White bedroom: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The white interior has long been considered a sign of luxury. It is enough to recall the halls of palaces and mansions of the nobility, richly decorated with stucco and gilding. Today, this color is increasingly rare in the interior, it is considered too expensive and impractical. And in vain. Now we will look at all the nuances of the design of a delightful white bedroom. In this article we have included tips and recommendations of experienced design masters.

Psychology of white in the interior

What does this color symbolize? Purity, purity, freshness. Psychologically, it is a feeling of freedom, peace and truth. But psychologists also warn that an overabundance of white can give rise to discomfort, a sense of isolation and infertility, indifference.

The attitude to this color in the apartment, in general, and in the bedroom, in particular, is a difficult question. Let’s leave practicality aside. Psychologically, some people perceive this as a sign of medical institutions and treat it negatively.

Some apartment owners who plan to change the design of the bedroom consider white color without much enthusiasm, but do not exclude this option.

But there is a group of people who associate this universal color with spaciousness, purity, inspiration and a positive emotional charge. Therefore, it is him they want to see when they wake up in the morning in the comfort of their bedroom.

And, of course, before deciding to design a bedroom in white, think about whether this range is suitable for you personally, what associations it causes you. In the meantime, we will weigh the pros and cons of white in the interior.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Absolutely versatile, combined with all colors and shades.
  • Visually expands the space, fills it with air.
  • This color is able to hide architectural flaws.
  • Against its background, the texture of objects becomes more expressive.
  • Contrary to the misconception about the big mark, dust is less noticeable on a white background.
  • White also has a lot of shades, this is the conversation ahead.
  • There are no restrictions for stylistic directions.
  • Does not fade, does not fade in the sun.


  • It can cause a feeling of sterility, boredom.
  • If there is too much white or it is applied incorrectly, it can cause depression.
  • Dust on a white background is less noticeable, but dirt is clearly visible. Therefore, you will have to clean up often.

It is quite obvious that the advantages of this color are much greater, and the disadvantages are conditional. And they are perfectly overcome if you handle the white palette correctly.

Shades of white

  • Porcelain is a soft color with a slightly grayish tint.
  • Frosty white – gives off blueness.
  • Ivory is a very warm color with a yellowish tint.
  • Cream – with a barely noticeable beige shade.
  • Coconut is a matte white color.
  • White chocolate – slightly darker than cream.
  • Alabaster – soft grayish-white.
  • Pearl-white – grayish with a matte sheen.
  • The color of the sea foam is the one from which Venus was born.

The list goes on. As you can see, white has both cold and warm shades. And this means that in any room, with any style, you can use this color.

Color combinations

Undoubtedly, the monochrome white color in the bedroom can spoil the overall impression. However, you can enter shades of companion colors into the palette. This will completely change the perception of the created interior and thoroughly diversify it, bring a zest and individuality.

Choosing the right color combination requires serious study and careful approach. The basis for making color combinations is a color circle divided into 12 parts. There are laws and a special technique for combining suitable shades that allow you to perform some manipulations.

It doesn’t make sense to list what colors white is combined with. With everyone. Let’s focus only on what combinations are favorable for the bedroom.

Let’s look at a few popular options used when creating interiors:

Combinations with blue

With blue – this cool combination, noble and soothing, will fill the bedroom with peace and quiet – and what else is needed for a comfortable stay? Use a cool color combination if the bedroom is on the south side, and a warm one if on the north side.

The combination with blue in the bedroom will become a characteristic feature of the maritime and Mediterranean styles.

The combination with turquoise and aquamarine will give the interior an effect of freshness.

Combinations with pink

Romantic natures will surely like this combination. Use warm tones of white – cream, coconut, you will get a surprisingly gentle, touching atmosphere that disposes to dreaminess.

Combinations with purple

The combination with purple creates an effect of sophistication and luxury in the bedroom interior. In addition, this combination creates an atmosphere of peace, relaxation and full rest.

Combinations with beige

With beige. Warm ivory or white chocolate white is supported by neutral beige. This almost monochrome combination will create a surprisingly warm and cozy aura.

Combinations with green

  • Frosty white combined with light shades of green will turn your bedroom into an oasis of freshness.
  • Dark shades of green combined with white are the epitome of sophistication.

Combinations with red

With red – this combination is full of creativity. White balances the expressiveness of red and a luxurious bright duet is obtained. Such a bedroom may well become the pride of the owners and the decoration of the apartment.

