Green bedroom: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The bedroom is, if not the most important (it’s hard for her to argue with the kitchen here), then surely the most favorite place in the house. In it we spend the most serene and sweet moments of our lives. The attitude to the design of this zone is the most reverent.

The psychology of green in the bedroom

Green is the dominant color of nature. He is associated with it – with grass, with the forest, with life. It is like a symbol of the renewal of nature, arouses positive emotions, disposes to calm contemplation. It inspires development, stimulates mental activity, refreshes, relieves stress, puts the nervous system in order.

The green bedroom is an oasis of peace.

After a long day full of worries, everyone wants to relax, shut yourself off from the problems of the big world, read your favorite book or watch a new movie with pleasure. It is the bedroom that traditionally performs the functions of an island of well-being, giving psychological and physical comfort to tired people. At the same time, not only a comfortable bed and high-quality bedding are important, but also the colors of the interior. So, the green palette in the bedroom has a calming effect.

This is the most natural color for human eyes, subconsciously giving a sense of security, peace, restoring shattered nerves. It is not difficult to create a cozy and, at the same time, stunningly beautiful design of a sleeping room in a green entourage. The main task is to harmoniously and balanced dilute the main color with various accents, bringing a special zest, in accordance with the character traits and preferences of residents.

The green color, used as a leading color in the interior when decorating the bedroom, has a beneficial effect on well-being and mental state.

The influence of green in the bedroom on the human condition:

  • helps to restore strength after hard physical and mental work;
  • relieves headaches and muscle tension, stabilizes blood pressure;
  • reduces nervousness, balances the hormonal system and all body functions;
  • stabilizes heart rhythms;
  • relaxes the eye muscles, restoring vision;
  • visually expands the space;
  • helps to clear thoughts of negativity, lifts the mood, acts as a good relaxant;
  • relieves insomnia;
  • activates mental activity, helping to find the right solutions in the most difficult situations.

In favor of decorating the room in natural colors, there is also a significant improvement in the condition of people with depression and various shocks. Here’s how a modern bedroom in soft mint tones can look like.

Mint color in the bedroom interior.

However, psychologists say that green has a downside, not everything is so clear. An overabundance of green or incorrectly selected combinations can excite pathological ambitions, greed and envy. In this case, green can act as a symbol of the cruel material world (no wonder the dollar is green). Let’s not argue with psychologists, just take note of this, and before you decorate the bedroom in such an ambiguous color, listen to yourself: what response does green find in your subconscious?

Shades of green

The variety of shades of green gives a variety of design options. If you look at the table of shades of green, then there we will see such names as: butterfly color, lime cream color, sea foam color, white jade color, dew color on a leaf, green haze color – the poets made the table! But we will take the most common ones that are most often used in the interior and will use the usual earthly names:

Light green is a delicate green color, reminiscent of the leaves of this plant. Traditionally, it is considered an ideal color not only for an adult, but also for a children’s bedroom.

Lime color in the bedroom.

  • Lime – Citrus color seems to give off sourness. Very refreshing, “delicious” shade.
  • Mint – this shade will give a real relaxation.
  • Malachite is a noble color.
  • Emerald is a luxurious royal shade.
  • Khaki is a muted color for modern interiors.
  • Jade – noble and luxurious, with iridescences from light to dark.

Jade walls in the bedroom.

And this is not a complete list, but it is enough to see all the richness of the green palette.

No need to consider greens boring and monotonous! In fact, there are 376 varieties of this interesting color, symbolizing the triumph of life.

He surrounds us everywhere, it is only necessary to look closely:

  • in the clearing and in the forest;
  • in a tiny sprout that sprouted from a seed;
  • in a blade of grass stubbornly making its way through the gray asphalt;
  • in bouquets of flowers and home plants;
  • in aquariums and reservoirs.

And even lizards and snakes also sparkle with emerald scales. It is very different – cold and warm, thick, almost black, and tender, like pistachio ice cream, with a blue and yellow tint.

Modern interior design.

What shades are most often used in bedroom interior design?

