Gray and white kitchen: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Gray color harmoniously combines with shades of white. These two colors make the atmosphere cozy. Consider the pros and cons of a gray-white kitchen design.

The combination of gray and white in the interior.

Features of the gray-white kitchen

The kitchen set, regardless of the chosen style, will emphasize any thing left on the surface. Therefore, all items that are used in everyday life, but are not intended as interior decor, should be put away in cabinets.

  • Chrome metal strips, coasters, glass dryers will look great against the background of the kitchen set.
  • Built–in appliances in white, black, silver or bright colors – you can choose any option for the kitchen without limiting your preferences.
  • Remember that the kitchen on the sunny side of the house gets good natural light without any problems. If dark gray prevails, then in hot weather the interior will be perceived as “cooler”.
  • If the kitchen is located on the north side, a light shade should dominate, preferably in combination with glossy surfaces to reflect light.

Is it worth choosing a white-gray design in the kitchen

This is an individual preference. So many people, so many opinions. In this matter, you can name both the positive sides and find something to find fault with.

Grey matte kitchen set and stone apron.

Arguments “for”

  • Neutral color is the basis for any color. With gray, white looks advantageous and any bright shade that highlights the right things with an accent. The kitchen is suitable for household appliances of any color.
  • The combination of these colors is universal. It doesn’t matter if the top or bottom of the room is white. It must be remembered that a light tone should prevail in small rooms. In a large room, it is better to use dark-colored paint.
  • A combination of incongruous. Objects of even unpredictable colors look impressive against such a background. Moreover, the shades will not shine and shimmer tastelessly, but will create a cozy atmosphere. There is always a place for experiment in such a room.

Combination with turquoise and beige.

The argument “against”

Some believe that the combination of white and gray creates a cold effect. This impression occurs when a gray saturated shade is used on the north side of an apartment or house, where little sunlight enters. In such rooms it is reasonable to give preference to yellow, mustard accents.

If you want to leave a gray background, you can take advantage of bright lighting.

Color combinations

Gray color in the design of residential premises is a classic. Today, he is gaining popularity, getting rid of the stuck characteristic “nondescript”. It is important to apply the color scheme correctly, to beat competently. The versatility of the gray color makes it easier to use. It looks good in combination with cold and warm tones. It looks great on the floor, in the interior of the walls, on the ceiling, on furniture upholstery.

Large kitchen in white and blue tones.

With a small size of the living space, it is optimal to design the kitchen in tones that are calm for visual perception:

Grey and white

Such a kitchen looks noble. These shades prevail in interiors decorated in the style of Scandinavian countries. The ratio of the number of colors among themselves is 50-50.

Only gray shades

A characteristic feature of High-tech and Minimalism styles. It is enough to choose 2-3 tones of different brightness. An actual technique today is mixing colors and getting a complex combination that looks great in the kitchen.

In such an interior, it is important to take into account the size of the room, the color scheme of surface finishes and the level of illumination. Light shades are suitable for the walls and floor in a small room, dark shades for furniture. In large kitchens, there are no prohibitions in color combinations. With sufficient natural light, a large room is decorated in pale color. Chrome surfaces look good in such kitchens.

Bright color scheme

Saturated colors enliven the gray room. Staying in such a territory improves the mood. Interesting ideas for cooking new and unusual dishes come to mind.

The easiest way is to add the technique of bright colors and intense colors to the decoration. For the most desperate, painting in a rich color of the floor, wall or ceiling is suitable. This will not harm the design of the room at all.

Household items of variegated shades look stylish and advantageous on a gray background: a freezer, a sofa, and so on. It is very extravagant when the doors of the cabinets or sideboard are painted in different colors. The shape of the furniture does not affect the choice of shade.

On a note! The light tone of gray color goes well with mint, pale blue, and dark harmonizes with lavender, green, yellow.

Grey-yellow kitchen with bright accents.

Combining grey with wooden surfaces

It is impossible not to say about the combination of gray with wooden surfaces. It is necessary to choose the right shade: dark wood is combined with a dark color, light wood – with a pale pale version. Furniture with glossy facades is irresistible in a charcoal shade, natural coatings look perfect in a natural solution.

