Red and white kitchen design ideas

By | November 17, 2022

A kitchen decorated in a combination of white and red says a lot about its hostess or owner. This combination is chosen by people who are open and courageous, not afraid of condemnation from the outside, who readily realize their fantasies.

The combination of shades of red with the freshness of white gives rise to an unusual and somewhat solemn cuisine. Such an original and dynamic solution will not leave anyone indifferent. When choosing a contrasting combination, it is important to remember about balance. Too much brightness and the kitchen will turn from festive to vulgar.

What style of kitchen should I choose?

It’s not enough to decide on shades before you start creating. After all, not every style will suit such a bold combination. To begin with, it’s worth exploring different styles and looking at those that suggest red at the core. After that, the choice will depend largely on the area of the entire room and personal preferences.

Corner kitchen.

Japanese interior style

The kitchen in this style seems to be created for a combination of red with white and black. Natural wood, white matte cabinets, red floor cabinets and black lamps will look original and interesting.

Japanese-style kitchen interior.

When choosing a Japanese style, preference is most often given to a red tile apron and scarlet upholstery of chairs, and the walls, hanging shelves or cabinets are left white. If desired, the apron can also be made in white with red patterns or hieroglyphs.

Mosaic will help decorate the room. She can also lay out the floor. In such a kitchen, small paper lanterns will look original.

Classic style

Unexpectedly, but classic interiors look truly majestic in red and white. Carved cabinets, brass handles, patina and chandeliers with suspensions. Such a kitchen, complemented by golden details, will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

Harmony in a classic interior.

For classics, both a matte coating of facades and a glossy gloss are suitable. The lower line of the kitchen set with cabinets is more often represented by a more subdued shade of red, and the upper one is decorated in white.

Provence style

The red and white palette in a cozy French interior is manifested through textiles – floral prints, small and large cells – or through details: apron pattern, towels, flower pots.

Provence style with bright elements.

Modern style

It is characterized by a glossy finish. Red color is often used not for kitchen set modules, but for walls and apron. Cabinets and cabinets are selected completely white or in combination with dark brown, dark gray, black. It is appropriate to add red accents: lamps, curtains, decor. Materials should be chosen of high quality and expensive.

Bright modern.

Country style

As if it was originally created specifically for the red and white kitchen design. The kitchen set should be chosen from natural wood or materials stylized for it. The walls and ceiling are often left white or decorated in light pastel colors – beige, cream, milk. The red color is introduced through textiles – curtains, bedspreads, napkins; dishes – plates, pots, cups and cutlery.

Dark shade in country style.

The right combination of tones

The kitchen in the red and white palette is often called “royal”, due to its splendor and originality. To get the most out of the room, you need to competently beat the combination of shades. Simply put: to put accents and think through the details. There are several basic types of combining colors.

The perfect bright combination.

Red cabinets on top, white ones on the bottom

Even ordinary people have long known the magical ability of white to visually expand space, and red to bring objects closer. Moreover, such an approximation is especially noticeable on a white background. Therefore, such a combination will look advantageous only in a spacious room with high ceilings.

The perfect combination.

Quite the opposite: red bottom line and white top

Returning to the ability of white to expand the space, it is worth noting that even a small kitchen in this combination looks fresh and expensive. Suitable for modern or high-tech.

Kitchen apron made of decorative mosaic.

Matte white cabinets and glossy red cabinets will look original. The shades of the kitchen are rich, but not catchy. Deep tones, garnet or burgundy are suitable.

Glossy and matte in kitchen design.

Apron in red and white

This option is suitable for almost any style. Mosaic and curly tiles will help make the apron more interesting. But a ready-made apron with a floral print, an image of vegetables and fruits or a painting will also look good.

A bright apron in a white kitchen.

Table top

Another unusual option. The countertop in the working area of the kitchen is often some kind of neutral shade: light gray, wooden, beige. The red color is sure to attract the attention of guests and decorate the room. Such a countertop will look especially elegant on an all-white kitchen set. Plastic, stone or special tempered glass are suitable from materials.