All shades of green that can be used in bedroom design:

  • Rich and light green.
  • Greenish-white, pale lime.
  • The color of ambrosia, cabbage leaf.
  • Military khaki, yellowish-green.
  • Magnificent opal.
  • Absinthe, turquoise.
  • Malachite, grayish-dusty jade.
  • Spring bouquet, African palm.
  • Lime sherbet, juniper.
  • Forest shade, spruce needles.
  • Frosted green glass.
  • Rich forest, tortoiseshell.
  • Bronze mist, dark candied fruit.

All these colors are perfect for the bedroom, they are not too bright, do not irritate the eyes, contribute to a strong, healthy sleep. They can be freely combined with other colors, as well as use 2-3 different colors for walls, decor, textiles.

Color combinations

When starting finishing works and buying furniture and textiles, many people ask the relevant question: “What colors can green be harmoniously combined with?”.

The answer is quite simple – it is universal, it can be used in almost any combination:

  • with warm yellow, red, orange, brown and golden;
  • with cold blue, white, gray, silver and steel;
  • with purple, lilac, burgundy accents.

Choosing a palette for a future room, it is necessary to take into account that bright, scarlet-red and snow-white details excite the nervous system and appetite, and sometimes irritate. Therefore, they should be introduced into the interior with great care.

And even better – to stop at calm, pastel colors – peach and pale golden, bluish and pink.

Provence style.

The most successful color combinations of green in the bedroom interior:

  • With white – there is no color that would not be combined with white. A white-green bedroom will give coolness and peace, push the walls of the room apart. In the bedroom, it is better to use light shades of green.

Combination with white.

  • With blue – this combination will remind you of the seaside, good for relaxation.

Combination with blue.

  • With beige – a very soothing range. Pale green and beige tones are a wonderful interior for a bedroom

Combination with beige.

  • With gray, it’s exquisite. In a pair, these colors look stylish.

Combination with gray.

  • With pink – a somewhat caramel and cloying combination, but it lifts the mood, is associated with summer harmony.

Combination with pink.

  • With yellow – to create a wonderful summer atmosphere. A juicy yellow color, even lemon, will set you up in a positive way. The yellow-green combination resembles a sunny forest glade.

Combination with yellow.

  • Pure green and pure red are taboo for the bedroom, but the shades of both can be combined with each other.

Combination with burgundy.

  • With brown – a very cozy combination. These two natural colors get along well with each other.

Combination with brown.

  • Black is as versatile as white. In any combination, it will add rigor and nobility.

Combination with black.

  • Combination with gold. The luxurious interior design of the bedroom is a combination of green and gold colors. Elements made of copper, gold and bronze give the interior solidity, creating an atmosphere of prosperity and well-being.

Luxurious green and gold bedroom.

  • Combination with peach. A magnificent combination of olive and peach colors in the interior of the bedroom in the Empire style. A perfect combination with delicate shades of peach, creamy and sandy notes.

Empire style.

  • Combination with wood. Furniture, floor coverings and wall panels made of various tree species look great surrounded by greenery, because this is the most natural combination.

Monochrome interior.

In addition, shades of green are perfectly combined with each other and you can create an interesting and lively interior in monochrome. Shades of olive, mustard allow you to form a very soft gradient.

Interior design style

What style to choose for the decoration of a green bedroom?

The bedroom, made in green, is perfectly combined with most interior styles.


Green color is loved by many interior styles. First of all, of course, those that are addressed to nature. Eco style – of course, the first thing that comes to mind when decorating a bedroom in green tones. Muted soft green color, floral motifs, live plants and natural materials. On the windows, you can hang light translucent curtains of the same blue or green color, several tones different from the color of the walls. A rug made of natural material (for example, wool) on the floor. Of course, a panel of living plants on the wall would be very appropriate here.

A natural, as close to nature as possible design is impossible without all shades of green.

