White and brown kitchen design ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The white color is a symbol of purity and tranquility. Brown – stability and confidence. This combination of palette is usually chosen by self-confident, purposeful people, most often the elderly. Young people prefer bright or pastel colors more.

White-brown interior.

Secrets and energy of brown color

When remembering the brown color, chocolate and expensive leather furniture come to mind. Something soothing and good. This is the atmosphere that fills the interior. In addition, it gives the hostess a sense of permanence, soothes and does not distract from everyday affairs.

White-brown interior.

Most often, workrooms are decorated in brown. So that a person remains focused and does not make a mistake with calculations. The hostess of the kitchen also needs concentration, especially if she is preparing a complex dish. And while cooking dinner after a hard day’s work, she will be able to relax and unwind in the white-brown interior.

Loft style.

The first secret: softening brown

The shade will become softer and warmer in combination with pink, turquoise, blue or lilac. A delicate palette will add zest, depth to the kitchen and fill it with the necessary warmth. Lilac and pink are best added in the form of textiles – curtains, sofa cushions, chair upholstery. This combination is especially good in the kitchen with south-facing windows.

Combination of glossy and matte facades.

The second secret: less gloom – more light

Too much black and dark gray will make the kitchen dark and gloomy. These colors should be used with caution and minimally. Focusing on white. So the kitchen will be filled with light and will seem more airy.

Cozy modern kitchen.

The third secret: brown in the finish

Due to this feature, it is used not only in furniture, but also in decoration. Granite, parquet and laminate, tile or natural stone will be useful.

The walls can be decorated in brown tones only if the furniture, textiles and other surfaces are mostly light. Otherwise, the kitchen will look gloomy. A great option is an accent wall. Chocolate wallpaper or light with a brown pattern, wooden panels. In such a decoration, the room will acquire some intimacy and will seem more spacious.

A brown apron is also popular, but too dark should be discarded, since it is too marky. Designers recommend choosing lighter shades.

White-brown interior with yellow accent.

The fourth secret: brown is massive

When choosing a kitchen set and upholstered furniture, especially upholstered in leather, it is important to understand that outwardly it looks somewhat bulky. Therefore, it is better to choose white and light shades for the background. The same applies to brown curtains of saturated color.

Coffee shade of brown.

The fifth secret: a light shade of brown is combined with bright colors

Red, sunny yellow, orange will fill the kitchen with warmth and definitely cheer you up in the morning. They are close to brown and perfectly harmonize with it. But they are too contrasting for a dark shade. Therefore, a chocolate kitchen, even diluted with white, will turn out to be somewhat stuffy when choosing red or orange.

Dark brown wood.

Interior Design Styles

What style of interior should I choose?

Thanks to some elevation and the grandeur of the brown color, even the smallest kitchen looks stylish. Don’t worry that the dark color will make the room visually smaller than it actually is. The white color will balance it.

The combination of white and brown looks original in different styles, but there are still a few that it suits the most.

White-brown interior.

Classic style

The classic interior is characterized by some rigor and grandeur. It is appropriate to dilute the white-brown range with pastel tones. For example, to cover the walls with beige wallpaper. Against their background, a brown set made of natural wood or stylized for it will look organically. The apron can be decorated in white.

It is recommended to choose white furniture for a classic kitchen, too. It will balance the deep brown shade. You need to remember about the details. Carved legs, high backs of chairs, a rich chandelier with suspensions, patina on the facades.

White-brown facades with a pattern.

Modern style

The kitchen in a modern style is decorated using various materials, but most often there are wood, plastic and metal among them. A kitchen set with matte plastic facades and chrome handles will fit seamlessly into such an interior.

The white color will serve as a background for brown cabinets and cabinets. The kitchen apron can be left white or choose contrasting shades: blue, green, red, but not too bright, but close to natural. More saturated ones can be embodied in curtains or curtains.

The floor covering is chosen in a light brown color scheme. In the work area, the choice is made in favor of ceramic tiles, and laminate or parquet is suitable for the dining room. The lighting in the kitchen is local. Lamps, sconces and chandeliers are selected in accordance with the style.

