White and yellow kitchen: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The brightest, most noticeable part of the spectrum visible to the human eye is the yellow palette. By decorating their kitchen in these cheerful shades, the owners get a room charged with positivity, creating a feeling of sunshine and carelessness on the darkest, overcast day. However, everything needs a measure. The interior of the kitchen in monochrome yellow can cause unhealthy excitement, nervous tension and even headache. Psychologists recommend combining this range with a neutral background, for example, shades of white.

Yellow-white kitchen is one of the most popular, without any doubt, color scheme. To give the room an individual look, characteristic, special accents are added to the main color combination. In addition, the union of white and sunny shades can look different, depending on the shades used.

We will tell you all about the features and secrets of white and yellow kitchen design together with professional designers.

What you need to know about white and yellow kitchen

Traditionally, yellow shades are associated with people with the shining, spring and summer sun, daisies in the meadow, refreshing sourness of lemon. From the point of view of psychology, the color is quite favorable.

He represents:

  • carefree happiness, positive mood;
  • exuberant energy, creative enthusiasm;
  • hope for the best, cheerfulness.

Yellow decor elements, kitchen apron or facades of the headset, the color of the walls in the kitchen support the hostess and the household in good shape, help to cope with household chores easily and without much stress. And yet, they increase appetite, allow you to find a non-standard solution to a problem, awaken creativity and accelerate thought processes. In the yellow decor, drowsiness and apathy recede, the speed of all life processes increases, in such a kitchen it is warm even in the most severe frosts.

Choosing the right combination of white and yellow shades

The interior in yellow tones requires a careful and thoughtful approach, careful planning of color combinations. It is worth making a mistake with the color or its quantity, and an interesting design turns into a continuous headache. Professional advice will help you create an unusual, bright enough and, at the same time, comfortable interior.

Depending on the goal facing the designer, the interior in yellow and white tones can be bold and defiant, strict or calm, romantic-airy, gentle.

Bright shades of yellow are great for spacious kitchens – mustard, dandelion, buttercup, maize, golden aspen, apricot, amber, banana, saffron, gold alloy.

Richly bright shades – curry, lemon, canary – are indispensable as separate accents when you need to highlight a certain area, decorate a pale golden scale, pay attention to any detail.

For example, it can be chairs or armchairs in a dining group, a beautiful vase or ornament, a drawing on the wall.

If the kitchen is not very large, do not experiment with an abundance of saturated colors. For her, it is better to choose muted, pastel shades of yellow – sandy, warm golden honey, straw, wheat, champagne, sponge cake, custard.

For example, a kitchen set of delicate vanilla color is simply created for French Provence. And creamy-white elements give the interior airiness and weightlessness.

Provence style.

White and pastel shades are used in the kitchens in the style of shabby chic, Scandinavian, rustic directions.

Provence style.

To give the interior in a white-yellow scale individuality, you can use additional shades. So, the soft pastel palette perfectly harmonizes with bright green, turquoise and sky blue soft shades.

You can use pinkish and pale lilac notes, light green and delicate olive tones. If the main palette is distinguished by bright, explosive shades, they can be diluted with calm gray, neutral beige, respectable black, a variety of natural wood textures. Bright splashes in the form of small elements of crimson, red, orange, emerald, cornflower colors will be appropriate.

As a floor covering in such a kitchen, it is quite possible to use a parquet board, a laminate with a natural wood coating or a tile with a parquet pattern. The color can be either saturated, reddish-brown, or light golden. The main thing is that it goes well with the color of the walls and furniture.


Interior decoration in a sunny white design is not limited solely to the choice of color combinations. Of great importance is the location and type of furniture, its appearance, features. The basis of any kitchen is a modular or custom-made set. It includes floor cabinets with countertops, hanging cabinets or shelves, household appliances.

And here the choice largely depends on personal tastes, the chosen interior direction, as well as the dimensions of the room.

  • Corner kitchens allow you to significantly expand the possibilities of small rooms, as they effectively use the space in the corners, under the window sill. For small kitchens, direct kitchen sets consisting of 4-6 cabinets, including hanging ones, are also quite often purchased.
  • “U”-shaped and island kitchens, as well as long straight models are designed for spacious rooms.
  • Kitchen sets with bar counters are in high demand. There are models for kitchens of all sizes and interior designs on sale.

The dining table is selected based on the number of people, free space and personal preferences. The dining table can be:

  • round, oval, rectangular;
  • with legs made of wood or metal;
  • with a table top made of laminated chipboard, solid wood, tempered glass.

It’s the same with chairs. It is absolutely not necessary to purchase lemon or mustard chairs. Models made of solid wood will fit perfectly into the interior. They will decorate the atmosphere, make it cozier, softer, metal or wood products with a soft or leather seat, armchairs, and sofas upholstered in neutral or contrasting colors. All these options can be harmoniously integrated into the interior.

According to what principles should I choose the color of the kitchen set?

There are a lot of attractive options:

  • Completely yellow facades. A cardinal solution, especially if saturated shades are used. But pale yellow tones look amazing in any romantic, close to nature and natural materials, interiors. They are usually complemented with contrasting white countertops, glass inserts, metal or plastic fittings. For a yellow kitchen set, you will need to finish the walls of the kitchen in white or neutral tones.
  • White facades. A snow-white or cream kitchen set is complemented with a contrasting apron, and the walls are painted in pastel vanilla or saturated amber, lemon colors.
  • The white and yellow kitchen set is available in three varieties: white upper cabinets and dark lower ones, light bottom and colored top, as well as alternating white and yellow areas. Such kitchen sets can be installed against a background of white, light pastel and saturated, neutral walls.

A magnificent, white and yellow interior can be created independently. You just need to take into account the design rules and apply a creative approach.

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