How to design a built-in wardrobe: step-by-step guide

A built–in wardrobe is a fairly common interior solution that allows you to harmoniously complement the interior with a storage area for various things. Unlike finished furniture produced at enterprises, it is created for the needs of specific people, according to individual design. Wardrobes are a very convenient alternative to conventional swing cabinets. Sliding door… Read More »

All about painting old furniture: step-by-step guide

The desire to change the interior can be realized with minimal costs. It is not necessary to throw out old furniture. It is enough to repaint a boring, boring closet and it will turn into a highlight of the home environment. The main thing is to keep in mind that each material requires its own… Read More »

How to reupholster a sofa (couch): step-by-step guide

The upholstery of upholstered furniture is an opportunity to return it to its original aesthetic appeal, and sometimes to make it much better, at a price significantly different from the purchase of new furniture. This is an opportunity to refresh the interior, bring new notes to it and return the furniture to its former attractiveness… Read More »

Wall decor: design ideas

“My house is my fortress” does not mean the immutability of the interior and the constancy of the habitat. We expect not only protection from the house, but also pleasant emotions, relaxation, inspiration and diversity. And if you are bored with the appearance of the wall, you can decorate it. Let’s look at unusual and… Read More »

Laminate walls: the best design ideas

Designers successfully use laminate as a material for wall decoration in the interior. We will talk about the features of use in this article. Advantages and disadvantages Before deciding on such an unusual room decoration, take into account the possible pros and cons. Advantages of installing laminate on the wall: perfectly smooth surface with a… Read More »

Wood wall decoration: design ideas

Wood is valued for its durability, practicality and aesthetic qualities. After all, the wall covering, as a rule, should serve for a long time. Accordingly, we need a material that will meet the requirements for quality and presentable appearance. That is why modern masters of interior design recommend taking a closer look at the unique… Read More »

Decorative wall panels: design ideas and tips

Decorative wall panels are not just a fashionable method of interior transformation, but also a convenient practical design that will help you create a beautiful interior without any problems. Various variations of design and material help to use it in rooms of all shapes, sizes and purposes – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Decorative wall panels can… Read More »

Flexible stone veneer: design ideas

Flexible stone is a finishing material. It consists of fiberglass, adhesive mixture and the smallest particles of rock sedimentary rocks – sandstone or marble chips. Advantages and disadvantages Advantages: Does not burn, does not leak water. It is eco-friendly, there are no toxic substances in its composition. The decorative layer has a natural origin, and… Read More »