Combinations with black

With black – a breathtakingly elegant combination. These two antagonist colors together look noble and stylish.

It’s not for nothing that many designers love black and white. But when decorating the bedroom in this way, you need to be careful, both of these colors are quite aggressive.

This design is suitable for extraordinary energetic people.

Combinations with yellow

The spirit of creativity in the life of the owners of the apartment will be emphasized by a combination with yellow shades. This enhances the natural lighting in the room in combination with modern stylistic design trends.

Interior design style

Over time, trends in bedroom interior design change. But there are some unshakable traditions that do not disappear, but go through a process of improvement and adaptation to new trends. The white interior is perfectly perceived in any style.

Classic style

Classics – supports the traditions of luxury mansions. The furniture is expensive, made of natural wood, carved and gilded. White furniture looks especially luxurious in this version. Even against the background of white walls. Bright accents, skillfully placed in different places of the room, will help to overcome boredom.

Noble white color and its combination with light shades are the most common in the design of a classic interior. If you use different tones of blue, gray, beige, then the interior will be perceived as snow-white if you organize a certain type of lighting.

The classic bedroom exudes sophistication. Moldings on the walls, baseboards on the ceiling, wallpaper with a discreet elegant pattern, taffeta, silk, satin – all these are characteristic features of the style.

Provence style

Provence – warm shades of white (cream, milk) combined with pink, blue, beige will make the interior romantic and sophisticated. Light curtains on the windows, floral motifs in the decor, the predominance of pastel shades enhance this impression.

The style, having initially a simple rural origin, cannot be attributed to provincial. With visual simplicity, he is the epitome of luxurious sophistication.

A white bedroom in this style is a universal solution for rooms with large windows and orientation to the south and east. With the flow of natural light, white furniture with translucent texture looks amazingly beautiful.

For pastel shades, white becomes an excellent background.

Shabby chic

The romance of shabby chic cannot leave anyone indifferent to this style. An amazing combination of classics with romance, sophistication, sophistication and wealth appears before your eyes.

White is the main color in this style direction. The addition to it can be soft shades of beige, cream, pink or green.

Restored old furniture, similar to the Rococo era, is an integral attribute of this style. Floral ornaments on the decorative elements are a romantic motif. The presence of dark-colored objects is allowed.

Scandinavian style

The snow–white interior breathes frosty freshness – greetings from the European North. A distinctive feature of the style is space and light. The main thing in the room is the feeling of freedom. A Scandinavian-style bedroom doesn’t have to be pure white. The combination with light blue or green colors looks great.

In this style, you can see the features of minimalism: functionality, naturalness, a minimum of furniture and decor items.

The bedroom in white tones, decorated with photo frames made of natural wood, comfortable, though few pieces of furniture, is simply saturated with coziness and comfort.

It is especially pleasant to fall asleep and wake up here, feeling a certain closeness to nature. Therefore, a variety of indoor plants and natural materials are welcome.

Minimalist style

Simplicity, freedom and functionality are the main concept of minimalism. There is no time for prettiness, not to lush decor. The interior should be extremely practical and comfortable. Minimalism is happy to use different shades of white, which makes the room lighter and more airy.

The lightness of the composition and shades, the absence of unnecessary objects, glossy and matte surfaces, and with all this – the full functionality of the interior. It is difficult to describe any other style in such words.

In the style of minimalism, even monochrome white will not look dull.

If desired, it can be diluted with contrasting details in the form of wooden panels or a magnificent floor covering.

Hi-tech style

White is one of the favorite colors in the high-tech style. However, in this case, a contrasting color is necessarily matched to it. This modern style of semitones almost does not recognize. Strict geometric shapes, contrasting combinations. Black and white color scheme with sparkling mirror and chrome surfaces. Such a bedroom will appeal to daring extraordinary natures.

Loft style

White brickwork with the addition of graphite or brick shades – and in front of us is a loft-style bedroom. Such an entourage has many fans. It attracts with its simplicity and the same feeling of freedom.

Such a bedroom will not be left without attention. Industrial style has now become very popular due to its convenience, stylishness, modern orientation.

It is chosen by creative people who value practicality and freedom. The characteristic features are brick and concrete in raw form on the wall surfaces. Deliberate rudeness and brutality of natural materials used for finishing.

It will not be difficult to design a bedroom in this style direction and will not require significant financial investments. The loft-style interior does not require a large amount of finishing materials. That is why it is considered versatile and economical. The interior resembles a stylishly furnished room with unfinished repairs.