  • Photo wallpapers and frescoes in the form of forests, fields, tropical flowers, decorations in the form of images and figures of representatives of the animal world look organically.
  • This style welcomes the use of natural materials – wood, vines and cork, cotton and linen.
  • Indoor plants or “living walls” are perfect. The only condition is that the flowers should not have a strong aroma that can cause headaches or anxiety.
  • A large aquarium with fish will be quite appropriate. Contemplation of its inhabitants perfectly calms the nervous system, gives rest to the eyes, and the water moistens the dry air, especially during the winter heating period.

Tropical style

Tropical interior design – where else can you see such a riot of greenery? In the base green, be sure to add bright fruit colors: orange, yellow, red. In the bedroom in a tropical style, wicker furniture, tropical plants with large leaves must necessarily stand either in live form in tubs or in images. A characteristic feature of the style are prints. Exotic birds on the fabrics, southern plants on the bedspread and bed linen.

Scandinavian style

He came to us from Northern Europe and embodies closeness to nature.

When making a room, the following are used:

  • natural materials – wood, ceramics, cotton and linen, silk, glass;
  • pastel, light shades of pink, blue, mint and malachite, cream and brown, gray, cream, white;
  • plant motifs, living plants.

Here the main emphasis is placed on blurred, pale colors highlighted by bright artificial lighting and accentuated by original details:

  • natural palette – cream, snow-white, light green, mint, turquoise;
  • a lot of plastic parts, mirrors and glass products;
  • paintings suitable for the subject, in simple frames;
  • elegant decor.

Minimalist style

Minimalism is one of the most popular interior styles today. Likes restrained and natural tones of green – marsh, light green, mint, olive The main concept of minimalism is spaciousness and functionality. Delicate green shades will add freshness and space. Put potted indoor plants in the bedroom, just keep in mind that some of them take oxygen at night.

Modern style

Brighter tones are acceptable here, this style allows for some extravagance. The color of evergreens, conifers, dirty yellow. Try emerald, dark jade shades. But be careful in the selection of furniture.

Hi-tech style

The green color is quite versatile. And it is perfectly combined with metal and glass interior elements. Of course, it’s better not to use pastel colors, but bright colors. Decorating a bedroom in green is a good idea and there are no restrictions for the designer’s imagination.

Classic style

Classic – smoky green tone combined with silver or golden elements. The so-called bottle color will also be good here. Expensive wooden furniture, heavy curtains with lambrequins and tacks on the windows. The classic style calmly perceives more saturated shades of green. In a classic green bedroom, brown, beige and gray colors are especially well combined.

Noble classics are always relevant. If you like discreet luxury, aristocratic chic, then this style is for you.

What details does it consist of:

  • High-quality fabric or non-woven wallpaper of malachite color with a golden pattern and moldings on the ceiling.
  • Heavy curtains with curly lambrequins and twisted hooks.
  • Wooden furniture in the old style, with carvings and curved backs and legs.
  • Magnificent carved gilded frames for mirrors and the author’s design of lamps.
  • Countertops made of natural wood, marble.
  • Upholstered chairs and elegant tables.
  • On the floor – shaped parquet or patterned tiles, with mandatory carpets.

Art Deco style

Art Deco. The pomp and pathos of this style seems incompatible with natural colors. And here it is not. Use intense tones of green in the design, combined with rich decor, they will give your bedroom the necessary luxury.

Provence style

Provence – delicate shades of light green, the range is as natural as possible, pastel. Add a little lilac or beige, you can pink. Of course, there is no way to do without floral ornaments, live bouquets, natural materials, the Green bedroom in Provence style is surprisingly light, as if airy. Artificially aged furniture and floor will look good here.

Country style

Interior design in country style. The herbal motif is very consonant with this style. Olive, terracotta, pale green colors are preferable for the bedroom. They are perfectly combined with natural wood. There are not so many accents, and they are not bright. Simple plain curtains on the windows, massive furniture, a little rough.

Marine style

Marine style – the color of the sea wave, olive, mint, emerald – these shades of green are perfect for decorating a bedroom in a nautical style. Add blue and white to the atmosphere – and you will surely feel the breeze of the sea. Just don’t overload the interior, it should be light. No heavy curtains on the windows.

