Wood Kitchen: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

In order for the kitchen to be pleasant, its interior must fully meet the tastes and needs of the owners. After all, this room in any house performs not only practical functions. It serves as a place of rest for family members, a small living-dining room, where it is customary to bring best friends.

High-quality furniture, as well as carefully selected finishing materials, colors and textures will help you cook with pleasure, delighting your family with your favorite dishes, and relax.

Despite the invention of the latest materials, unusual structural solutions, the undisputed leader in popularity is still a kitchen made of wood in a modern style. They are eco-friendly, harmoniously combined with almost any known interior solutions. Suitable for both small and large rooms.

Manufacturers of modern kitchen sets offer various solutions that are not inferior in quality and excellent appearance to elite products made of expensive wood, but at a price such models are quite affordable. In this article we will tell you about all the nuances and advantages of modern style kitchens made of wood.

Why modern wooden kitchens are in high demand?

The kitchen set is the central focus of the idea, on which it completely depends whether the room will be comfortable, or you will not want to stay in it longer than necessary.

The wood texture in modern kitchen furniture is harmoniously complemented by inserts of tempered transparent and frosted glass, mirrors, plastic, and original fittings.

Wooden kitchen sets in a modern style have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Wooden furniture is a tradition that has come down from the depths of centuries. The whimsical twists of wood patterns give rise to deep emotions, associated with the warmth of the hearth, affectionate hands of parents, ringing children’s laughter. Such furniture creates a special, indescribable atmosphere, gives a feeling of warmth and comfort.
  • In the production process of modern kitchen sets, only raw materials that are safe for health are used. The top layer of veneered facades is made of valuable tree species – cedar, larch, oak, birch, pine. And facades made of chipboard and MDF are resistant to moisture, durable and easy to care for, which cannot be said about products made of natural wood. In addition, their weight is much lower than that of an array of wood.
  • Wooden furniture is appropriate in private homes and city apartments. It looks organically in an emphatically rustic setting, where the walls are made of wood, logs or natural boulders and are surrounded by steel and concrete.

Modern fashion trends allow you to confidently combine a unique natural texture with innovative solutions that make the interior stylish and functional.

These can be:

  • kitchen aprons made of plastic, ceramics, natural stone, MDF, glass;
  • countertops and bar counters made of wood, natural and artificial stone, acrylic, conglomerate.

How to choose a wooden kitchen set?

The design can be completely different, depending on the materials and style used. At the same time, it is worth considering a few simple rules and recommendations from professionals.

  • For small rooms, light, pastel shades are suitable – white, golden, creamy white, light brown, beige, pinkish and reddish. Such furniture visually increases the cramped space, makes it lighter, more airy. If you complement the interior with light curtains or Roman drapes, a lace or white tablecloth, several bright accents in the form of an original lamp or vase, dishes, the room will get a magically romantic look. And the laconic facades of the kitchen set, without excessive decor, and light wall decoration are ideal for a more strict modern style.

  • Dark tones – dark chocolate, coffee, wenge, reddish brown, dark beige, black will perfectly emphasize the luxurious decoration of a spacious room. Noble shades bring an atmosphere of restrained aristocracy to the interior, create a sense of respectability and prosperity. The design with wooden facades in dark colors does not require fancy details and a lot of decor. Dark surfaces themselves are a stylish decoration of a modern interior. It is necessary to take care of good artificial lighting and illumination of work surfaces.

As the final coating for kitchen sets in a modern style, colored enamel is often used, which gives the desired shade, while leaving a unique wood texture in sight, which allows you to diversify the interior.

The main colors of the modern interior direction are white, gray and black, but it is quite appropriate options in which the charming “highlight” becomes a rich, fascinating palette of natural wood. The kitchen set can be completely made of chipboard, imitating the natural texture, or such facades can be harmoniously combined with white, gray, black inserts.

How it looks in practice:

  • A kitchen set with wooden facades looks great with white or black kitchen aprons, countertops. It can be the same painted or laminated chipboard panels, or other materials to choose from – acrylic, quartz agglomerate, granite and marble, tempered glass, ceramic tiles. The kitchen set looks elegant and rich thanks to massive matte golden facades and simple glass inserts combined with a glossy countertop and an apron made of black or gray steel.

  • The combination of light facades with a black countertop and a matte white coating of the kitchen apron also looks a win-win. The white hob and hood fit perfectly into the interior.

  • The combination of white facades of the kitchen set, snow-white sink and wood textures of countertops, apron and parts of cabinets looks weightless and bright. A slightly different embodiment of this idea is white countertops and an apron. A light, grayish or golden parquet board is suitable as a floor covering.

  • In a modern design, a kitchen set made in a two-color version will also be appropriate. It can be a combination of a light golden top and a dark brown bottom row of cabinets with a contrasting partition in the form of a countertop and an apron. Either a light bottom or a dark top for spacious rooms with high ceilings. Also popular are options with alternating colors. In this case, you can choose any combination of shades to your liking and depending on the decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling. They can be contrasting or differ by only two or three tones.

  • Don’t be afraid of dark shades in the interior. The modern style is characterized by the fact that classic black color is widely used in it. The interior is literally transformed, looks stylish and mysterious. So that the room does not look too gloomy, the black color is abundantly diluted with glass, chrome, steel and mirror details, golden countertops. In such a kitchen, good natural and artificial lighting is very important.

Parallel kitchen with a wooden countertop: an option for small spaces..

Wooden kitchens are perfectly combined with modern style. The interior can be diversified with a variety of textures and materials, creating not only functional, but also cozy, inviting to a comfortable rest, space.

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