Black and white kitchen design ideas

By | November 17, 2022

Black and white are classics. It always looks interesting and at the same time simple. The ideal solution for those who love practicality and versatility in the interior. This combination of colors is suitable for different style solutions and always looks advantageous and modern. In this article we will tell you how to properly decorate the kitchen in such a color that it looks harmonious and pleasing to the eye. And we will also share little tricks and secrets that will help make your interior bright and memorable.

Stylish black and white kitchen.

Interior design style

A stylistic solution with such a combination of colors will look great both in the classic version and in a daring high-tech style. You just have to choose, and we will show examples and tell you the features of each style.

Classic style

The classic style of interior design can be intricate with twisted monograms, gilding and silver, with many small repetitive details that combine into a single ensemble of luxury. Or vice versa, for example, the English classics assume strict lines, without unnecessary details. Simple, strict and harmonious.

Any of these directions in the classic style looks advantageous and unusual in a combination of black and white colors. And if you choose natural materials for the execution of the kitchen, it will acquire additional nobility and refinement.

Classic interior design.

High-tech style

Simple and bold style at the same time. The combination of black and white in this version is more the rule than the exception. Metal surfaces, glossy facades, sharp color transitions and smooth outlines of interior details – that’s what characterizes this style. Glossy facade materials, chrome handles and a countertop that plays on the contrast are chosen for the kitchen. The dining area complements the kitchen. A white glossy marble countertop on unusual metal supports looks very advantageous. Lighting is built into the ceiling or, on the contrary, decorative metal plafonds are chosen, which complement the entire interior as a whole.

High-tech interior design.

Minimalist style

Paradise for perfectionists is minimalism. The whole interior is a strict geometric shape without accents and details, which in this case will be superfluous. All zones are clearly demarcated. Interior furniture is chosen with reflective glossy surfaces. Accents and ornaments are not welcome and will be strangers here. You also need to be careful with contrasts. In the kitchen, as a rule, the top and bottom are separated by color.

Minimalist interior design.

Loft style

Loft-style interior design in a combination of black and white colors will appeal to those who love urban style. As a rule, this solution looks good in kitchens combined with a living room. Interior design with zoning of premises is especially advantageous. Use a bar counter with a glossy surface for this. Brick black or white walls, glossy black facades with lighting, glass or chrome materials characterize this style.

Loft style interior design.

Design options

All the described design options will look harmoniously in black and white, you just need to decide what is closer to you. After all, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in such an interior and relax from the daily hustle and bustle in your cozy apartment.

The top is white, the bottom is black

This combination makes the upper part airy and light, and the lower, on the contrary, heavy and mundane. Thanks to this technique, the space stretches and it seems that there is more space. But do not rush to order such a combination in a small kitchen. Black visually compresses the space. In a spacious kitchen, this combination will be successful and will not burden the common space. If you have a modern kitchen without an emphasis on details, then feel free to use this solution. The contrast of black and white will make the interior dynamic, creative and interesting.

Laconic black and white kitchen.

Top black, bottom white

A practical solution for an unusual kitchen. The white lower part of the kitchen set gets dirty less, there are no visible stains and fingerprints on it. This is especially true for those who have small children. This combination is usually used in a minimalist style, so as not to knock down the entire interior with a bright black accent. The floor covering in this case is selected in contrast so that there is a clear border of the kitchen area.

Contrasting kitchen.

White facades with black countertops

A kitchen with white facades will look easy in both small and spacious rooms. The black tabletop will add dynamics and become a bright detail of the interior as a whole. Choose a countertop with a non-uniform texture and preferably with a glossy surface. It can be natural stone or special plastic, the main thing is that it harmoniously complements the white background of the kitchen.

Kitchen set with black marble countertop.

White facades and countertops with black appliances

This kitchen interior design turns out to be airy and inconspicuous. Bright accents, which will create household appliances, will give elegance and sophistication. Today, black household appliances are very popular and in demand. In the end, it’s practical and fits well into the interior, it’s a winning solution.

Modern interior design with black appliances.

Black and white floor covering

The combination of such colors on the floor always looks creative and unusual. The floor covering in a combination of black and white colors can be made using domino-style tiles or individual colors to delimit zones. For small kitchens, it is better to choose a moisture-resistant laminate and lay it diagonally. With this technique, you will add visual space, which may not be enough. For the same purposes, choose the option of laying laminate “arrow” or “herringbone”.

Black and white tiled floor covering.

Kitchen apron in black and white

Such an apron can be used as an adapter from a dark or light top to the bottom. To do this, choose a small tile or photo printing on tempered glass with a thematic image, they are even made to order. Therefore, you will be able to transfer your creation or your design idea to the kitchen. Today, the choice of materials, shade and shapes is huge. It’s easy to choose something of your own from all the variety, if you know what you want and imagine what your kitchen should look like.

Manhattan kitchen apron in black and white.

Color combination

What colors can be added to the combination of black and white?

When you want more dynamics, add a third color, which should occupy 10-20% of the total number of colors. In order for all colors to look harmonious and complete composition without overload and dissonance.

  • Red color will add expressiveness and emotionality to a monochrome room. It looks stylish and daring. Remember that it is better to use red only in accents. Candles, napkins, vase, towels, flowers, painting – you just need to add them.

A bright addition to the black and white interior.

  • Green. It will give freshness and peace. Like a sip of water on a hot day. Also use in accents. This color can be added to textiles on windows. It will not overload the interior.

Green accents in the kitchen.

  • Yellow. Bright yellow elements will add a zest and a certain American chic. In kitchens it looks very original and gentle. But remember the rule: only accents are in yellow. Do not use yellow as a base. It will simply dissolve and will not stand out and refresh the interior.

Kitchen with an emphasis on a yellow apron.

  • Purple. A fashionable shade, but not suitable for everyone. Therefore, listen to yourself and do not chase the changeable fashion. The advantage of placing accents in bright colors is that they can be changed at any time. And the kitchen will play in a new way.

Purple color is like a highlight in a black and white interior.

Design ideas for a black and white kitchen

An interesting solution for the kitchen apron.

Kitchen design with bright accents.

Austerity and minimalism with a bright addition.

Cozy kitchen in black and white style with an accent on the wall.

A great addition to the interior of a black and white kitchen.

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