Matte kitchen: design ideas and tips

By | November 17, 2022

When choosing a kitchen set, people put forward many requirements: the material should be inexpensive, but of high quality, the appearance is attractive, and the service life is high. If these criteria are also important to you, then pay attention to facades with a matte finish.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is no coincidence that matte facades began to gain popularity. They have much more advantages than disadvantages, and a low-key appearance creates a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. They do not irritate with excessive shine, so with their help it is easy to create a laconic interior.

  • A variety of calm pastel shades allows you to fit a matte kitchen into any style and combine it with the entire color palette.
  • There are much fewer fingerprints, water stains and dirt visible on matte surfaces than on glossy facades. Due to this, cleaning can be carried out less often.
  • The interior of muted tones without bright shine does not strain and makes the atmosphere calm and relaxing.
  • Facades with a matte finish are resistant to sunlight. They do not fade and retain their original beautiful appearance for a long time.
  • A large selection of materials allows you to choose a kitchen set for every taste and budget. The most popular are natural wood, MDF and acrylic.
  • Due to the lack of glare, you can experiment with lighting.

There are several disadvantages of such a coating that need to be taken into account when buying. A big role in the design of the kitchen is played by its size. In small rooms, it is better not to install a matte kitchen set – the absence of glare here will play a cruel joke. Such a surface will make the room “flat” and more cramped.

Another nuance is the location of the room. For kitchens located on the north side, it is better to choose glossy surfaces. In them, you need to try to make up for the lack of light, which matte facades are incapable of. They are more preferable in sunny rooms with large windows. But do not forget about artificial lighting – in addition to the central chandelier, additional light sources will be required. Without them, the interior looks boring.

If you want a unique and original kitchen decoration, it is better to choose gloss. The matte kitchen set cannot boast of a rich assortment of color solutions, so you will have to choose from what catalogs offer. But this can not be considered a big disadvantage – there are many design designs of kitchens using matte facades, among which you will definitely find the right one.

Matte surfaces are more difficult to care for than gloss. Detergents should be chosen carefully and carefully, otherwise there is a risk of damaging facades.

Color palette

If you are not afraid of the limitations of color solutions, feel free to choose a matte kitchen set. Having approached the question correctly, you will be able to decorate the kitchen in any style. Entrusting this matter to the designer, be sure that almost all your ideas will come to life. And if you decide to create an interior yourself, when choosing a color scheme, you need to take into account several features.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the size of the room. Designers do not make a dark interior in rooms of a small area for an obvious reason – it narrows it. Black, dark brown, graphite and similar shades reflect light poorly, visually reducing the space. In a small kitchen, it is best to install a light-colored kitchen set that will expand the room.

Moreover, gentle and unobtrusive shades create a soothing atmosphere. This does not put pressure on the psyche, so it will be pleasant and comfortable to be in a light-colored kitchen.

In the course of research, psychologists have found that the white color and its shades relax and relieve stress, cheer up and set up a positive mood, and in the morning some people just need it. Had to get up an hour earlier? A cup of tea, sweets and the calm atmosphere of the white kitchen will banish all negative thoughts.

White color may seem too impractical option. This is not surprising – white furniture needs to be constantly washed, especially in the kitchen, where food is prepared every day. Then consider attractive light shades: beige, milk, ivory, creamy, cream. Unlike white, which creates a rather cold atmosphere, they will give the interior warmth and light. This is especially necessary for northern dark rooms.

Owners of small kitchens should also abandon the bright kitchen set – catchy and expressive facades will overload the interior. If you want something colorful and more interesting than classic white and brown kitchens, choose pastel colors. The combination of lavender and beige looks very harmonious and “delicious” – it creates associations with cakes and raises the appetite. A pair of peach and light green will give the kitchen juiciness and freshness.

Owners of medium and large kitchens can not limit themselves and choose any color. To make the kitchen more cozy, choose dark chocolate shades. Do not be afraid to use black color – it looks strict and refined, making the kitchen more expensive.

So that the room does not look too gloomy, it can be diluted with light colors or add bright notes. For example, design the upper lockers in white, and the lower ones in black. You can make a bright colored apron and complement the interior with chairs of the same color.

If you introduce a bright color into a dark interior, try to support it with several objects. It can be pillows and curtains of the same color, a colored refrigerator and, in addition to it, a vase with flowers standing out on a black table.

When choosing colors, you need to follow an important design rule: there should be only three leading colors and one accent, which either softens the situation or, conversely, adds brightness. If you neglect this, the kitchen can become too pretentious and tasteless.

