Blue Kitchen: interior design ideas in 2023

By | January 10, 2023

Under the influence of this color, the heart rate and breathing slows down, pressure decreases, the body relaxes, thoughts slow down and appetite decreases. It’s about the blue color – the coldest of all, the most mysterious and ambiguous.


At the level of associations, it is perceived as a shade of the sea, sky, water, coolness, peace, space and eternity. And when used in an apartment, it creates a feeling of peace, pacifies, reduces activity, introduces a state of contemplation and meditation, sometimes suppresses and depresses. A lighter variation of blue – blue – affects the human psyche more gently, it calms more than it suppresses, awakens dreaminess and even tenderness.

As for the kitchen and dining room, the presence of blue-blue gamma in them reduces appetite, slows down the digestive process and metabolism.

Advantages and disadvantages of the blue kitchen

Blue is not an easy color. It has a strong and ambiguous effect on a person, so many are afraid to use it in the interior. But if you look into the question, it turns out that the blue palette has more advantages than disadvantages.

Let’s start with the advantages:

  • Calms and relaxes. With prolonged exposure, it slows down all processes in the body.
  • Calms the appetite – a huge plus for those who need it.
  • It looks noble and stylish, suitable for luxurious interiors.
  • Light shades can visually expand the space and give freshness.
  • It goes well with various styles.
  • It will add coolness to hot rooms.

Dark blue kitchen.

Now about the disadvantages:

  • It belongs to the cold palette, so it should be used with caution in rooms with windows facing north and west.
  • Not suitable for dark rooms where there is little natural light.
  • In most cases, the blue color will make a spacious kitchen inhospitable and lifeless.
  • In some cases, this color scheme causes apathy, depresses. People who are prone to mood swings are not recommended to get carried away with this color.

Think carefully about how blue is perceived by you personally. And if there are no negative feelings, then feel free to use it in the design! How to do it correctly – we will tell you further.

What colors does blue match with

The blue palette includes almost 200 shades! Such a number of variations makes it easy to combine it with other colors. See the examples in the photo.

  • With white is a classic combination, the simplest, most understandable and easy to implement. Snow-white is combined with any variants of blue from heavenly to majolica. He brings a touch of lightness and ease. A very stylish solution is the use of white furniture in the blue kitchen.
  • With gray – a very elegant duo, suitable for the embodiment of the classic and strict design of the blue kitchen. The richer and brighter the blue tone is chosen, the softer and more diluted the gray should be. Graphite will be a good addition to the pale blue, and gray-beige – to the spectacular ultramarine. A successful addition to this pair will be sunny yellow.
  • With yellow – this combination will appeal to creative people, it will give a feeling of comfort and a positive attitude. Joyful yellow will be a great companion for medium-saturation cornflower blue, turquoise, denim. However, with dark blue, the yellow palette should be combined very carefully, since the situation may turn out to be unnecessarily flashy.
  • With green – this combination is found everywhere in nature, but it is not easy to “make friends” these two colors at home. The combination will be successful if shades of different contrast are selected. For example, dark green and diluted blue.
  • With red – an extravagant mix, definitely not for conservative people! You definitely should not expect peace in such a kitchen, the blue-red duet invigorates, and sometimes irritates. You can mitigate the situation if you choose noble blue and burgundy shades, or enter red only as accents.
  • With beige – such a combination looks very harmonious, as it accommodates the showiness of blue and the comfort of beige. It is better if there is more beige in the design of the kitchen area than blue – this will avoid cold and gloom.
  • With brown – the most pleasing combination for the eyes. Chocolate shades will add nobility, neutralize coldness and emphasize the richness of the celestial or marine palette. At the same time, the interior is better done in blue tones, and brown ones will complement it as accents.
  • With pink – a great idea for a feminine, “doll” kitchen. Colors can be used only those that have the same “temperature” – warm or cold.

Finishing the kitchen in blue tones

Kitchens in the blue-blue range are rare. But if you decide that this is your color, go for it!

Corner kitchen.

But first read about the features of creating a harmonious and spectacular interior.

  • The floor, finished with natural wood, will look very attractive. Laminate, parquet board or cork flooring is suitable for this. If you prefer tiles or porcelain stoneware, then choose brown–beige – for a light environment and deep tones – for a darker environment.
  • The designers recommend using tones resembling the night sky or the depths of the sea in small quantities, since the kitchen should be cozy. Lavender, sky, turquoise, gray-blue shades will do.
  • If the soul lies with a dark blue color, use it in details: in the lower part of the kitchen set, apron, textiles and accessories. An interesting idea is to design the floor in this color.
  • Use light turquoise, azure, cornflower blue for small rooms with poor lighting. Dilute them with pastel colors or white in a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.
  • In the interior of the blue kitchen, a tree in any form will look advantageous. Wooden parquet, table top or solid wood furniture will perfectly complement the cool palette and make it warmer and more soulful.
  • It is not recommended to paint the walls in deep tones of blue – such an environment will depress the household. This is especially true for small kitchens or those with windows facing north. It is better to prefer bluish undertones, a pastel palette or neutral snow-white, beige and gray. The material is not fundamental, you can use ordinary paint, decorative plaster, vinyl or non–woven wallpaper, tile, wall panels with photo printing.
  • The ideal option for finishing the ceiling is a stretch ceiling or white paint. Other colors and suspended structures will further reduce the space of the blue kitchen and risk making it dull.
  • The apron area can be decorated with the usual tiles, glass or plastic panels, decorative plaster and even metal sheets. The choice of material depends on the style of the room. A multi-colored mosaic is well suited for a design in a marine theme. For classic interiors, choose tiles, and for “rustic” surfaces with a wooden texture. The metal apron will “play” with modern styles. If we talk about coloristics, the same rule of contrasts applies here: choose a light “backdrop” for a dark kitchen set and vice versa.

Selection of furniture and accessories

Having decided to buy a blue kitchen set, be careful: this color makes the already massive furniture heavier. Therefore, it should be surrounded by airy and light shades.

Pale blue, turquoise, azure kitchen sets will “make friends” with any environment.

A solid blue set of cabinets fits perfectly into modern interiors. But if it seems too gloomy to you, choose a two-color option. At the same time, the upper part must be kept in a light color.

Furniture with matte bluish facades is good for fine kitchens in Provence style. Against the background of wallpaper with a small floral print and surrounded by natural textiles, it will look very cozy.

Modern kitchen sets with glossy surfaces, on the contrary, are designed for stylish high-tech spaces. Do not forget about the insidious property of gloss — it enhances the feeling of cold.

When buying other furniture in the kitchen area, start from the desired interior design. If you fantasize about a luxurious, spectacular, “rich” interior, make a choice in favor of solid wooden furniture of natural colors, pick up a sofa in velour or leather, bronze or copper fittings. And if you have a picture of an airy and bright space in your head, look for white tables and chairs, linen or cotton textiles in pastel colors and bright accessories in stores.

In conclusion, I would like to say about curtains as an integral element of a cozy kitchen. Match them to one of the pieces of furniture or decor: an apron, a kitchen set, a tablecloth or a soft corner – this will create visual harmony. Curtains can also be sewn to match the walls – this “trick” is great for expanding the room.

Photo gallery for your inspiration

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