Yellow sofa in the interior: design ideas

By | December 24, 2022

Yellow color is associated with the sun, joy, communication. It is associated with flowering, ripening, fertility, colors of hot summer. People who ignore the yellow color are mentally unbalanced. There are many shades of yellow: warm and cold, pale and saturated, with a undertone of orange, with a combination of blue, beige, green shades. Yellow colors in the interior charge the human body with energy, improve mental health, have a beneficial effect on memory and performance. In yellow rooms, vitality is restored faster.

The brightness of the yellow color attracts attention, but also quickly lets go without holding. Like any of the warm colors, yellow subconsciously expands the space of the room, visually erasing its boundaries.

The ability of yellow to create a warm environment is used by designers in their projects in rooms with a lack of natural light. In the rooms located on the south side of the building, its light colors are used so as not to make an already warm room even hotter.

The brightness of the yellow color in upholstered furniture serves as a place that focuses attention on itself. No matter what shade the sofa will be (fawn, honey, lemon, pastel tones or rich yellow), the background of the room will be selected for it. Rooms with neutral or contrasting tones are most suitable for him.

Modern sofas are beautiful, stylish, comfortable, practical, perform many functions. They are an integral part of the composition of any room.

You can comfortably spend time reading fiction or watching your favorite TV program. With the arrival of the time of falling asleep, the sofa is easily transformed into a cozy spacious place to sleep, it is only necessary to cover it with sleeping accessories. Sofas of various modifications and sizes are installed in the kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, reception rooms, workrooms.

The shape of yellow sofas

All sofas are designed so that it is comfortable to sit and lie on them. The spacious seat can accommodate from 2 to 4 people at the same time. It is convenient to lean on the back with your back. Depending on the model, sofas can have armrests, decorative pillows, drawers for storing pastel linen, equipped with places for various small things and even pull-out tables.

A large assortment of sofas of different sizes and modifications are for sale in stores. We suggest considering the types of sofas to make a choice. After all, this place should be comfortable for all family members, spending time with friends, meeting guests. The design of the entire room is selected for the selected model, color and upholstery textiles. Upholstered furniture sets the tone for the whole atmosphere of the room, its style.

The straight shape of yellow sofas

Most often, people are used to using straight sofas that have a rectangular shape with a seat designed for 2-4 people. They come with a fixed back and with a transformation mechanism.

The latter, when unfolded, turn into a one-and-a-half or double bed, depending on the height of the backrest. Sometimes they zone the area of the room, separating the working part from the recreation area.

Fixed-back models are used primarily for sitting. They are convenient to spend time watching TV, covered with a fluffy blanket. If desired, they can be used as a single bed for one person.

Straight sofas perfectly fit into the design of any room, be it a bedroom, hall, hallway or kitchen. They take up little space, much cheaper than modular and corner sofas. They usually come with 2 armchairs, but if desired, you can purchase only one sofa.

Corner sofas

Sofas with a corner design belong to modular furniture. As a rule, such a design can consist of a set of elements. In addition to the corner, it includes one straight or several side sofas equipped with rollers instead of legs. It depends on its shape, which can be L-shaped or U-shaped. Both fit harmoniously into the design of a living room with cabinet furniture or a bedroom with a chest of drawers. Their small copies look comfortable in the kitchen next to the dining table.

Corner sofas are used for zoning rooms, they are easily laid out, turning into a comfortable sleeping place. The U-shape of the sofas is bulky. If we compare the L-shaped shape with a set consisting of a straight sofa and two armchairs, it is more compact, takes up less space.

Color combinations

There are many different sofa shapes from classic rectangular to oval and round. As for the design forms intended for children’s rooms, they are given the shape of cartoon characters, fairy-tale characters, cars, ships, airplanes and others.

But back to the yellow sofas in the interior. If you want your child to do well at school, insert a sofa of yellow shades into the design of the children’s room. With him, the child will be more liberated, optimistic, with a charge of energy.

But don’t overdo it. Yellow color excites the psyche. In a room made in bright yellow, it can be difficult to relax and fall asleep. Therefore, it is not necessary to completely decorate the children’s room in yellow, it is enough to do with one sofa.

Sofa upholstery

It is not advisable for rooms with small children and pets to purchase upholstered furniture with expensive upholstery. She often needs special care and careful attitude. Leather surfaces are particularly vulnerable to animal claws. There are cheaper and easier-to-use materials.

Velour upholstery

With velour upholstery, the sofa will look warm and cozy. The material is attractive, pleasant to the touch, wear-resistant, while never going out of fashion. It is characterized by characteristic iridescences of color.

Natural and artificial fibers, such as wool, polyester, cotton, take part in the manufacture. Its pile on the front surface can reach 7 millimeters in length. It’s smooth from the inside out. There are varieties of velour with vertical and inclined pile. Thanks to the technology of laying the villi in different directions, velour is made with embossed surfaces.