Hint! By placing fresh flowers on the work surfaces in the kitchen (one is enough), you will add beauty and comfort to the interior.

Color combination rule

Coloristics is the art of mixing shades. The use of the golden rule “60-30-10” in the design of the kitchen is a guarantee of quality and comfort. Choosing 3 primary colors and using them in the following quantitative ratio makes the design competent:

  • 60% of the color that will prevail (white or gray);
  • distribute 10% into accents (the third color can be selected in accordance with the overall design);
  • 30% remains to be supported by an additional shade (this combination also involves the main colors – gray and white).

Monochrome interior

How to “revive” a monochrome interior?

6 miracle recipes to make the interior juicy and memorable:

  • Installation of a bright-colored door.
  • Buying a color refrigerator.
  • Purchase of furniture for the kitchen with a rich color coating.
  • Arrangement of chairs of different colors.
  • Painting with bright colors of the rack.
  • The use of multicolored facades.

Interesting combinations

The idea of a kitchen combining neutral colors at first glance seems to be an option for an amateur. In fact, this is a universal solution that will suit everyone. The only caveat is that in each case there will be individual preferences in the concentration of gray or white colors, as well as the choice of material and accessories responsible for the final style.

An easy-to-perceive background will become the optimal basis of the interior, even in the condition of eclecticism in style. This happens when several generations live in a house and preferences in different styles involuntarily overlap within the same room.

When you do not want to give preference to any one color, while you need to create a room in which stylish bright accessories will look harmoniously, you should pay attention to kitchens in gray and white tones. This is the optimal choice for those to whom pure white is “too sterile”, and just gray is “depressing”.

At the same time, in combination, these two shades become a wonderful background, allowing you to freely use any color accents in the interior. It is very convenient if the owner likes to change the situation often by introducing bright textiles or acquires bright things and pieces of furniture.

White and gray shades are combined with all colors. A choice of combinations are offered that positively affect the mental state of the owner:

  • A white kitchen, a table and a wooden floor are the perfect combination.

Interior of a white kitchen with a wooden countertop.

  • To increase appetite, red is added in small doses, otherwise fatigue and overexcitation will quickly occur. The remaining white-gray surfaces balance the design.
  • Green is used to relax and calm down.
  • Yellow inserts energize and boost the mood.
  • Blue creates freshness and reminds of the sea wave.
  • Light blue shade. In the snow-white kitchen, gray-blue details-accents are harmoniously arranged: the floor covering, the upholstery material of the chairs, the tablecloth on the table and napkins for plates, pots with flowers. Cute and touching interior.
  • Beige tones. A great way to shade white. The conservative shade reminds of a family hearth, baked pies. Beige gives energy, does not cause irritation. In such a kitchen you feel peaceful.
  • The black wall. Contrast gives a sharpness to sensations. The combination of white and black is always advantageous. Black is practical, looks expensive in the interior, increases the space.

The white-gray kitchen is a unique interior design, because it allows you to apply your own preferences and creates harmony between the room and the person.

Interior design style

What style should I choose for a gray-white kitchen?

Do you think that these shades will limit your choice of style? Nothing like that, you will get an amazing scope for self-expression and at the same time the interior will remain practical, comfortable for visual perception.

Classic style

An ideal option, because gray and white colors perfectly match with wood, natural and artificial stone. On a light background of the walls, a kitchen set of a rich gray shade with ceramic or white metal fittings will look great. The interior is filled with familiar patterns, stucco molding over the upper cabinets, marble countertops. Stylish classic room.

Scandinavian style

The use of white color and natural materials are the distinctive features of this design. Gray, blue and pink shades are often added. The work and dining tables are made of wood.

Hi-tech style

Plastic, metal surfaces, chrome–plated metal, simple geometry and laconic execution are what you need for an urban interior.

Loft style

White brick, shades of concrete, granite and metal structures combined with communications. It is also quite feasible, a brutal option that will allow you to combine male and female ideas about comfort.

Grunge style

Grunge is a provocative style in the interior that allows you to combine at first glance completely inharmonious things with each other. Often it is shades of gray and white that become the basis for bold experiments.

