Yellow kitchen: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

What is yellow associated with? With the sun, warmth, something very joyful and positive, right? It lifts the mood, charges with optimism and excites the appetite. All these qualities prove that there should be a yellow color in the kitchen!

Cozy atmosphere.

Advantages of yellow in the kitchen

And what do the designers say? Experts say that the yellow color helps to liberate and break stereotypes. In addition, he:

Bright interior.

  • It sets you up in a positive way.
  • Encourages creativity.
  • It goes well with other colors.
  • Visually expands the space.
  • Makes the interior warmer.

Bright interior.

However, its illiterate and excessive use is fraught with dangers:

  • Too bright yellow color can cause headaches and even aggression.
  • When there is a lot of it, it can get boring.
  • Has a reputation as the color of separation.

And yet, if the expression and activity of yellow does not frighten you, you can safely use it in the kitchen, effectively combining it with other colors.

Color combinations

Here’s a little more about the color combinations below.

Combination with gray.

Bright accents.

  • Yellow-gray. The combination of yellow facades with chrome-plated silver fittings and neutral walls gives a noble and refined result. This combination is considered the most advantageous.

Spectacular black and yellow kitchen.

  • Yellow-black is a very effective combination, hinting at prosperity and luxury, but it is important not to overdo it: black is depressing.

Bright interior.

  • Yellow-white is a sunny, very positive tandem, gives a feeling of freshness and spaciousness.

Combination with green.

  • Yellow-green will settle the aroma of freshness and summer in the kitchen. Juicy and harmonious combination.

Combination with red.

  • Yellow-red – two active energetic colors will create an invigorating atmosphere. In order not to get overexcited, it is better to mute one of the shades.

Combination with blue.

  • Yellow-blue – “ice and flame”. It is associated with the coolness of the sunny autumn sky. Here you can play on contrasts or soften the overall sound.

Combination with brown.

  • Yellow-brown – luxurious, noble, stylish and harmonious.

Yes, yellow is combined with all colors, but at the same time we must remember that there should not be too much of it. It is not necessary to paint large surfaces yellow, for example, all walls, floor and ceiling. If it serves as the main color, use muted shades. Kitchen facades of mustard, sand, straw shade against the background of neutral walls will look friendly and harmonious and will not cause irritation.

Modern style.

Provence style.

On the other hand, yellow walls will add expressiveness to any kitchen furniture. This is an interesting and unusual solution. Choose furniture in calm tones. Yellow walls should be brighter than furniture, otherwise it’s tasteless. And it is also important that the furniture does not merge with the background. Caution and a sense of proportion are generally required here. Brighter yellow colors are acceptable as a background in the kitchen, where there is not enough sunlight and enough space. Aggressive yellowness will suppress a small kitchen. In this case, bright yellow will be good as accents.

Interior design style

Classic style.

  • The basic yellow color will be good for a classic interior. Kitchen facades of a soft cream wheat shade with golden fittings are noble and refined.

Scandinavian style.

  • Scandinavian style – you need a soft, pastel shade of yellow, close to beige. Don’t forget about the white color. He must be present.

Modern style.

  • Modern style likes clean and bright colors. Therefore, we use an inspiring palette of lemon, sunflower, dandelion flowers.

Country style.

  • Rustic styles – country, Provence, Russian like a restrained yellow palette – sand, terracotta, cream.

Mediterranean style.

  • The Mediterranean style allows for a riot of colors, so yellow can play the role of the main color.

Hi-tech style.

  • Hi-tech style – likes contrasts and unexpected combinations, so yellow is quite appropriate here. It will be especially good in combination with metal and chrome details, which this style loves so much.

Mustard color.

Straw, mustard, sandy shades of yellow are universal, do not get bored and may well become the basis of the interior. If the base color is a bright shade of yellow, then such a kitchen lifts the mood and increases appetite, but it must be balanced and muted with other colors, otherwise the interior will look too monotonous.


For a yellow kitchen set, you need a harmonious environment. It is better to make the floor dark. Chocolate, gray shades, the color of natural wood will “calm down” the riot of yellow facades.