Velour upholstery fabrics allow air to pass well, do not get crushed under the weight of the body, are easily cleaned with brushes using special tools. Velour refers to the most common soft fabrics used in the upholstery of sofas and armchairs.

Flock upholstery

Flock refers to universal nonwoven fleecy materials. It is similar to velour, but their production has significant differences. The flock consists of a base and nap fractions made of polyester, polyamide, viscose, less often of wool, glued to the canvas by spraying.

The coating is ideal for families with pets. It cannot be damaged by the claws of cats and dogs. It is easily cleaned with many cleaning chemicals, does not cause allergies in adults and children, does not burn out. It is more practical and cheaper than velour.

Jacquard upholstery

Jacquard is also called artificial silk. But their density and rigidity are different. The strength of the jacquard is provided by twisted loops that prevent the fabric from dissolving. Cotton, synthetic and mixed types of yarn can participate in the production of upholstery fabric. The interlacing can be longitudinal and transverse.

Jacquard upholstery has qualities that are important for upholstered furniture: durability, wear resistance, pleasant to the touch, looks luxurious. Jacquard refers to one of the most common upholstery fabrics for sofas and armchairs.

You can remove dirt from jacquard surfaces with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.

Tapestry upholstery

Yellow sofas with tapestry upholstery are a common phenomenon. The fabric can have a two- and three-layer structure, it is produced monophonic and with an ornament due to the cross-weave of colored threads. Natural and synthetic raw materials are used in the manufacture: viscose, wool fibers, silk, cotton, acrylic, polyester.

Jacquard weaving of threads gives the fabric strength. Tapestry upholstery of upholstered furniture serves for a long time, does not form folds, is easy to care for. Tapestry is also used for sewing curtains, bedspreads, making decorative panels, carpets. It does not crumple, does not fade under the rays of the sun, does not stretch, is not subject to shrinkage.

Chenille upholstery

Chenille in French means caterpillar. If you look at the chenille thread, braided with fluffy fiber, it really looks like a worm-like butterfly larva. The pleasant velvety structure of chenille is wear-resistant. The upholstery fabric is durable, has a long service life. This is facilitated by twisting the warp threads with chenille fibers.

Such a canvas is not subject to shrinkage when wet, stretching, changeability. It is easily painted in different colors, does not fade, does not wear out, has an expensive and noble appearance. Apartment designers adore him.

Manufacturers offer three types of chenille:

  • Natural, consisting of at least 60% cotton fibers.
  • Artificial, which, along with cotton, contains synthetic threads and artificial viscose. The fabric has greater strength and durability compared to natural. In addition, it is softer and more practical than natural chenille, and costs less.
  • Synthetic, which consists of 60% synthetic acrylic and polyester fibers, is durable, resistant to dirt, but not very pleasant when in contact with the body.

The main disadvantages of chenille are the formation of puffs and an increased tendency to contamination.

Upholstery leather and eco-leather

  • Genuine leather refers to expensive upholstery materials. Leather-covered sofas are more suitable for workrooms and reception rooms. The material is durable, but easily polluted.
  • Eco – leather. Whether it’s the eco-leather upholstery. Thanks to the latest technology, it can not be distinguished from genuine leather. It is much cheaper than the real one, it is painted in any colors, looks beautiful and solid. Therefore, it has an increased demand from owners of apartments and private houses. Eco-leather is based on cotton fabric. It is easy to clean, does not accumulate statistical electricity, does not attract dust, the color does not fade and does not wear out. The disadvantages of eco-leather are low air transmission rates, poor thermoregulation. In a cool room, it is unpleasant to sit on an eco-leather cover because of cooling, in the heat, all places of contact with the surface will sweat on eco-leather sofas.

Boucle upholstery

The raw materials for its manufacture are mainly cotton, wool and silk, but viscose and polyester yarns are also used. Sofas covered with boucle fabric, soft to the touch, breathable. The upholstery is resistant to deformation, warm on contact, has a wide variety of colors, cheap and looks original. The main negative side of such a sofa cover is a tendency to rapid contamination and puffs.

Interior design style

With sofas made in different shades of yellow, many styles are combined.

Sofas of square shapes are suitable for the Loft style with rough surfaces.

Loft style.

The pastel tones of the yellow sofa will be a wonderful addition to the Provence and Country styles.

Provence style.

Country style.

To the yellow shades of the sofa in the interior of the Hi-tech style, it is desirable to choose pillows with a black fabric.

High-tech style.

The sofa of a sunny shade is able to decorate the style of minimalism with its presence.

Minimalist style.

The classic-style interior can be diluted with an elegant sand-colored sofa.

Classic style.

Bright shades of yellow are suitable for the styles of Avant-garde, Modern, Pop art.

Avant-garde style.

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