Oriental style

Oriental interior design is deep shades of green, “precious” jade, emerald, malachite. They can be used both on large surfaces and in decor. Inclusions of golden decor will look great. Golden patterns on the walls and on fabrics, a four–poster bed, luxurious curtains – there is a touch of pomp and brilliance on everything.

An Arab, Turkish or Indian bedroom is a kingdom of luxury and bliss.

  • Embroidered bedspreads, canopies and lots of pillows and poufs.
  • Deep, juicy palette – burgundy, gold, malachite, turquoise.
  • Spacious rooms, not overloaded with extra furniture.
  • Fantastically beautiful patterns, moldings and frescoes on the walls and decor details.
  • Figurines, ceramic, bronze and copper lamps, masks, vases, painted and carved caskets.
  • Patterned wooden and forged metal grilles.

Arabic style.

Indian style.

Moroccan style.

Boho style

It can be described as a magnificent, colorful mess. This is chaos and dear little things, embodied with imagination. It is very cozy and fully reflects the character, preferences and mood of the owners. There are almost no restrictions here, you can creatively mix any elements and colors – if only the result is to your liking.

Also, green paints are perfect for styles:

  • Provence, Southern Tropics;
  • African, rustic;
  • romantic, nautical;
  • art deco, minimalism.

Bohemian interior design.

Choosing combinations of colors, it should be remembered that all tastes of people are different. A favorite color for one person can cause rejection and even aggression in another. Therefore, it is necessary to focus not on fashion trends, but on your own feelings. Only in this case, the chosen design will be as friendly as possible, and the greenery in the bedroom design will give a feeling of serenity.

Youth style or avant-garde

A rather complex, ambiguous style, suitable for creative, impetuous natures.

  • Green color can be combined with bright yellow, red, white, cornflower accents.
  • Decorations and furnishings are selected in an original design, unusual shapes and design solutions – in the form of spirals, podiums, shells.
  • LED lighting and original chandeliers also serve as interior decoration.

Bedroom design for girls.

Finishing options for the green bedroom

Modern manufacturers offer a lot of interesting options for finishing. How to navigate the assortment, and what types of materials to prefer?

A lot depends on the chosen interior design and personal preferences of property owners, as well as the state of health. If there are small children in the family or someone is allergic to certain substances, this should be taken into account first of all.

What are the recommendations of experienced designers?

High-quality finishing creates a unique atmosphere of well-being and home comfort. All materials must be safe for health, because a person spends a third of his life in a dream.

The green bedroom is a great place for rest and relaxation. Thanks to a huge range of finishing materials, furniture and decor, you can choose exactly the kind of design that fully corresponds to an individual sense of beauty.


The walls can be safely covered with green color entirely, make them monochrome, striped, or with a floral pattern, or you can make one accent wall, as it is fashionable now. Wallpaper with a relief pattern will look great, they will add chic to the bedroom. Photo wallpapers with forest landscapes will also be very useful.

Decorative plaster.

Textured plaster of olive or pistachio color is an excellent background for sweet dreams. It relaxes and soothes. Wooden panels are very suitable for a green bedroom, they will add naturalness to the interior.

Floor covering

The floor in the green bedroom can be white, made of light wood (bleached oak, birch), it will be very harmonious, a special charm and comfort will give a swampy shade of the floor, but a brown floor made of ordinary laminate will look no worse.


The stretch ceiling of a soft green color will give the bedroom a feeling of spaciousness, and your eyes will rest looking at its surface. However, simple painting or whitewashing will also be good.


The main thing in the bedroom is the bed. A wooden bed made of dark wood will look great, it will look very luxurious. White furniture will be no less organic in the bedroom. Add a white armchair or a white sofa to the bed – you will get a harmonious ensemble. In the decoration of upholstered furniture, it is quite acceptable to use a rich green color. But only if your walls are designed in a neutral scale. Do not buy furniture to match the walls – it will merge with them and you will get too much green. And this, like any excess, will not benefit the general atmosphere.

