Bedroom in a private house: design ideas and tips

By | November 17, 2022

About 30% of the entire life span people spend in sleep. Most specialists involved in chronobiology, exploring sleep as a scientific category, agree that a lot of conditions that coincide with each other are required for a good rest. A tastefully decorated bedroom design in a private house will help to solve several seemingly incompatible nuances of the usefulness and functionality of the space where you can: get a good night’s sleep, comfortably spend leisure hours and work with full dedication.

Location of the bedroom in a private house

The main objectives of the design and decoration of a country house are to achieve relaxation, peace of mind and satisfaction from staying in it. The necessary thinking over of all the little things so that the interior of a bedroom in a private house meets not only the wishes of the owners, but also is a place of cozy tranquility and privacy, relaxation from stress and city everyday life, gave the opportunity for a desired vacation.

Sleeping areas play a significant role in any home and affect the health and general well-being of its owners. The main purpose of a beautiful bedroom is to set up for a full rest, so the color and shade spectrum, furniture set, as well as a single style of room decoration should help in this.

Interior of a bedroom in a country house.

When planning a beautiful bedroom in a private house, first of all it is necessary to rely on the general parameters:

  • If the suburban building is located in a fairly spacious manor, then the allotted area for a comfortable bedroom should be increased. The space not cluttered with furniture, arched windows and high ceilings will add light, airiness, sunshine to the bedroom on a cloudy day.
  • With a small area of the house, it is better to make a medium-sized room. Large beautiful bedrooms are impractical to plan in such cases.

But still, before making a final choice, you should listen to the advice of designers. Professionals usually offer several options based on the total area of the household, the number of floors, the age of the person for whom the beautiful bedroom is intended.

  • In two- or three-storey houses, sleeping quarters are advised to be located on the upper floors and windows to the courtyard. There are several reasons for this approach: a comfortable temperature, distance from the living and dining areas, the absence of external noise and kitchen odors. Complete rest is favored by peace and quiet.
  • In the presence of a spacious and warm attic, there is simply no better place for sleeping apartments. Cozy silence and privacy from all the household will provide real peace and relaxation. Stylish sloping ceilings will create an interesting interior, and an unusually shaped window in the roof will allow you to admire the mysterious night universe. It is easy to place an additional bathroom or dressing room nearby.
  • Single-storey buildings usually do not have a large area, but even in them you can create a cozy and functional bedroom to your liking. It is best if you place it in the far south-western part of the household. And then the alarm clock in the morning will not be the annoying sound of a mobile phone, but the sun’s rays, allowing you to wake up quickly and in a good mood. And the remoteness from the common and guest rooms guarantees silence and the absence of extraneous odors.

Features of bedroom zoning in a private house

In order not to be disappointed and not to be deceived in your expectations, before you start repairing or finishing a space for rest and sleep, it is important to determine its functional features. Of course, if the area allows, then the home office, dressing room and small living room should be placed in different rooms.

But this does not always happen. In addition, elderly relatives or the restless younger generation can live in the house. And it is quite possible that the bedroom will be the only place where you can calmly put yourself in order or solve work issues.

The functional features of the bedroom are quite easy to solve using several common methods of distributing the necessary areas for sleeping, relaxing and working, which are suitable for both large rooms and rooms with cramped conditions.

Chalet style in the interior.

Conditionally, designers reduce them to several tricks: finishing, color contrast, furniture zoning, various screens with partitions and lighting.

  • When finishing, it is recommended to use a combination of different types of finishing materials. The combination of panels, wallpaper, decorative plasters that are completely different in texture allows you to divide the bedroom into several spaces necessary for life.
  • Color contrast. It is necessary to apply the color palette with caution. Instead of the expected result, you can get something little combined. Professionals advise not to get carried away with very bright colors. Juicy shades are well suited for the workplace, as they perfectly stimulate brain activity and encourage active actions. In the place where you plan to put a sleeping bed, it is better to use delicate pastel colors. For an area where a relaxing holiday is expected in the form of reading books or watching movies, deep tones are suitable, conducive to creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Partitions. This technique was used even in the Middle Ages. All the sleeping quarters were separated by tapestries or screens due to the lack of places and the large number of families. So it is worth taking this method into account when preparing a design plan. However, the art of tapestry is not available now. But drywall and structures in the form of screens are perfect.
  • Curtains can also be used in the same quality. The advantage of such zoning is that the lightness of the structures separating the space allows you to change the sleeping space completely at any time independently and without costly alterations.
  • Furniture zoning is a minimum of costs. The convenience of this method is undeniable. Zoning with the help of existing furniture will allow you to allocate all the necessary zonal spaces, and competently spaced lighting will allow you to accentuate them. A corner sofa and a chandelier are a leisure area, a wardrobe placed perpendicular to the walls will allow you to designate a dressing room. Wall sconces or small bedside lamps are appropriate near the bed, and a fluorescent lamp on the table for work.