White color brings some softness to the interior, leaving the perception of style as a whole unchanged.

Modern style

After hearing the name of the style, you can immediately begin to list its characteristic features: calmness, lightness, simplicity, conciseness.

The above completely defines the white color. Therefore, modern bedrooms are most often decorated in this color scheme.


Rustic styles in the interior like combinations with green or shades of natural wood. The white color has a vanilla or milky hue.

Art Deco style

Art Deco is an eclectic style, to which white walls or furniture will give the luxury so beloved by this direction.

Marine style

A wonderful combination of colors in the interior.

Japanese, fusion, ethnic – there are still a lot of interior design options.

Nuances of the design of a white bedroom

Working on the design of the bedroom in this color requires increased responsibility from the performers in the selection of elements in order for the interior to look advantageous. Designers who are engaged in bedroom interior design know that the white color in this room has both advantages and disadvantages.

The first of them can be safely attributed to:

  • the ability to create a visual space regardless of the area of the room;
  • creating an atmosphere of comfort, freshness and cleanliness, which is successfully used by medical institutions;
  • calming effect on the human psyche, relaxing effect after a hard day’s work.

The disadvantages of this color cannot be avoided:

  • when used in its pure form and only in this case it causes a stable association with a hospital ward;
  • some simplification of the interior;
  • the amount of furniture used should be minimal.

But at the same time, there are a large number of created interiors in which these shortcomings have been successfully eliminated. To dilute the monochrome, designers introduce color accents. An increase in artificial lighting will reduce or completely eliminate the strictness in the bedroom interior.

Finishing of the white bedroom

Snow-white walls visually expand the space, fill it with light and air. The walls can be painted, plastered, covered with wallpaper. An interesting solution would be white brickwork. If you plan to make white walls, be sure to take into account other materials – the floor, ceiling, as well as what kind of furniture will stand in order to choose the right shade of white. And, of course, orientation to the cardinal directions, too. Making all the walls sterile white is not a good idea, it will be difficult for you to get rid of the association with hospital boxing.

It is better to choose a dark floor for white walls – parquet, laminate, parquet board, tile. It will outline the boundaries of the bedroom and can become a spectacular contrast. The white color goes well with the wood. The wooden floor can be supported by decorative panels on the walls or beams on the ceiling.

The white ceiling will make the room even higher and more spacious. The moldings on the ceiling will look very organic in a white bedroom. But this, of course, depends on the chosen style.


Experts believe that a set of furniture for a white bedroom should be minimal. It should contain only the necessary things: a bed, bedside tables, a linen closet in its usual form or a wardrobe that replaces a dressing room. This list can be supplemented with a chest of drawers or a dressing table.

Uniformity is not always present in the surfaces of white bedroom furniture. They can be glossy, matte or coated with a special varnish. The bed in such a bedroom necessarily has a comfortable and comfortable mattress.

The interior may contain elements that contrast in color with light furniture: paintings, carpets, headboards.

Lovers of a completely monochrome interior should purchase all the furniture in white. Such furniture should have certain criteria:

  • purity of lines and shapes;
  • the ability to visually expand the space;
  • practicality;
  • functionality.

The white color of the bedroom will not suffer at all if the furniture has pastel noble shades. Cabinets and beds in ivory or tea rose color will look as luxurious as pure white.

Dark furniture against light walls looks aristocratic and refined.

The furniture in the white bedroom either supports the overall palette, or acts as a contrast to it. The queen of the bedroom is a bed. Put a wooden bed with a high beautiful headboard – it will attract attention and will really reign in the interior. Of course, dark furniture looks very impressive against the background of white walls. But the light one looks no less advantageous. Put white bedside tables or a white chest of drawers next to a dark bed and admire the effect produced.

The wardrobe can play a separate game in this impeccable setting. Mirrored or glossy facades of its doors will add chic to the room. In the bedroom, you can do without a closet, especially if there is not enough space. It will be successfully replaced by a small chest of drawers that can be placed in any free space. Just make sure that you can freely pull out the drawers and open the doors.

What else do you need? Dressing table, armchair or ottomans. They can support the general gamut, or they can act as accents.

Textiles and curtains

Curtains, textiles are what can enliven a monotonous white environment, make it interesting. At the same time, even white curtains with gold elements will give the bedroom a luxurious look. For small rooms, it is better if the curtains support the overall tone. Choose natural materials of high quality linen, cotton, wool.