Combination with brown.

The walls of white, cream, milky shades will perfectly contrast with the bright yellow facades, the whole atmosphere will be surprisingly lively and fresh. You can make one accent wall of dark color – cobalt, purple or indigo – and you will be amazed by the effect.

The ceiling – there are few options, but the glossy white will expand the space. Sparkling honey will be beautiful in combination with cream facades and golden fittings. It’s like palace luxury.



Now is the time to pay attention to the windows, because it is the curtains and drapes that give the interior completeness. What kind of textiles will suit our yellow kitchen? Curtains can act in contrast with the main tone. White is universal and always good. If there are no curtains in the kitchen, but only light curtains, you can play on contrasts. With yellow walls or a kitchen set, the chocolate, brown or rich blue color of the curtains will look good.


If the kitchen is made in other colors (say, beige, gray or white), then the bright textiles on the windows will become a wonderful accent and enliven the atmosphere.

Are the curtains plain or patterned? It depends on the concept of the kitchen. A large or small cage looks good in a yellow interior. If there is upholstered furniture in the kitchen, then curtains may well repeat its pattern – an interesting solution. Longitudinal stripes on the curtains will raise the ceiling.

The window in the kitchen can be decorated not only with traditional curtains. Photo-printed blinds and bright prints, roller blinds will give a highlight to your interior. Do not hang bright monochrome curtains in the color of the kitchen set, it’s boring. This is appropriate only if the kitchen is designed in soft muted tones.

Dining area

Dining area.

There is also other furniture in the kitchen. For example, this is a table and a dining area. What about him? It depends on what role you assign to the yellow color. If he is a soloist, then choose a neutral-tone table, a transparent glass table will be especially good. It is always good, especially in small rooms. A good solution would be a table in the color of natural wood. If your kitchen is different: gray, white, turquoise, then a bright yellow dining table will make a joyful contrast.

Wicker chairs.

It is better to choose transparent chairs, or bright yellow chairs and a transparent or white table. A white table and black chairs will look good in a yellow kitchen. The rest of the furniture – a kitchen corner, a serving table should be in muted colors – brown, white, green and not attract attention. One area should be bright – working or dining. And only in spacious rooms it is permissible to make both of these zones saturated.

Yellow accents in the kitchen

Bright apron on a white kitchen background.

Next, we will talk about the yellow color in the kitchen interior as an accent. You will see that this color looks much more harmonious as an accent. And here we have to give leadership to the apron. He always attracts attention to himself and copes with this task perfectly. A bright work area is just what you need. And it may well be as an accent on a restrained kitchen.

Bright apron.

A bright apron will visually highlight the cooking area, and its cheerful color will cheer up and culinary creativity will bring joy. In addition, spots and dirt are not so noticeable on bright and bright colors, and this is essential for the place where food is being prepared, drops and splashes fly. Different materials are used for the apron: tile, mosaic, laminated panels. It doesn’t have to be monochrome. Images of flowers and fruits, geometric patterns will look interesting.


Cozy atmosphere.

Lighting devices are something that can put a spectacular point or destroy the created interior. Therefore, you need to choose them very carefully. The sunny kitchen will be quite harmoniously complemented by a yellow chandelier – like the sun.

Lighting options.

But this is not the only option at all. The lampshade can be transparent and even contrasting. Yellow cuisine is chosen by active creative natures, so lamps of avant-garde unusual shapes will be quite appropriate here. Bright yellow apron, the work area can be highlighted in purple.

Recommendations for the design of the yellow kitchen

Of course, size always matters, and the kitchen area dictates its own rules. But, fortunately, this color has many shades, which gives room for design. It visually enlarges objects without weighing them down. This property is ideal for medium and spacious kitchens.

Bright canary colors are not suitable for small kitchens. No matter how cheerful they look, it’s better to choose softer, calmer shades. A sand-colored kitchen will add lightness and spaciousness, warm the interior.

Photo gallery of design ideas

Combination with white and beige.

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