Bright juicy shades are very suitable for the kitchen: orange, yellow, green, red. They raise the appetite, and this is not surprising, because they are the colors of fruits and berries.

Using different textures will help make the interior more interesting. For example, a marble pattern in accordance with the classics is used in a black-and-white interior, and the best companion for a wooden table and chairs will be a green-and-white kitchen set. Thus, it will be possible to create an eco-style interior. Expensive leather sofas look appropriate in strict stylish kitchens, decorated in classic gray, white, black or brown tones.

When ordering a custom kitchen set, you can apply a drawing to your taste on the facades. Another option is an apron with an image, for example, of a city or a simple geometric pattern.

The choice of color palette is also influenced by the style of the interior. Each direction has certain leading shades. For example, Provence is easily recognizable due to its delicate shades: lilac, sky, milk, light green, pale yellow and pistachio. No less important here are the various colors of wood – furniture is chosen exclusively from natural materials.

Hi-tech is a technological and modern style. It is characterized by white, black and especially gray colors. The use of metal surfaces is encouraged, and household appliances become one of the main components of the interior.

Classic kitchens are decorated in most cases in light colors: sand, beige, milk. The facades are decorated with carvings and gold inserts. Large upholstered sofas, crystal chandeliers and decorated chairs are relevant here.

Matte facades are ideal for loft style, which creates a simple and relaxed atmosphere. The colors are mostly universal: white, gray, black and brown. The interior should be strict and restrained, but with a touch of modernity.

The homeland of the Scandinavian style is the cold north, so the palette is appropriate: the kitchen set is almost always white, sometimes it can be light gray or pastel blue. If a tree is used, it should be of light species: birch, pine, maple. In Scandinavian interiors, it is very rare to find bright red, green or purple colors. If you want to add accents, sunny yellow is most often chosen.

Maintenance of matt kitchen facades

In order for the kitchen set to last you a long time and retain its original appearance for many years, you need to take care of it carefully:

  • Do not use coarse brushes and sponges. Surfaces are wiped only with soft microfiber cloths.
  • Detergents should not contain alcohol or abrasive particles – they cause scratches and tarnishing of facades.
  • Surfaces should be constantly wiped from moisture and dirt so that they do not accumulate in the pores.
  • After wet cleaning, the facades are wiped with a dry cloth.

Some make a choice in favor of matte facades, because prints and stains on them are invisible. But timely cleaning is still necessary – if it is not carried out, the kitchen set will quickly lose its attractiveness. It must be remembered that matte facades scratch much easier than glossy ones. Although the damage is less noticeable, you need to handle them carefully.

Maybe a glossy kitchen after all?

Choosing between glossy and matte facades is quite difficult. Each type of finish has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to carefully study the options and draw conclusions for yourself.

Matte surfaces look more simple and strict, so they create either a gentle, relaxed interior, or a solid and conservative one. The first is, for example, Provence, and the second is minimalism. Matte facades will appeal to people who like a calm and restrained environment. But creative people who want to add more color and shine to the interior are likely to prefer gloss.

As already noted, there are less fingerprints, stains and scratches on matte surfaces than on glossy ones. Gloss the surface needs to be constantly wiped, otherwise it looks unpresentable. This is especially true for families with young children. But remember that matte facades also require regular maintenance – porous materials get clogged with dirt very quickly.

Glossy kitchens are often made of plastic – it is convenient and durable. The material is resistant to solar and mechanical effects, but if there is damage, the coating will have to be replaced.

Facade covering plays an important role in many styles. For technological high-tech, a shiny gloss is more preferable, especially if it is in gray – this creates the effect of metal. For Art Deco, classics and other styles embodying a luxurious atmosphere, it is also worth choosing glossy facades. Matte facades are popular in Provence, minimalism, Scandinavian style and loft.

Shiny surfaces of light colors are used to expand small rooms, and matte ones look better in spacious kitchens.

If you can’t decide, pay attention to interiors where glossy and matte facades are combined. It is better to choose glossy surfaces for the upper cabinets, and matte ones for the lower ones. This is a practical solution, because the lower lockers have to be cleaned more often from dirt and fingerprints, especially if there are children in the family.

When choosing between glossy and matte facades, consider the size of the kitchen, the number of windows, the quality of lighting and the style of the interior. Take into account that the kitchen set can not only make the interior stylish and beautiful, but also adjust the parameters of the room. A matte kitchen is more difficult to take care of, but it looks relevant and definitely won’t get bored after a few years.

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