Modern style.

Minimalist style

The most practical and concise of all styles. It is characterized by an interweaving of contrasting shades, so a combination of white and brown will be useful. Minimalism does not tolerate excessive decor, and all accessories should have a useful function.

Plain materials are chosen for finishing. Wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster for walls. Ceramic tile without a pattern or laminate with a faintly pronounced pattern for the floor. The ceiling is allowed to be stretched or suspended in white.

Furniture for a minimalist kitchen has simple geometric shapes, without carving or decoration. Therefore, when choosing a kitchen set, designers recommend stopping at models with straight lines. Cabinets and cabinets without handles will be an excellent option.

Cozy atmosphere.

Kitchen design and kitchen set selection

Speaking of a kitchen in white and brown, a kitchen set with a white line of cabinets comes to mind, but this is not the only design option. The combined kitchen looks unusual and bold. Cabinets and cabinets are made in brown, and facades – in white. The matte version looks especially original, besides it is easier than glossy in care.

Glossy surfaces seem to attract spots, water droplets, fingerprints. They will have to be rubbed to shine several times a day to maintain their original appearance. And it is enough to wipe the matte ones with a wet and dry cloth.

Light brown shade in the interior.

Finishing materials

Materials for a kitchen set in a white-brown palette are selected very different depending on style and preferences. It can be both natural and artificial wood, as well as facades made of plastic. Some styles allow the use of artificial materials stylized as natural wood.

The ceiling should preferably be white or light beige. Darker shades are acceptable at a significant height of the room. In a standard room, a dark ceiling will create a feeling of crowding and pressure.

Dark and light shades of brown in the interior.

The original solution for a spacious kitchen will be wallpaper in brown tones and an all-white set. Depending on your preferences, the depth of brown may vary: cocoa, chocolate or cappuccino. In this case, a tile or board is chosen close in color. The main rule: there should be more light shades than dark ones. This interior will be remembered for a long time.

To make the kitchen look complete, deep dark shades are added to it. Dark gray stove, black sink and plumbing. Contrasting shades will help to dilute them. Coral vase, blue dishes, yellow lamps above the dining area. When choosing bright details, it is important to remember about the style of the room, observing the harmony of the palette and textures.

Spot lighting.

Kitchen Apron

The choice of kitchen aprons today is truly huge, but mostly preference is given to simple options: tile, tempered glass or plastic. White tiles will perfectly complement the kitchen with a brown or white-brown kitchen set. But besides it, you can also choose more saturated, but not contrasting shades: cream, sand, muted shades of brown.

Classical interiors are dominated by paintings in gilded wooden frames. This technique can be transferred to the apron. Golden patterns or patina will add splendor to the kitchen.

White-brown interior.


The white color perfectly reflects the sun’s rays, so a kitchen with a white set always seems lighter and more spacious than it actually is. But in addition to the abundance of natural light, you need to think about artificial light.

It is best to equip the kitchen set with spot lighting around the perimeter, complementing the central chandelier. A lamp or a group of lamps is placed above the dining area, a floor lamp and wall sconces are installed in the recreation area. Such local lighting allows you to use light only in the right part of the room.

Unusual pattern.

Accessories and decor

The atmosphere of the kitchen is set not only by the shade of the walls and the kitchen set, but also by details that say a lot about the owners. In such an interior, live plants in tubs and hanging planters look original. Cut flowers in bright vases. Textiles in chocolate, caramel, cream and sand tones. The tableware is made of natural materials: clay, wood. Metal tableware.

Combination of white, brown and black colors in the interior.

The white-brown kitchen can be called a classic design. It is unobtrusive, versatile and, depending on the complementary colors, filled with a different atmosphere: soothing, warm, strict.

Photos of kitchens in white and brown

Combination of brown top and white bottom.

Modern interior.

Country style.

White top and brown bottom.

Upper cabinets with photo facades.

Modern interior with built-in appliances.

Kitchen lighting: chandeliers and spotlights.

Dining area.

The white countertop contrasts with the dark facades.

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