Beige color in the kitchen interior: interesting design ideas and real photos

By | November 17, 2022

Beige color in the kitchen interior is one of the most versatile design options. The multi-faceted beige opens up a wide scope for imagination, creates a unique atmosphere. It can be laconically strict and homely, cold and romantic. Suitable for small and spacious kitchens. Beige perfectly plays the role of a neutral background, focusing on bright elements of decor and furniture.

Elegant glossy facades headset shade of coffee with milk.

It is also used as an additional color. What nuances should be taken into account? His entire palette is pleasing to the eye, does not irritate and never gets boring. How to design a room in this range? Professionals advise.

Advantages and disadvantages of beige kitchens

Why are beige kitchens so popular? To answer this question, it is necessary to evaluate all the advantages of such a design.

  • Beige perfectly combines with any interior styles, from Baroque, classicism and art Deco, to minimalism, eco style and Scandinavian.
  • Color is associated with the most pleasant taste sensations that a person experiences in his life: an excellent dessert and a kind of creme brulee ice cream, stringy caramel and milk chocolate, coffee, cocoa or tea with milk, homemade muffin. In such a kitchen, there is always a great appetite, a relaxing, truly homely atmosphere.
  • It can be used in rooms brightly lit by the sun, as well as in darkly dark kitchens, whose windows are covered with dense tree crowns or face north.
  • Beige is able to blend harmoniously with all existing colors, favorably highlighting or, conversely, dimming their radiance. By choosing it as a background, the owners will not lose: you can easily supplement beige with the right, favorite colors.
  • Since light tones spread the space well, beige is readily used in the design of small-sized kitchens.
  • It has a calming effect on the human nervous system, creates a wonderful mood, promotes a positive perception of reality. For modern life, with its frenzied rhythms and stresses, this is a real salvation, an island of serenity in a raging sea.

Neoclassical kitchen.

Are there any design flaws in the beige color? Sure. Like any other color solutions, it requires attention to detail and a thoughtful layout.

Here are the most common mistakes:

  • With incorrectly selected shades, the absence of bright colors, the room looks boring, monotonous and even gloomy.
  • If the owners decide to choose a very light color as the base, it is worth considering that such a kitchen interior requires especially careful daily cleaning. Traces of splashes, dust, dirt are clearly visible on cream surfaces.

Kitchen interior in brown and beige tones.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that the few disadvantages of kitchens in beige design are more than compensated by a number of advantages.

What nuances should be taken into account when decorating the kitchen in beige shades

To properly decorate the kitchen space in beige, you should listen to the advice of experienced designers.

  • Is the color chosen as the leading background for the main surfaces (flooring, ceiling, walls)? In this case, it is appropriate to purchase a contrasting kitchen set, a soft corner. The choice of color solutions is at the discretion of the owners. A delicate pastel palette, rich floral and berry colors, emerald or olive greens, black, matte white, purple, dark chocolate or cherry wood will do.

The kitchen is in a classic style.

  • To emphasize the charm of the main tone, add golden details and decorative elements. It can be home textiles with beautiful fringes or stripes, a pattern on an apron, a table top, decorative vases or paintings, upholstery of stools or sofas.
  • Lamps with a warm, yellowish spectrum are chosen for lighting the kitchen in beige. Ceiling lamps and sconces should also provide a cozy, diffused light. Spot lighting is used only for the work area.
  • The two–tone facades of kitchen sets look unusual and attractive, combining any shades of beige with a bright contrast – green, blue, orange, red, etc.
  • Beige can also be used as accents: in the form of countertops, curtains and carpet on the floor, sofa upholstery.

How to combine beige with other elements of the kitchen interior

Natural textures look the most advantageous in combination with beige:

  • different types of wood, with its unique, fascinating patterns;
  • greenery of home flowers or plant ornament;
  • rough brick and natural stone – sandstone, granite, marble.

Here are some ideas for a beige kitchen:

  • An apron in the form of a mosaic or pixels. It is usually made plain, darker than the main background, or combining 2-3 neutral colors. This design is suitable for loft-style interiors, Scandinavian, classic.
  • The masonry of tiles, hexagonal panels of contrasting, coffee-black-red colors looks great.
  • Lilac, pink and purple shades perfectly set off the noble light beige. They create a serene, romantic spring atmosphere.

Beautiful interior of a classic kitchen.

  • It is good to use textile products to create accents – curtains, upholstery of stools, chairs or armchairs, napkins and towels. On the main beige background, the shades of the tropical sea look great.
  • Contrasting kitchen cabinets and shelves, bright decor, prints and paintings perfectly fit into neutral beige.
  • If you add bright pink, orange or red tones to the cream color, you get an incredibly attractive range. It is not necessary to choose a two-tone kitchen set for this. You can focus on curtains or blinds, put an original kitchen apron or stools, buy a set of beautiful napkins, a vase of fruit.

Beige kitchen interior with purple accents.

There are many options for finishing the room in beige. You can choose an interior for any, the most fastidious taste.

How to properly decorate a kitchen in beige

Beige color is used in the design of kitchens in different ways, beating a variety of options and original ideas.

  • Kitchen set, monochrome or with contrasting inserts. You can also combine a dark bottom and a cream top. The apron and countertop can be monochrome, multicolored or even black. Polished artificial or natural stone, painted brickwork looks beautiful.
  • Wallpaper or plain wall painting. Light shades are used for small rooms, two–tone or darker shades are used for spacious ones. If the windows face south and there is enough light, you can choose cold, pearly, bluish and grayish shades. Dark rooms are better decorated in warm colors – cream, milk, caramel. It is important to take into account the texture of the finishing materials. A shiny gloss is appropriate in well-lit kitchens. And for the gloomy, soft, embossed wallpaper and panels are more suitable.
  • A monochrome palette consisting of several light and dark shades of beige is an excellent option for any interior style. You just need to make sure that the furnishings do not merge with the walls, floor and with each other.
  • The best solution for the ceiling will be a light yellowish shade. You can also use light lilac or silver-blue colors.
  • The floor in the room is finished with tile, solid wood or parquet board. It is acceptable to use high-quality laminate or linoleum. At the same time, the following rule is observed: if the walls are decorated in a light color scheme, the floor covering is chosen darker, the colors of coffee with milk or chocolate. Dark wallpaper or paint goes well with delicate, creamy, golden and pastel shades.

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