Blue sofa in the interior: design ideas

By | December 24, 2022

Upholstered furniture is an important element of the interior. Most often sofas can be seen in the interiors of residential premises with high traffic – hall, hallway, kitchen and living room. In the bedrooms, sofas are installed less often, preferring beds to them because of greater convenience. However, modern upholstered furniture is comfortable and functional. This allows you to zone rooms and saves space.

The color and texture of the sofa is chosen based on the overall design project. The boldest prefer contrasting and non-standard solutions. This allows you to diversify the interior and add an accent. For example, a blue sofa is guaranteed to attract attention in the room. A rich color will set off more delicate shades or make an equivalent ensemble to other active tones of the palette.

All shades are associated with the water and air elements, harmony and serenity. They help to tune in to a relaxed home environment. Unlike other contrasting colors, they do not irritate the eye. This allows you to fit blue into almost any interior, it looks great with most other shades. The additional advantages of upholstered furniture in blue should also include practicality. Unlike light textiles, such a sofa will stay clean for a long time.

Color combination

Blue does not belong to one of the base colors. However, in recent years it has increasingly been attributed to the standard color palette and combined with such familiar colors as black, white, gray and red.

Designers also recommend looking at more interesting combinations – combinations of blue with milk, sand, green and brown. Such a game of contrasts allows you to create an original, but concise interior.

Another possible way to play on contrasts is blue with pink and coral colors. This will be especially appropriate in marine-themed interiors. In addition, pink and rich blue colors will look great in Provence-style rooms.

A combination of blue with gold or silver should also be considered a win-win combination. In such an interior, various neutral shades will look organically: white, gray and milky.

Interior design style

Many fashion industry experts today attribute blue to the bass palette along with white, beige, brown, gray, red and black. Some time ago, the statement that “blue is the new black” also spread. A similar trend is observed in interior design. Blue is increasingly used not only in bright projects, but also in the design of spaces in a concise style. The blue sofa will look great in the loft-style living room. All shades of this color go well with concrete, brick and stone. They add an original accent to the space.

Blue will also fit perfectly into a Scandinavian-style space. Regardless of the shade, the color will not stand out from the general concept. Blue goes well with natural textures and materials. It is best to choose a laconic version of the sofa with a geometric or minimalistic print.

Upholstered furniture in monochrome design is more suitable for classic-style interiors. The ideal solution would be a dark blue velvet or velour upholstery. Also, quilted models on legs will suit this style.

Blue will complement the Provence-style space. In this case, it is worth giving preference to models with embroidery, forged decor. In this style, you can also find quilted models with elegant legs made of wood, forged decor.

Design options

In the modern furniture market there are sofas with several types of mechanisms. Each of them has individual characteristics.

Each of the sofa transformation mechanisms is convenient in its own way. Choosing a model, it is worth focusing on the convenience of operation and comfort. Some sofas require a lot of force, in other cases it is enough to pull a piece of furniture aside a little to transform.

Choice of upholstery

Upholstery is one of the most important aspects of sofa design. Depending on the design project, the sofa can be made of different types of materials:

  • Textiles include all the variety of fabrics – from flock to tapestry. This is the most practical option with a reasonable cost. The disadvantages include the fragility of such upholstery. However, it is quite simple to update it.

  • Suede upholstery is the most pleasant to the touch, at the same time the most capricious in care and operation. Suede does not like excessive friction, pressure and moisture. In order for such a sofa to retain its original appearance for a long time, it is worth taking care of a protective blanket or cover in advance.

  • A sofa made of genuine leather will add gloss to the space. Such upholstery can last for a long period, but will need special care. The skin must be wiped in a timely manner, eliminating possible contamination. Experts also recommend that the material be treated with a special protective compound at intervals of several months.


The blue sofa will look organically in the interior of any style. It can act both as an accent and shade other shades of the combination. Blue is convenient to work with, because it does not require a special approach or selection of lighting. It is enough to make a combination of colors correctly.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose both saturated blue shades and sofas in more neutral blue tones. Despite the fact that this color has a cold undertone, it also goes well with warm colors.

Choosing a sofa in a blue shade, pay attention not only to the visual design, but also to the functionality. Upholstered furniture is not just a part of the interior, it often forms a functional solution of the space.

Before buying a sofa, think over the general concept of the room. Choose a general color palette, style, finish and only then think about upholstered furniture. If you want to diversify the room with an unusual blue sofa, but there is no specific idea yet, you can always turn to the photo collection. Perhaps the ideas already implemented by the designer will inspire you to create an author’s interior design.

Photo gallery of design ideas

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