A bright accent in the form of a countertop.

Kitchen with red accents

If you want to refresh the interior, but you don’t want to repair and order a new kitchen set, the decor will help solve the issue. In addition, it is a perfect solution for a kitchen combined with a dining room or living room. When there are several zones in the room, red will not draw attention to itself so much.

Modern interior.

Chandeliers or sconces, sofa cushions, armchairs, stretch ceilings and various accessories are selected in red. Towels and knives, cabinet handles and picture frames, curtains and candlesticks. The color saturation depends on the general direction of the style. It can be scarlet or a deep tone – burgundy, wine.

Modern interior.

Ceiling, floor, walls in the kitchen

It is not necessary to approach the interior design too diligently and fill everything in red from floor to ceiling. A competent combination of colors will allow you to create a beautiful, not a cheap room.

The red ceiling will look original only if it is multilevel and decorated with white around the perimeter. At the same time, the kitchen area should be large enough. In small kitchens, such a decision should be abandoned. But the red floor will fit seamlessly into them.

Classic kitchen.

Ceramic tiles, linoleum and laminate are suitable for finishing the floor. An unusual solution will be a self-leveling floor, but because of its glossy sheen, it is better to choose a matte kitchen set. Do not choose too bright a color. It is best saturated, closer to burgundy.

Tile floor.

It is better to make the walls in white, and you can make one of them red. Wallpaper, paint, wall panels or mosaics are usually chosen among the materials. Another option is to paint a white wall with red patterns.

Modern interior.

Drawings and texture of materials

Quite often, designers beat the saturation of this color by combining textures and prints. This technique is especially used in modern styles and neoclassical style.

  • “Animals” and plant patterns. with their help, you can decorate one of the walls in the kitchen. These can be both discreet lines and large drawings.
  • Wood has an interesting feature to soften even the roughest interior. A red and white kitchen with shades of light wood is considered the most harmonious design option. Wood can be present both in the form of shelves and as a floor covering – parquet or laminate.

Dark Grey kitchen apron with patterns.

  • Curly tiles will add a home-like atmosphere to the kitchen. Most often, the apron is decorated in a similar style. The tile can be selected as a solid color or with a pattern.
  • Stone. It will help to balance the riot of red color and is perfect for floor decoration, countertop decoration or apron. Preference should be given to natural stone, but artificial is also allowed.

Red color in the kitchen details

In order not to overdo it with the abundance of red shade, designers advise adding color gradually. Start with the decor and accessories – vases, paintings, dishes. A little later, add plumbing, and then change the dining group. Coral color in a neutral interior is not necessary to complement, unlike contrast, which is accompanied by several more calm accessories. For example, the scarlet color will help balance an open shelf with white dishes.

Glossy kitchen.

You can add red accents to the kitchen with household appliances. A scarlet refrigerator, burgundy or garnet tiles, a bright kettle. But if you wish, you can complement the kitchen with a red curtain, coffee cups or storage baskets.

Notes of high-tech style.

A combination of red and other shades of the palette

The red color itself is interesting and multifaceted. It looks advantageous not only with white, but also with several other tones, surprisingly adapting to its “neighbor”. In combination with black, red is filled with rigor, and next to brown it is cozy and homely. But not every combination will be successful.

Straight plum-colored kitchen.

The black matte set and scarlet details look original in the kitchen: mixer, plates on the shelf, cutting boards. And gray, coupled with red, create an atmosphere of calm and harmony. At the same time, both walls and cabinets are executed in shades of gray.

Kitchen lighting.

A combination with green, blue or yellow is possible only when choosing “specific” styles that clearly combine incongruous elements. Among them are boho and pop art.

An interesting design solution.

Photo Gallery

Glossy facade surface.

Brick wall decoration.

Modern interior.

Unusual design.

Dining area in white.

Combination of kitchen and living room.

A table formed from a window sill.

Hanging lamp.

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