Green sofa in the interior: design ideas

By | December 24, 2022

A green sofa in the interior will help to create a harmonious, cozy and calm atmosphere. Let’s look at design ideas, pros and cons, materials, shapes, combinations with other colors.

Sofa functions in the room

Manufacturers of the furniture market offer consumers a huge range of various items. However, sofas are not inferior to leadership positions due to their functionality, affordable cost and simplicity of design.

A place to rest and sleep

  • Rest. Any upholstered furniture in the apartment has such a pastime. Watching an interesting movie, reading a book, sitting in a corner and hugging your beloved pet, is very pleasant on a cozy sofa. If its dimensions and configuration are chosen correctly, then relaxation from physical and emotional stress will be provided.

  • Sleeping area. It is very important that when folded on the sofa there is a place for one person to sleep. The lack of a spacious living space, or frequent visits of relatives and guests will not cause unnecessary trouble if a comfortable sofa with a mechanism for transformation into a comfortable sleeping place is chosen when buying. When choosing such a piece of furniture, it is necessary to take into account the method and system of transformation, the filler material. All this affects the usability.

Additional storage space

Not the last place among the functions of the sofa is occupied by the availability of storage places. Pillows, blankets, bed linen are removed in them. In addition, you can hide children’s toys or seasonal clothes there.

Zoning of the room space

With the help of this piece of furniture in the apartment, you can distinguish several functional zones. As a result, the owner gets an additional usable area and a stylish design.

In the studio apartment, properly placed upholstered furniture separates the cooking area from the living room. In a small apartment, a sofa can separate the sleeping area from the living room.

Design element

Sofas also carry a functional load in large-area rooms. They become an important element of the design of the kitchen, office, living room, and, depending on the purpose, they bring comfort or respectability to the interior. The choice of a certain style in the design does not affect this function, since furniture manufacturers offer consumers furniture for every taste and in any style.

Types of green sofas

From the offered variety of types, you can choose the ideal one for the geometry of the room being decorated.

Straight sofa shape

The straight form is a classic. They have many advantages and steady popularity among consumers. If you decide to buy a straight sofa, then you will be provided with simplicity of design, a comfortable horizontal sleeping place, compatibility with any interior and style. The clarity of the lines is suitable for both modern classics and high-tech.

The disadvantages include the location only along the wall or in the middle of the room.

Corner sofa

Corner – no less popular with buyers. There are options for corner sofas on sale: L-shaped and U-shaped.

The advantages of such a model of parts are numerous:

  • the ability to fit seamlessly into any stylish interior;
  • the ability to become a cozy corner of relaxation in the center of the living room and in its more intimate place;
  • the ability to transform into a comfortable double bed;
  • availability of modern high-quality layout mechanisms;
  • high functionality due to the storage system, built-in shelves, coffee tables.

But such a model is not suitable for small rooms because of its volume, and, in the absence of the possibility of changing the design, it is not subject to rearrangement to another corner.


Modular – very convenient in everyday life, as they allow you to use individual parts. They can be used to seat friends who have come to visit at the table, or, having made up separate parts of the sofa, get a sleeping place. The advantages include the mobility of the kit parts, with which you can easily change the interior, and convenient assembly. There are almost no disadvantages, and the popularity is not lower than that of the previous two types.


Transformers are irreplaceable models for small apartments. You can place them in any rooms or corners of the apartment. Very convenient for children. They can create a new interior in a room in an instant. They have a wide selection of models. But they are suitable only for interiors of modern styles.

Small sofas

Unfortunately, they do not have the ability to transform into a sleeping place, but they are very convenient in the office, hallway, kitchen and children’s room.

Successful placement in the interior

Usually it consists of two components: the correct location in space and a harmonious combination of colors, style. Designers advise that in order for an olive or light green sofa to look presentable, it is worth placing it in an interior of beige tones.

The white and milky shades of the interior will emphasize the sofa with the upholstery of the color of young grass.

Against the background of gray walls and brickwork, green upholstered furniture will look very stylish.

You can place the sofa anywhere in the room. but there are several tips from experts who make the arrangement of upholstered furniture the most convenient:

  • A sofa in the corner will free up space in the center of the room and organize a place to relax or have a private conversation. A small rug and a coffee table will add comfort and coziness.

  • Separating the center of the room under a soft recreation area, zoning of the room is performed, separating the kitchen from the living room or the reception area from the sleeping place. Such an interior should not be overloaded with various details, the sofa itself will become the main element.

  • Good illumination for comfortable reading of your favorite book or engaging in an exciting hobby will be on the sofa located on the window.

  • The most traditional placement is along the wall. Simple and convenient. Will support any style.

  • A combination of two or more sofas creates an interior endowed with many functions, the main of which is zoning. For this option of placing upholstered furniture, a room with a large area is required. A prerequisite is a single style solution.

Interior design style

Each house or room gets a certain design style when it is decorated. All pieces of furniture that occupy their place should fit harmoniously into the interior.

Classic style requires aristocracy from the created interior. A massive light green sofa with an unusual curved back, carved armrests and legs on beige or any other light background will be an excellent support for the style direction. The sofa should be straight, with expensive upholstery with natural materials: leather or linen. Angular models are not suitable for the classical style.

Luxury, aristocracy and elegance of lines in a classic interior.

Modern, for all its similarity to the classical style, is not so grandiose and more cozy. A straight sofa in green with an asymmetrical wavy back, upholstered in delicate fabrics is installed along the wall or along the window, which seems to increase the influx of light and freshness into the room.

The tenderness of the natural upholstery material creates a beautiful image of modernity.

Strict lines of the sofa geometry, corner models of a specific green color without transitions, installed in the center of a spacious room – all these are the hallmarks of high-tech style.

Scandinavian style is unassuming. A sofa in a room that is not overloaded with unnecessary pieces of furniture will become the main element of the decor.

Combined with other decorative elements

Concluding the presentation of the information on the topic, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the popular options for combining a green sofa with some interior items:

  • In the first place is textiles for draping windows. The light tone of translucent curtains will be an excellent solution. The color of the curtains can be pink, yellow, peach, beige.
  • Sofa cushions of light green, pistachio, burgundy color can emphasize the juiciness and beauty of the sofa upholstery in green tones.
  • A bedspread in crimson or purple tones with a white pattern or print will be appropriate for a bright green sofa.
  • The neutral color of the floor covering perfectly harmonizes with the green upholstery of the sofa. A bright saturated carpet will look good.
  • In addition, beige and white chairs are suitable. This will add elegance to the interior.
  • The saturation of the color scheme will reduce the design technique, in which one of the colors used is made somewhat more muted and light.

Designers strive to use green in the design of rooms, whose task is to create an atmosphere of harmony with nature in the room, transform the existing interior, bring to life a boring and unique style. The right combination of the green color of the upholstery with the surrounding decor elements makes the sofa the main item in the room.

We hope that the information presented in our article will help to get exactly this result from the selfless work of the designer.

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