White and wood kitchen: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

One of the best kitchen design options is a laconic combination of the naturalness of the material and the purity of the color. For a person who does not have professional knowledge in design issues, but who wants to design a room independently, this is the most advantageous combination. It represents an opportunity in the future to make changes to the appearance of your kitchen without much expense.

In this article we will try to consider different combinations of these shades in the design and in kitchen sets.

Kitchen countertop made of wood.

Advantages of a white kitchen with wood

One of the most important things has already been said – the possibility of changes without drastic financial and physical investments.

In addition, it should be noted that such a combination of colors:

  • Visually makes the space more spacious. This ability is very relevant in modern realities. Such a property will not spoil a large kitchen area either. But if the owner is confused by excessive whiteness, then several, in addition to wooden surfaces, color accents will help to correct the situation.

White color goes well with wood.

  • The monotony of monochrome design in the kitchen is softened by wooden details of furniture or wall surfaces. At the same time, both light and dark wood species are perfect.

Finishing the room with light wood.

  • The visual increase in the illumination of the kitchen space is also worth mentioning. White surfaces have the property of reflecting light from any source, which allows you to save electricity by using lighting devices with less power.

White interior with wooden elements.

  • This can include, oddly enough, practicality. It would seem that white facades and surfaces that require more frequent maintenance do not fit this characteristic at all. However, the dirt that has appeared immediately catches the eye, and the hostess strives to remove them immediately, without leaving them for later. Due to this, scheduled cleaning in the kitchen takes much less time. The practicality of wooden surfaces is not worth discussing at all. But in fairness it is worth agreeing that cleaning in such a kitchen will be carried out more often.

Combination of white facades and light wood.

  • Showiness. Agree, against the background of white, very self-sufficient in its essence, all shades of wood will look very noble.
  • The opportunity to create a harmonious interior. Laying the flooring in the same tone with wooden surfaces will emphasize the integrity of the design solution.

White glossy kitchen.

An apron over a wooden worktop made of the same kind of wood will not break the harmony in the interior. Moreover, it is not necessary to adhere to a purely monochrome scale. A few color accents that are pleasant to your eye will give the room uniqueness and individuality.

A win-win combination of white and wood.

Design errors

Despite the fact that such a stylistic combination of materials and texture is considered safe by design professionals, there are moments in which one cannot be mistaken:

  • Excessive amount of wood will not benefit the overall perception of the kitchen, white color should prevail.
  • You can not replace the wood in the apron above the work surface with tiles with a similar color, it looks unpresentable.
  • The facades of the kitchen set and other surfaces should be of the same color and texture.

Corner kitchen.

White color of furniture in the kitchen with wood

The bright kitchen has several components. These are walls, tiles, kitchen furniture, apron, work surface. In our opinion, each of these components should be considered. Reading or hearing such a name, first of all the consumer imagines a kitchen set painted white. In most cases, this is true.

Scandinavian style.

But, in addition to the color palette of white facades, there are other characteristics: texture, material, style.

The matte surfaces of the modules of the kitchen set look great, but they can boast of perfect cleanliness only after cleaning or in a new condition before use. Their practicality is low. On surfaces of this texture of any color, all stains and handprints are very clearly visible. Therefore, they constantly require care.

The gloss on the surface of the facades is lighter, the less defiantly the dirt is visible on them.

The style is presented in two directions: classical and modern. Based on this, the material used for the manufacture of kitchen furniture is chosen. The modern trend perfectly gets along with MDF, which can be coated with film, acrylic, paint, plastic. The difference between these coatings is the presence or absence of an edge. For painted surfaces, it is not needed, in other cases it is present in different forms, often affecting the final cost of the kitchen set.

Another point of difference is moisture and heat resistance. Not all of the coatings are equally resistant to such environmental influences in the kitchen. The staid classics do not accept such innovations. For it, a white-enameled array of wood is used. Milling is often used as a finishing. On sale you can find furniture with mixed-type facades. Modular blocks at different levels can be white, wood or solid wood.

White top and bottom made of wood.

Working surface of wood texture

The texture of the work surface depends on the financial capabilities of the buyer of the kitchen. For its production there is a chipboard with a laminated finish for wood, natural wood and stone.

The first type is a standard offer from manufacturers of furniture sets. The second type is made by the customer himself on an individual order. The main difference between these countertops is not only in the use of natural material and the difference in price. First of all, it is the appearance that is able to emphasize the elegance and uniqueness of the interior. Perfectly polished work surface, enlarged window sill, bar counter or table top made of oak, beech, ash attract the eye, decorate and perfectly support the image of an expensive white kitchen. Although it should be recalled that such surfaces require special attention and careful attitude.

In terms of practicality, the chipboard wins. It goes well with white color, provided that it is dosed in the interior. Inexpensive in cost and a good enough choice.

With white and wooden kitchen surfaces, you can combine natural or artificial stone work areas of a wide range of colors in addition to wood countertops.

Textured stone countertop.

Apron in a white kitchen with a tree

This detail of the kitchen interior has a special function – protecting the walls from splashes of grease and water. But it is impossible to deny its essential role in the overall style of the kitchen. The material for creating an apron can be glass, ceramic tiles, plastic, mosaic, wood and even stone.

White apron in contrast with the wooden countertop.

Glass and tiles are most often used. It is these two materials that allow, with the right choice, to support the bright color scheme of the room and the style direction.

Emphasis on the countertop and apron.

Using a tree for an apron is one of the successful options. The downside may be that the care of this design element is quite difficult.

Kitchen apron with wood texture.

Finishing of a white kitchen with wood

Experts recommend finishing the room in which they plan to place a white kitchen set, taking into account some rules:

  • Adhere to the strict mattness of the white ceiling.
  • Give preference to gray. All shades of this color are suitable for the walls, which can emphasize the freshness of the whiteness of the facades.
  • It is necessary to remember the principle of monochrome when choosing a different color solution.
  • Do not change the rule of moderation and restraint, although according to designers, white color can be combined with any shades of different colors.
  • Choose a flooring made of wood or materials that imitate wood. It will well support the interior in a light tone.

Remember the best combinations with white.

Light furniture.

Style for a white kitchen with wood

The choice of this color can be equated to a blank canvas, on which a classic composition or some modern poster can appear. This fully applies to the style direction in the design of the kitchen space.

Let’s start with the classics. The purity of the color lines and naturalness are the main features. And a kitchen set made of natural wood with a massive countertop, made in strict geometric proportions, will be most welcome.

Moldings and moldings on the walls and ceiling. Classic lighting devices. And we must not forget about accessories, porcelain, ceramics. In addition, rooms with a sufficient area and high ceilings are suitable for the classical style. In a small kitchen, he will just be cramped.

Scandinavian style.

The kitchen decorated in Scandinavian style and Provence style will be similar in design. Unless the first one refuses exquisite details. And there will be no need to use expensive materials in the interior.

White kitchen with dining area.

Modernity in the kitchen space will appear in the styles of minimalism and modern classics. Minimalism welcomes combinations of colors of wall surfaces and furniture sets in a single color palette. Matte and glossy surfaces of cabinet modules and finishes will be well combined.

Modern style.

The number of items in the furniture is used minimally. This is a special feature of the style.

White color combined with wood is a win–win option for the kitchen. In many articles, you can find additional recommendations on this topic to our information.

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