But curtains can also be contrasting. Then they will certainly attract attention to themselves, balance the interior. But the best thing for a bedroom is not flashy bright, but pastel shades of curtains, 1-2 tones darker than the walls. The choice of curtain material dictates the size and location of the bedroom. If the bedroom windows face north, it is better to give preference to thin materials – veils, tulle. They transmit light well. If the windows face south, dense fabrics are better, which will create shade on hot days.

For small rooms, it is better to choose simple curtains, without abundant folds and draperies that overload the space. Curtains with horizontal stripes are able to support the mission of light walls to visually expand the room.

Curtains are not the only textiles in the bedroom. Bedspread, covers, pillows, bed linen play an equally important role. A spectacular bedroom decoration can be a luxurious bedspread. And decorative pillows will bring that zest to the interior that will make it unique. Curtains and all other textiles are selected according to the chosen style.


Be sure to consider the level of natural light in your bedroom.

Incorrectly selected light can destroy all efforts, because with artificial light, white walls can become either grayish, or yellowish, or very cold, or too warm. To prevent this from happening, when organizing lighting, it is necessary to take into account:

  • How much natural light gets into the bedroom.
  • The size of the room – dark zones artificially narrow it.
  • How many functional zones will there be (whether it is necessary to allocate a corner in the bedroom for reading or working with a laptop).
  • What other colors are involved in creating the interior.

The soft light of the chandelier is delicately supported by bedside lamps.

The white bedroom is quite bright, so there is no need for very bright lighting. All lamps, including the common ceiling chandelier, should emit soft diffused light. Avoid dark corners, especially in a small room. Accent lighting over the bed, over the dressing table, near the mirror can be directional, but not bright.

With the help of decorative lighting, you can effectively highlight the bed.

Decorative lighting will add charm. Colored light bulbs or colored lampshades will look good in a white bedroom. If you have a white bed, highlight it with an LED strip – very effectively.


Flowers will always bring animation to any interior.

So that the abundance of white color does not cause boredom and does not resemble a laboratory, it is necessary to make bright accents that can enliven and diversify the room. This role is often assigned to the decor.

  • Paintings, posters, photographs transform the interior, bring into it the features of your personality.
  • Mirror – this mandatory attribute of the bedroom can become a bright highlight of the interior.
  • Dilute the white palette with a bright carpet or decorative pillows. The beauty of the latter is that it is enough to change them – and the interior will look new.
  • Figurines – porcelain, wooden, ceramic always bring charm and warmth with them.
  • A table clock will add luxury to even a very modest interior.
  • Decorative vases, clocks – floor, wall, fireplace – many options to make a variety.
  • Aquarium, live plants, your own needlework – go ahead! White color is a wonderful background for any of your fantasies.
  • The final touch – it remains only to choose the lamps for the bedroom.

Designer’s tips on bedroom decoration

Summing up the above, we offer to the attention of those who want to create a white bedroom in their apartment or house a few ideas and tips for its design:

  • If the area of the room allocated for the bedroom is small, then the white color is able to visually increase it, make it spacious and bright. This can be achieved if an excessive number of pieces of furniture and decor are rejected. Only in this case this visual effect of white color will be noticeable.
  • The white color of the bedroom looks great in the interior of any stylistic direction: Art Deco, Provence, Scandi, Mediterranean, minimalism, romanticism, modern classics. At the same time, neither the harmony nor the beauty of the created interior will be disturbed.
  • Choosing a tone of white for the Scandinavian style, you should give preference to cold shades, which are more characteristic of it in contrast to milky and beige shades.
  • Choosing a shade that is pleasant to your eyes, it is worth remembering that white is one of the richest and most multifaceted. It can have light beige notes, a grayish tint, be snow-white or milky. This makes it possible to choose a combination of several shades that will be most suitable to taste.
  • Bright spots of color in the form of decorative elements, pillows, curtains and bedspreads will help to enliven the white interior and dilute its monochrome. Living indoor plants can also bring new colors to the white bedroom. This is another decorative technique.
  • The diverse texture of textiles in the bedroom in white – lace, linen, silk, knitted fabric, fur, taffeta – will allow you to leave the bedroom monochrome white. This will help to avoid facelessness, make the interior more interesting.
  • White metal framed in white will emphasize the stylishness of the created interior.

The bedroom, executed in this pure and at the same time universal color, complemented by beautiful details, will become an oasis of tranquility, coziness and comfort for you.

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