White Kitchen: design and decor ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The color scheme in white shades will never go out of fashion. White symbolizes purity, freshness, kindness and wisdom. The interior using this color coloring is universal. This is a blank sheet that you can color at will. In addition, this interior is very practical. Dust and fingerprints are almost invisible. This means that your house will always be on top, even if there was no time to do the cleaning.

At the same time, white is contradictory, he is associated with strictness and seems too cold and emotionless. In this article we will analyze this issue in detail.

Psychology of white

White is devoid of emotions. Other colors, even the darkest and dirtiest, evoke a response in the soul. But white retains neutrality and freedom. Our perception tells us about its coldness, since it is the color of snow or ice. Psychologists associate it with escape from reality and liberation.

During times of stress, people unconsciously tend to surround themselves with white things. It helps to cope with negative thoughts and emotions. People who are going to change also turn to white and make this color their symbol. Sometimes it is associated with purity and readiness for new emotions and sensations.

The interior in white shades always looks refined, elegant and even elegant. It is noticed that people who are self-confident choose this color for their home. They are open to everything new and always hospitable. Psychologists are sure that being in a white interior sets a person up for calmness and making important decisions with a cool head, and also helps to get rid of negativity and disappointment.

In general, it is clear that this color is not very simple, despite its restraint and taciturnity. If you use only snow-white color in the interior, you can go crazy. White completely cleanses, like an eraser, and suppresses the will of a person. Therefore, it is necessary to dilute it with other shades and colors. In this case, it will bring benefits and peace.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any idea used in the design of a house has its pros and cons. This also applies to the use of white.


  • White is almost synonymous with sterility and neatness, creates the impression of cleanliness and freshness when used in the kitchen.
  • Its peculiarity is that it visually increases the volume – the room seems spacious and filled with air.
  • It looks very original, solemn and aristocratic.
  • Creates a feeling of coolness, which is good in rooms facing south.
  • It is combined with any colors and styles in the interior.
  • It is an excellent “canvas” for decoration – objects look more expressive on its background.
  • It is always relevant, regardless of interior trends and trends.
  • Dust on white is almost invisible, and cleaning can be done less often.

Dining table with glass top.

Now about the disadvantages:

  • Serious contamination on white will be clearly visible.
  • It can make the room visually cold and uncomfortable when used incorrectly.
  • A light-colored setting may look impersonal, and it needs to be diversified with accessories.

Color combination

When we are told – a white interior, we immediately imagine a snow-white room without a single dark spot. But no one really does that. Maybe only in hospitals. Cream and sandy shades or darker shades of bitter chocolate and almonds are mixed with white. Such an interior turns out to be warm, inviting and clean. It gives the impression of luxury, sophistication and elegance. Imagine a brunette in a white dress. The dress only emphasizes the natural beauty of the girl, but will not be the center of attention. The same is true in the interior. White sets off the deep and beautiful shades of chocolate, adding an element of completeness.

In addition, the white color itself has many shades, more than any other color. Light shades are ultra-white, ivory, smoky white. There are also bright shades – beige, cream, linen. Now you understand that the white interior is an ensemble of many of its tones and half-shades, which merge into delicate compositions.

What shades should I combine white with?

It is believed that the rule of three colors is perfect for creating a harmonious interior. That is, when decorating a room, only three tones are taken as a basis, one of which is the main one. In this case, it is white who takes his place. The other two just complement it.

Even if you want to give free rein to your imagination and fill the room with all the colors of the rainbow, it’s better to give up such an idea. Bright shades will fill the room with variegation and bring chaos, making it visually smaller and more cramped. Especially carefully they should be added in a small kitchen. White furniture and a set can be complemented with red chairs or a colorful apron.

Most often, black is combined with white. A little less brown, and even less wine, rich green or blue.

  • Black. Monochrome is the perfect combination for perfectionists. Two colors like yin and yang complement each other and emphasize the depth and freshness of each other. Black seems noble and solid against a white background. That is why such a combination is very often chosen in classical styles.

