How to hang curtains correctly: design ideas and tips

By | January 15, 2023

Curtains are an interior decoration. It is they who make the interior complete.

Types of curtains

But first let’s figure out what they are, the method of fastening largely depends on this.

  • Classic – usually consist of two rectangular canvases. This type is very common.
  • Japanese – these are two light panels made of frames covered with textiles or rice paper.
  • French – the canvas is draped with vertical ribbons in semicircular folds. Rises up.
  • Italian – a canvas with drapery, which is performed by cords that pull the product diagonally. They don’t move apart.
  • Roman – the canvas falls in horizontal folds and is assembled with cords or chains.
  • Roll – cloths made of dense material, rolled into a shaft using a mechanism.

Types of rod

They differ both in appearance, and in the material of manufacture, and in the method of fastening curtains.

According to the material of manufacture:

  • metal,
  • wood,
  • plastic,
  • combined.

Different ways to hang curtains on a rod

There are several ways.

  • Loops. Way to hang eyelet curtains. They are made of strips of fabric. The loops are sewn to the canvas with both ends. But the option with a button closure or Velcro is also possible. This is a very popular way of attaching curtains. They are versatile, suitable for both light and heavy fabrics.

  • Grommets are metal or plastic rings that are attached to the top of the curtains. Grommets are very decorative, but only suitable for heavy fabrics. They can damage light tissues.

  • Rings.

  • The easiest way that does not require additional costs. With this method of fastening, the upper part of the fabric is turned up and stitched. This mount is able to withstand heavy curtains.

  • Hooks – there are several varieties. They can be both metal and plastic, the fabric is hung on them with loops. This option is best suited for light fabrics. They may not be able to withstand very heavy fabric. In addition, plastic hooks break easily.
  • Clips. A long-standing and well-known method of fastening. The clips cling to the fabric. They are made of either metal or plastic. They are easy to use, but they look bulky on light fabrics, and they may not hold heavy fabrics. In addition, they can damage the fabric.
  • Braid or ribbon for curtains. It is a woven or braided strip made of cotton, polyester, linen or silk. The material depends on the density of the curtains. For light tulle or organza, for example, a ribbon made of silk or polyester will suit. For a denser fabric – cotton or linen.

How to hang curtains on a ribbon?

It must be sewn in the upper part of the panel from the wrong side. Inside the ribbon there is a cord that helps to drape the fabric. Actually, the creation of a variety of beautiful draperies is the main task.

Draperies with curtain tape:

  • Standard smooth folds on the fabric. On a light fabric, the drapery will be small, on a thick one – large and voluminous.
  • Counter folds are for dense fabric.
  • Bows – such folds are good.
  • Cylindrical folds will give an unusual look.

French curtains

The curtains are raised either by means of a motor or mechanically controlled by a cord or chain. They are good for large halls and large windows.

Japanese curtains

They also found their loyal followers. Their modest asceticism attracts with its versatility. They not only protect from the sun, but also visually expand the space, decorate the walls. They fit perfectly into styles such as minimalism, avant-garde and, of course, Japanese.

How to hang them?

One canvas is fixed motionless, the rest are set in motion either by hands, which is not desirable, since it will take quite a lot of effort (there must be a weighting agent at the bottom of the canvas), and from the contact of hands the canvas will quickly get dirty, either with cords or chains, or with an electric drive.

Roller blinds

Possible sequence of actions:

  • First, the brackets are screwed with screws to the frame, to the ceiling or to the wall, depending on how you will install them.
  • Install a pipe with a cloth in the brackets, close the brackets with a lid.
  • Attach the chain retainer to the wall.

Roller blinds are controlled by a chain or cord. There are other ways to attach roller blinds, but we will not touch them here.

Different ways to hang curtains without a rod

There are several ways:

On a metal string or on a fishing line, it is suitable for light fabrics.

  • Velcro is also for thin fabrics. Curtains are attached directly to the frame, the distance to the glass is minimal.
  • On hooks – if you have blackout curtains or a window of a non-standard shape.
  • How to hang curtains on hooks – a little more. You can hang not only heavy, but also light fabric on the hooks, only we choose small and elegant hooks themselves.

For this purpose, you can use ordinary clothes hooks. It all depends not only on the material of the curtains, but also on the style of the room and on your imagination.

First you need to imagine what a window with curtains will look like. Now you can outline the places for the hooks. They can be attached either directly to the wall or to a wooden plank that is attached above the window. It is clear that the second method is better, especially if the fabric is heavy.

The hooks are screwed with screws. Loops are sewn to the upper edge of the curtains. It remains only to hang.

Pictures of different ways to hang curtains

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