Provence and Mediterranean styles

Shades of sand, natural stone and wood bleached by the sea and the sun. It is difficult to imagine greater harmony. Especially if you complement the kitchen set with textiles made of unpainted linen and cotton fabrics. A table top made of natural stone – from light gray, white marble to dark granite or quartz – will optimally fit next to the textures of wood or a facade covered with enamel, craquelures and patina.

Art Deco style

Even luxurious Art Deco can be easily implemented in the urban kitchen using a combination of white and gray. The addition of elements “for gold” turns the kitchen into a truly luxurious place.

Country style

There are a lot of wooden coverings and household items in such a room. It is mandatory to have devices made of copper, ceramic dishes. The decoration is flowers in vases.

Minimalist style

Minimalism and a bright apron. In such a kitchen, everything is pure white: walls, surfaces, countertops, kitchen utensils. An unusual accent is a bright apron that enlivens the room, decorates, intrigues.


The presence of one lamp in the middle of the ceiling in the kitchen will narrow the room. An excellent solution is the presence of several lamps:

  • central lighting;
  • lighting of work surfaces in order to comply with safety regulations;
  • lighting the table for eating, which not only helps to bring the fork to the mouth, but also creates comfort, beauty;
  • lighting of the bar counter (if available) by means of long lamps suspended from the ceiling.

The type of lighting is selected depending on the room. In a small room, the lamps should also be small in size.

Spots work great in the kitchen. They are attached to any surface and, in addition to lighting, decorate the kitchen environment.

LEDs are a design trend, as well as powerful energy savings, durability when used. The light of such devices is natural, does not blind, the eyes are very comfortable. Cold light is applied over the desktop, which concentrates attention.

Grey kitchen with wooden countertop.

Kitchen countertop and apron

White walls and a gray table? Grey walls and a white apron? Add more colors? Let’s start with the countertop.

  • Light coating. It is well combined with other colors, creates lightness in the interior. You can choose accents of any color scheme for it.
  • Dark surface. There are 2 ways: a classic with pastel tones, which will balance the color, and an apron of bright coloring.
  • Designer countertop. The color of the neutral walls emphasizes the unusual work surface. And if you also pick up hanging lamps of the right size, install an ornate copper faucet, then the kitchen will leave an indelible pleasant impression.
  • Artificial stone in the range of gray and white color solutions is represented by a large number of samples. You can give preference to a clear color zoning with a study of geometry or choose the textures of marble, granite, pressed sand or river pebbles. Against the background of the kitchen in shades of gray and white, even the most restrained color will become a stand-out accent.
  • The use of the same color solution for the apron and the work area in the kitchen leads to the creation of the effect of holistic unity.

The main function of the apron in the kitchen is protection from contamination. No less important is the color scheme that the apron brings to the interior.

It is the neutral shade of white-gray kitchen that allows you to use a surface of any color, a combination of different shades, a variety of textures.

Kitchen light top dark bottom.

Looking closely at the apron, one should not forget that the material for its manufacture should be moisture-resistant, heat-resistant, repel fat. Requires a surface that is easy to clean.

Popular materials for the apron:

  • Ceramic tiles. Durable long-term material, waterproof, fireproof. It does not burn out when exposed to direct sunlight, it is easy to clean. Tiles are represented by a variety of colors, structures, shapes. A smooth surface is easier to maintain because it is easier to clean.
  • Mosaic. A drawing made up of small pieces looks very nice. You can lay out the image using fragments of glass, ceramic products, wood, metal, small stones. The creation of the mosaic itself takes a lot of time and effort, and costs money. Advice! Purchase a ceramic tile with a painted mosaic. This is a simple and cheaper design option.
  • Glass. This type of surface is very durable, fireproof, non-toxic, quickly and well washed from dirt. Such an apron is safe on impact. Special glass crumbles into blunt fragments. Protects the walls without attracting attention, looks spectacular.
  • MDF. Such aprons are allowed only in interiors with electric stoves, as the high temperature negatively affects the material.
  • Panels made of plastic. They are perfect for the kitchen, are well cleaned, withstand the effects of hot steam, do not get soaked in water. It should not be placed near a gas stove, since the material is combustible. Deformable under mechanical and UV exposure, but cheap and easily fixed material.

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