White sofa in the interior: design ideas

By | December 24, 2022

White color refers to neutral. It cannot be called either warm or cold, so it is considered an ideal background for creating any compositions in the interior. Visually white color pushes the boundaries of the rooms, making them spacious, saturated with air and freshness. Interiors of rooms made in white tones look stylish and do not go out of fashion.

Shades of white in the interior

The white color of upholstered furniture gives the room not only comfort, but also a certain gloss. But white color is perceived differently depending on the seasons of the year, the illumination during the day. Sofas of white colors look different in the far corner of the rooms and in the illuminated part of it by daylight.

The white upholstery of upholstered furniture reflects other colors that are nearby. Try putting a pillow in a red cover on a white surface, and the white color will immediately acquire a pink hue.

Designers in their projects in a white interior use different combinations of fabrics and textures. White color is a win-win background for art objects, art objects, modern furniture. But you should not get too carried away with the white color, so as not to turn the room into a dead, cold room. It is enough to do with white walls or upholstered furniture.

Many people dislike the white color due to the fact that it can get dirty quickly. In fact, it has more advantages than disadvantages. It does not fade in comparison with other colors, there are no traces of touching hands on it. With it, the room seems more spacious and bright. The white color unites everything that, it would seem, should not have been next to each other. This is an assistant that cancels the disparity of furnishings, combining them into one whole.

Sofa transformation mechanisms

Modern industry has mastered the production of many different types of sofas, distinguishable by design, shape, size, and materials of covering. And before going to the store to buy, it is desirable to have an idea about the folding mechanism of upholstered furniture, convenient for all members of the family, about its functionality.

There are several mechanisms for transforming sofas. Folding mechanisms are divided into three categories: folding, sliding and extendable.

Shapes of white sofas

There are several forms of sofas: straight, round, oval, angular, modular.

Straight designs of white sofas

Rectangular sofa shapes have always been and remain the most popular types of designs. They belong to the classics, fit well into any interiors and styles. Straight designs are recognizable by the flat back and side armrests.

Corner designs of white sofas

Corner models of sofas are usually assigned places in the corner of rooms. They divide spacious rooms into zones. When unfolded, the corner sofa can be used as a place for a full sleep. But when buying, keep in mind that they are bulky and not suitable for rooms with a small area. Corner, non-folding models are available for kitchens. They are compact, do not take up much space, but they are not suitable for sleeping. In shape, corner sofas are straight and rounded, with left-sided, right-sided and universal corners.

U-shaped designs of white sofas

U-shaped sofas are classified as modular structures, where one of the segments can replace the other. Such structures have a main sofa and two side sections in which furniture boxes are mounted.

Semicircular shapes of a white sofa

They have a similar design to U-shaped ones. They also have a set of sections, only instead of square outlines, they look like a new moon in the sky. They look great in rooms with a large area, as they occupy a large space. Usually they zone the space of the room, along the walls they are installed extremely rarely.

Round shapes of a white sofa

Usually round-shaped sofas consist of separate modules. They are installed around the perimeter of round tables, bar counters, and other objects around which it is pleasant to spend time with friends.

But there are also solid forms without an inner space in the middle. They are used to accentuate the room. On their basis, the interior design of the entire room is already being created. The sofa can have a solid structure and consist of separate sections.

Types of upholstery

Sofas can be covered with fabric, leather or its substitutes.

Fabric upholstery

  • Gunny. Sofa upholstery with matting is the most popular. It is easily recognizable by the characteristic interlacing of the lines in a checkerboard pattern. The fabric, which looks like burlap, is durable, resistant to damage, fading, does not rub, and is easily cleaned of dirt. Polyester or olefin fibers give wear resistance to cotton or wool textiles, and air transmission provides a kind of interweaving of threads.
  • Velour. Sofas with velour upholstery are soft and beautiful in appearance. Their thick pile does not cause allergies, has a rich palette of shades, and is easy to care for. According to the composition, velour can be natural and synthetic, painted in any colors.
  • Jacquard. Synthetic and natural fibers are also present in jacquard fabric. The material is dense, not prone to fading, has good strength and a long service life.
  • The flock resembles velour fabric in its appearance, soft velvety texture, but compared to velour it is more practical and wear-resistant. Consisting of a mixture of synthetics with cotton, it is suitable for families with children and pets who like to scratch their claws on the upholstery of the sofa.

White leather sofa and leather substitutes

  • Natural leather covering is among the highest quality, but also the most expensive. It is necessary to handle natural leather very carefully so as not to accidentally scratch or damage it by accidentally catching it with a sharp object.
  • Eco-leather in its composition has a fabric base and polyurethane. A microporous film applied to a cotton or polyester base forms a fabric called eco-leather. Sofas upholstered in eco-leather are elastic, durable, visually indistinguishable from natural coverings.
  • Polymer coating, called leatherette, refers to artificial materials. It consists of polyesters, polyethylene, polyvinyl chlorides, polyamides and many other chemical fillers, rubbers and their mixtures. Unlike eco-leather, leatherette blocks air circulation, cold to the touch in a cool room.

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