How to choose wallpaper for the hallway: design ideas and tips

By | January 22, 2023

For the hallway, the owners of apartments and houses choose the most practical types of wallpaper. As a rule, vinyl. Washable, resistant to contamination and accidental mechanical influences.

Since the hallway connects to the corridor, people logically argue that the same finish is required. But if you look from the point of view of an experienced designer, you can identify several key areas. It is on them that the eye falls in the first place. Such rooms require attention and careful finishing. The rest of the walls can be left as background walls so as not to overload a small space.

How to choose high-quality wallpaper for the hallway, while saving money? How to make the corridor visually more spacious? We will tell you!

What wallpaper should I choose for the hallway?

At the entrance to the apartment, only one wall is visible. Depending on the layout, it is equipped with a doorway or is an interior partition.

To achieve a stunning, memorable effect, it is enough to paste over only one wall with expensive wallpaper with a spectacular pattern. Exactly the one that is located opposite the front door. It is enough to cover the remaining areas with plain wallpaper or paint with neutral paint. You can also use decorative plaster.

Since the gaze of the incoming person is directed against the bright light, everything around is seen as a dark spot. To prevent this from happening, you should choose the most contrasting wallpaper with a large, expressive pattern. Otherwise, everything will merge into a single mass.

One accent wall is enough – opposite the entrance. The most popular way to highlight this area is the gluing of beautiful photo wallpapers. Often owners choose 3D models with the effect of extended space. They can depict anything from an urban landscape, a magnificent blooming garden, to an ancient castle and the seashore.

If you have artistic talent or good stencils, you can create a unique painting. Such an accent wall will not only attract attention, but also emphasize the individuality of the home.

In the elongated hallway there are two points on which the main attention is focused. For those who have just entered the apartment, this is the opposite end. For those leaving the room – opposite the interior door, side wall. It is they who should be expressively highlighted with wallpaper.

The walls adjacent directly to the front door are best painted. Dirt most often gets on them, traces of careless actions, scratches, chips remain. The surface of the paint is much easier to wash or update by smearing the chip with a special mixture.

If the hallway leads directly to the room, without long transitions, one attention-grabbing area is quite enough. What kind of decoration to apply is up to the owners of the apartment, of course. It all depends on their preferences, color perception and individual character traits.

The rest of the walls in the corridor are decorated very simply, pasting wallpaper with a repeating discreet pattern, for example, brickwork or natural stone, wood. Background walls can be plain – white, beige, gray, bluish. This allows you to significantly save on finishing, and does not overload the mind with an excess of bright colors.

The hallway is a high–risk area for walls. Here, more often than in all other rooms, various cases occur that greatly harm the wall covering.

That is why there is an opinion that special wallpaper is needed in this small room: high-quality, washable.

However, using modern methods of interior design, it is absolutely not necessary to spend money on expensive types of wallpaper.

Wallpaper is pasted over only one focal point. The rest of the perimeter is finished with the most suitable, durable and wear-resistant materials. These are plaster for painting, plastic and wooden panels, decorative plaster, tile and clinker tiles.

You can paste the upper parts of the walls with colored wallpaper, using other materials at the bottom. Even paper wallpaper is suitable for such a decor, since nothing threatens them in this zone. Non-woven wallpaper will look like royalty!

Another interesting way of combining finishing materials allows you to keep an attractive hallway interior for a long time. To do this, the space next to the entrance door is decorated with wear-resistant materials: washable paint, panels, painted or varnished brick. The second half of the space is covered with the selected wallpaper with the original pattern.

Do not choose wallpaper for the hallway solely on their ability to withstand external influences. In this case, the entire rich assortment of wallpaper is reduced to only two types – washable vinyl and liquid. And each of them is not without its drawbacks. Therefore, you do not need to limit yourself.

What is the best way to decorate the corridor space?

The side walls, along which the eye simply glides without lingering, should be pasted with neutral wallpaper, or painted with a monochrome paint.

The repeating optical pattern looks great. In the light, it becomes an accent, and in a dim corridor it does not attract attention. Such wallpaper is pasted over the entire space of the corridor.

If the corridor is a logical continuation of the hallway, without transitions, it is better to choose the same finish throughout.

Choosing a color

The main criterion for choosing wallpaper for the hallway and corridor is their compatibility with other interior elements, floor and ceiling decoration. Traditionally, apartment owners prefer the warm texture of natural wood. It is not surprising that gray and brown-golden colors prevail. However, more and more often people decide on bold experiments using a light, dark or contrasting palette.

  • All gray shades are perfectly combined with light yellowish, golden furniture. They are also suitable for parquet, parquet board or laminate.

  • The calm, warm shade of milk chocolate perfectly matches the bright white-black-brown tile with a carpet pattern. Solid furniture in the color of wallpaper complements the interior. With this choice of flooring, no other accents are needed. And, conversely, if the floor and walls are plain brown, you will need an accent wall or light furniture.

  • Dark wallpaper. It is necessary to carefully approach the selection of shades of other elements. The floor and furniture should be several shades lighter. If the floor is even darker, then you will need bright, accent furniture.

  • Light wallpaper is the best option for small rooms. They visually expand the space. Neutral patterns and white or darker furniture will successfully complement a cozy, bright interior.

Drawings on a dark background look great in combination with a white ceiling, floor and an abundance of natural and artificial light. Thanks to the high ceilings, this solution creates a unique, unusual interior.

Which ornament is preferable?

Geometric patterns and floral motifs are the most popular. This wallpaper is suitable for almost any interior design.

  • The hallway and corridor are the most suitable areas where you can use striped, diamond or checkered wallpaper. The clear geometric patterns create a very special atmosphere. Even in a small room, they give a sense of volume, perfectly mask design defects. And a short stay in the premises does not allow the eyes to get tired.
  • Background wallpapers don’t have to be monochrome only. A narrow vertical strip is another great option. And large, wide stripes allow you to place the necessary accents and visually change the geometry of the space.
  • Tropical flowers, lianas and luxurious palm leaves are steadfastly holding their positions in popularity. What will look defiant or too bright in the living room or bedroom is perfect for the hallway.
  • Photo wallpapers and panels with 3D effect allow you to visually push the boundaries of the hallway. To enhance the effect, they are glued to two adjacent walls, visually “erasing” the corner. Such wallpaper cannot be supplemented with other decor. They are self-sufficient.

Wallpaper with panoramic images visually increase the space of the hallway.

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