Rattan or bamboo furniture will perfectly fit into a green bedroom. It will give the atmosphere even more naturalness.

Proper furnishing is the basis of a comfortable life. If ready-made furniture sets for bedrooms are not satisfied for some reason, then it is necessary to select items independently so that they harmoniously combine with each other, room decoration and decorative elements.

It is not necessary to turn the room into a cramped warehouse of monstrous wardrobes, all kinds of lockers, ottomans and dressers. The main element of this room is a bed. You can pick up a couple of small cabinets, a pouf-chest or an elegant model on legs, a dressing table. Everything else is purchased depending on the area in such a way as to leave maximum free space and air.

Recommendations of designers on the choice of furniture:

  • A perfectly white furniture set will become an interesting highlight of such styles as Provence, Scandinavian, classic, romanticism.
  • Natural wood, light and dark, as well as wicker products made of thin, rattan and bamboo are perfectly combined with floral decor.
  • You should not get carried away with varnished surfaces, it is better to give preference to matte facades.
  • Dark brown and rich green furniture is well suited for rooms in light, pastel colors.
  • A large mirror on the wall or built into the cabinet door visually expands the space. Do not install it opposite or next to the bed – your own reflection, observed during rest, causes concern.
  • For a small room, instead of a large double bed, a transformer sofa or a wardrobe bed with a lifting mechanism is suitable.


We create a harmonious bedroom in natural colors – right? According to this concept, lighting should also be natural. We choose the lamps that best meet these requirements. It can be a small chandelier and several wall and floor lamps. The color is muted. The design of the lamps depends on the chosen style. Spotlights in modern interiors will be quite appropriate.

Lighting should be as natural as possible.

Home textiles

Textiles are something that can bring brightness to the interior. And here is the main principle: curtains should not merge with the walls. If your bedroom is decorated in light green tones, the curtains should be dark, and vice versa.

Also, when choosing curtains, pay attention to how the bedroom is oriented to the cardinal directions. If the windows face the south side, then thick curtains of cold shades will do, if on the north side, we try to warm it up a little with curtains of warm shades. White tulle with blue, black, pink or brown curtains will always be appropriate.

In a green bedroom, the color of the curtains may not match the color of the bedspread. It is not necessary to choose a bedspread to match the curtains.

Curtains, light, airy tulle, soft bedspreads and pillows create a special mood of bliss, so they are simply necessary in the bedroom. If the Scandinavian style or minimalism is chosen, then it is not necessary to hang curtains.

As for the rest of the textiles, a white fluffy carpet on the floor or a carpet imitating a green meadow will look great. Pillows, bedspreads, ottomans will complement the decor. Contrasting accents can be placed with the help of textiles: purple, bright yellow, lilac and so on.

If a warm floor is not provided, then it is worth laying a large carpet or a couple of fluffy bedside rugs. Textiles do not necessarily have to match the selected shades. On the contrary, bright or soft pastel accents will give the interior a naturalness. Textiles can be plain, with patterns, drawings, edging.


Accessories set a special tone, illustrate the preferences and hobbies of the owners. Professional designers suggest adding 2-3 more minor accents to 1-2 main shades.

The main task when choosing accessories is not to overload the bedroom with unnecessary details. Let it be 2-4 things, but those that are pleasant to use, that you can admire.

These can be:

  • Framed paintings and photographs
  • Candles in luxurious candelabra and original night lights.
  • Figurines.
  • Bedspreads and covers for chairs and armchairs.
  • Live and dried flowers.
  • Floor lamps.
  • Pillows, soft cushions and rugs.

The best decor for a green bedroom will be wooden or wicker products. Wooden figurines, macrame panels will diversify the atmosphere and allow you to update the interior without exerting any effort or additional funds.

Such a necessary item in every bedroom, like a mirror, can also become an additional decoration. Paintings with panoramic landscapes will be appropriate here. If you are decorating a bedroom in a romantic style (classic, oriental, country), then a bio-fireplace with an artificial flame will be a great addition.

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