How to choose wallpaper: design ideas and tips

A cozy interior is necessarily beautifully decorated walls. You can use paint, panels and other materials to finish them. But the most popular option is wallpaper. They play a serious role in the perception of the entire interior as a whole. Therefore, it is important to choose the right design for them. In addition, you… Read More »

Brick wall: interior design ideas

A brick wall in the interior is a fashionable trend of modernity. Advantages and disadvantages Brickwork in the interior has stepped beyond the loft style and has become a fashion trend when creating other interiors. It is attractive to designers because: Any room will give originality and charm of antiquity. It is a durable material.… Read More »

Roman curtains: design ideas and tips

Curtains are an invariable attribute of a modern interior. They are able to radically change the perception of design in the room, make it softer, homelike. They become interesting accents, enliven or harmoniously complement the chosen interior style. However, traditional fabric curtains that fall to the floor in longitudinal folds are not always appropriate. So,… Read More »

How to hang curtains correctly: design ideas and tips

Curtains are an interior decoration. It is they who make the interior complete. Types of curtains But first let’s figure out what they are, the method of fastening largely depends on this. Classic – usually consist of two rectangular canvases. This type is very common. Japanese – these are two light panels made of frames… Read More »