious houses or apartments. Proper zoning of the space allows you to harmoniously distribute the necessary things.

It is also important to adhere to the design originally chosen for the room. You can complement the strict classics with playful ruffles or color the Scandinavian style with bright patterns. But, it is not necessary to combine elements that are strikingly different in their style.

First of all, you should make a plan. The arrangement of furniture in the room can be different. The main condition is that zoning should provide its own space, albeit small, for the child and parents.

  • If the area of the room allows, it is worth allocating part of the space by installing a partition. So the child and parents will have their own small room. To do this, you can use a drywall wall, a chest of drawers, a closet or a shelving. It is not necessary to install furniture with shelves on which something is standing or lying close to the crib – from an accidental concussion, things can fall and cause injury.
  • If the size of the apartment does not allow you to make a partition, there is another great option for creating separate zones – use screens, canopies or blackout curtains. Such zoning creates a wonderful effect of a cozy space.

If the option with partitions is unacceptable for some reason, there are several other simple ways to visually highlight the zones. To do this, use color and lighting solutions, decorative elements.

A bedroom with a nursery in one room.

Choosing a place for a crib in the bedroom

The arrangement of furniture in the room should take into account the interests of all family members, as well as prospects for the future. Children grow up and move into their own rooms.

Therefore, cardinal alterations in the room should not be carried out – in 1-3 years it will be necessary to return everything to its former form. The main object in the bedroom is a large bed on which mom and dad sleep. It should stay that way.

To place children’s furniture, you can use one of the popular options:

  • The crib is usually placed next to the parent’s bed, along it or across, on the side where mom usually sleeps. Sometimes there is a narrow passage between pieces of furniture. You can install a bedside table, a chair or a small table.
  • A baby cot can be installed by moving it tightly to the parent bed and removing the fence. The convenience of such an installation is that the child sleeps next to his mother, she does not need to jump up and run to feed him at night. The disadvantage is the tightness, the risk of a blow in the dark, as well as the inconvenience of making beds.
  • You can install a baby cot opposite the parent’s bed against the wall, which allows you to watch the baby without getting out of bed, and access to it is open from three sides.
  • A good option is the location in one of the corners. Best of all – far from the door, so as not to disturb the baby during sleep.
  • If the room is spacious enough, parents sleep on a folding sofa, or a bed that can be removed into a wall or closet, you can arrange a sleeping place in the center or leaving a narrow passage along the far wall. The main advantage of this arrangement is that you can approach from any side.

Choosing a place for a baby, you should take into account the presence of windows and doors. Make sure that it does not get direct rays of the sun or the heat of batteries, electric heaters, it was not in a draft from open vents or air conditioning, near the window or door sashes. Also, it is dangerous to install a crib next to sockets or lighting devices.

How to choose a suitable baby cot for the bedroom

There are a lot of ideas on how to arrange a baby cot in the bedroom. First of all, we need high-quality furniture.

What are the requirements for children’s furniture:

  • All parts must be made of natural wood or high-quality chipboard, MDF. Plastic or metal parts are allowed, necessarily equipped with fabric protection.
  • The bottom should be rack-and-pinion to provide the necessary ventilation of the mattress. With a solid sheet of plywood or chipboard, there is a high probability of the appearance of fungus from high humidity.

If the size of the bedroom allows, a breastfeeding chair will not be superfluous. In it, mom feels as comfortable as possible. The load on the spine and arms is removed. Preference should be given to flock upholstery – it is unpretentious in care.

In addition, it is desirable to have a children’s play area. At first, a small playground with a playpen and toys is enough.

Design of a bedroom with a baby cot

Design of the bedroom walls with a baby cot

What should be the design of the walls of the bedroom in which you plan to place a baby cot? Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the finish.

It is necessary to use only materials that are safe for the baby and nursing mother:

  • Paper and non-woven (cellulose) wallpaper. Fabric options made of linen or a tourniquet are also possible, but you will have to take care of regular cleaning from dust.
  • Decorative plaster with various textures, ceramics.
  • Painting with latex or water-based paints.

All these materials do not emit harmful substances, do not cause allergic reactions. They serve for a long time, and do not require special care.

The color of the main coating is better to choose neutral, light:

  • white-grayish, light beige;
  • pinkish or the color of melted milk;
  • bluish-frosty;
  • light green;
  • peach or agave shade.

If the bedroom was originally decorated in too bright, red or, conversely, darkly dark tones, it is better to make a small repair by the time the baby is born.

The playground for the baby can be distinguished in several ways:

  • original drawings or bright accents, cartoon characters on the wall;
  • a more saturated or lightened basic shade;
  • interesting compositions of flowers, butterflies, animals, patterns or inscriptions;
  • a different color.

To create the desired effect, you can use painting on the wall, another type of wallpaper or plaster, wall panels, other materials.

Interior of a bedroom with a baby cot.

Proper lighting in a bedroom with a baby cot

Proper lighting is very important for the baby and parents:

  • Bright lamps, ceiling chandeliers and the sun should not shine directly into the eyes of the child or dazzle the mother. The main illumination should be located slightly to the side, and the bedside area is equipped with a muted, matte light.
  • During the baby’s sleep, it is necessary to dim the light, including daytime.
  • It is necessary to equip functional illuminated areas: next to the crib, at the changing table and feeding place, a night light or dim illumination.
  • It is better to purchase a ceiling chandelier with the ability to adjust its intensity.

Comfortable day and night lighting creates a cozy, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

Home textiles for a bedroom with a baby cot

Parents need to take care of maximum comfort for the baby. And the choice of textiles for the bedroom plays one of the most important roles.

  • Blackout curtains provide the necessary peace during daytime sleep, dimming the sunlight. A simple design is preferred, without frills, folds and draperies that collect dust on themselves, as well as pleasant, calm colors that will not irritate a sensitive baby.
  • The carpet creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, reduces the noise of footsteps and allows the child to crawl and play safely on the floor. It also has a drawback: the pile collects dust and debris. Therefore, it is better to choose a small carpet with a short pile in the bedroom, which is easy to clean.
  • Blankets and bed linen should be chosen from eco–friendly materials – cotton, linen, silk.

Photo of a bedroom with a baby cot.

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