These techniques will help to create comfort and tranquility even in a small house, as well as give daily pleasure from comfort.

Choosing a color scheme for the bedroom of a private house

A necessary requirement for achieving an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in a country household is a properly selected finishing of bedrooms. After all, the day begins with the bedroom.

The mood depends on all the elements and details used in the interior. Taking advantage of reading special literature, it can be clearly understood that when planning, it is necessary to immediately exclude bulky and unnecessary interior details, avoid too bright color combinations in the decoration.

Bedroom design in a private house.

Naturally, the stylistic orientation of the room is determined by the taste preferences of people. But, the advice of designers, furniture makers and decorators will never be superfluous.

Interior of a bedroom in the house.

When choosing color shades, experts recommend following several rules:

  • The rooms where the sleeping areas are located are characterized by cream, alabaster, diamond, milky shades of the walls and ceiling. This is especially true for owners of small sleeping spaces, as light colors visually increase the space.
  • It is better to use rich-dark combinations in the decoration only for the owners of households with large spaces reserved for modern beautiful bedrooms.
  • Quilts, fleece blankets, pillows, curtains and other elements made in brighter shades will help to cheer up.

Interior of a bedroom in a wooden house.

It is well known that fans of luxury and ostentatious chic prefer thick and saturated tones. Experts advise to be careful with such a choice. If you overdo it, then instead of a cozy space, you can get a room with a heavy atmosphere.

Chalet style in the bedroom interior.

Stretch ceilings take the height of the bedroom a little, but their durability, practicality outweigh the disadvantages. It is preferable to choose wood or parquet for the floor. If the owners prefer carpets, then the floors can be covered with laminate or insulated linoleum. But, do not forget that all interior details should be in harmony with each other.

A variety of bedroom finishes in the house can be found in the photos below.

How to choose bedroom furniture in a private house

The choice of furniture depends on the desired functionality of the bedroom. Ready-made furniture sets are suitable for this, or if desired, it is not difficult to choose the necessary set from disparate items, but outwardly similar in style and matching each other in color.

  • Naturally, the main place in the bedroom is occupied by the bed. The main criteria for choosing should be the materials from which it is made, the dimensions, the quality of the frame and base, convenience, appearance. Beds can be purchased as ready-made, or you can order your own individual version from the masters. It is best to place the bed along the widest wall, but at the same time it is necessary to take into account all sorts of nuances and the desire to hide it from everyone or to focus on it.
  • Another decorative interior item with great functionality is bedside tables designed for lighting fixtures and storing the necessary trifles.
  • It is difficult even for ascetics to do without this piece of furniture. It is most convenient to use a closet for storing things. What it will be depends only on the preferences of the owners and the sleeping space. If you need to save space, the most suitable option will be a corner or a wardrobe.
  • If it is not possible to place all the things in the closet, then a functional chest of drawers with convenient drawers will come to the rescue.
  • It is reliably known that most of the female representatives use cosmetics, so for convenience when applying makeup, you just need a special table with a mirror and openwork drawers for things dear to a woman’s heart. The main thing is not to forget about the soft ottoman for the ladies’ corner of beauty guidance.
  • The study area should consist of a table and an armchair. It is easy to adapt a small shelving for storing documents.
  • To arrange a comfortable leisure area, you will need comfortable armchairs, a sofa or a sofa. A small coffee table wouldn’t hurt either.

Chalet style in the bedroom interior.

Of course, professional designers will transform the interior of any home, recreating styles from ascetic minimalism to fantasy images. But many still prefer the atmosphere of a good old country house, which gives real warmth and enveloping comfort.

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