  • Gray. Restrained elegance and grace. This combination can be called so – a prim Englishman. For such styles as minimalism or high-tech – the perfect solution. White is made in gloss, and gray is chosen in matte colors. Marble textures or careless streaks are often used. Shades in the style of asphalt and concrete are very popular now. Gray will add rigor and smooth lines to the kitchen.

  • Green. A favorable, soothing color. It looks profitable and easy on a white background. Freshness and nature, rest and tranquility – that’s what you feel in such an interior. In terms of implementation, the colors are chosen: sand, wood, green and white. The floor is made of wood, the kitchen facades are green, and the rest of the background is white.

  • Blue. Suitable for urban style. It is often added to a monochrome interior. He represents the lights of the night city. Basically, this style uses a glossy surface. Or they place metallic blue accents. Blue is a bright and at the same time restrained color. Suitable for those who like to stand out, but not be too intrusive. Blue and turquoise colors will help to enhance the feeling of purity and freshness of white.

  • Orange. An explosive and bright solution. Orange gives cheerfulness and optimism, and on a white background it will shout and motivate new actions. In kitchens in such a range, as a rule, an orange is depicted. It is this fruit that we remember when we are told – orange. Let’s not argue with associations. This theme really looks harmonious in such a color scheme. Juiciness and “taste” will be added by bright tones: orange, sunny yellow. They are especially relevant in cities with a long period from autumn to spring. Then, even on the most cloudy day, the kitchen will cheer up the household.

  • Red is the heart of a modern city. When every minute counts and you need to have time to do 100 things at the same time. It is this mood that is created with the help of this color. For a noble restrained style, matte red and white are used. For more daring, glossy facades are used, as well as glass surfaces that dazzle with flawless smoothness and blood-red mood.

  • Beige will bring a touch of comfort and homely atmosphere.
  • Shades of purple and pink fill it with tenderness and lightness.
  • The combination of white and light wood is an ideal option.
  • Delicate pastel shades can be used almost without borders, and bright and dark ones can be introduced gradually and in the form of small accessories. So it will be easier to remove them or replace them with similar ones, but in a different color if you want to change.

Interior design style

White is a universal color that is used in all styles and interior designs. This color is combined with all the colors of the rainbow and emphasizes their tenderness or brightness. The most noble and luxurious style, of course, is classical, Baroque, Empire, English, antique, Victorian.


Empire style.

English style.

Antique style.

Victorian-style interior.

Lovers of home comfort and warmth will suit country, Provence, Scandinavian, loft styles. These styles suggest an admixture of rustic chic and simplicity. And at the same time, a cozy intricacy that warms even when it’s freezing outside.

Country style.

Provence style.

Scandinavian style.

Loft style.

Those who are looking for originality in everything will suit the styles of modern, avant-garde, Art Nouveau, Arabic, art Deco, bionics, bungalow. They use unusual shapes and lines. Not everyone will definitely find such interiors.

Art deco.

Bionic style.

Bauhaus, minimalism, brutalism, high-tech, Dutch, Celtic are suitable for perfectionists. Simple and clear lines without unnecessary details. In these styles, everything is laid out on the shelves.

Bauhaus style in the interior.

Design and decor ideas

For most people, the white interior of the kitchen is associated with cleanliness, freshness and literally a field for creativity. Any bright detail will bring a highlight to the interior. But such a design has both pros and cons.

Benefits include:

  • The ability of white color to create an optical illusion of a spacious room. Therefore, such a kitchen will always seem bigger than it really is. The white interior visually increases the space.
  • The white color reflects the sun’s rays. This is important for rooms with an inconvenient layout that receive little natural light, as well as for kitchens without windows. For example, placed in the corridor. Not only the facades of the kitchen set are decorated in white, but also the stretch ceiling. And thanks to the glossy shine, they will perfectly complement the kitchen lighting.
  • White becomes the starting point for the rest of the palette. Designers propose to abandon the option of an exclusively white kitchen, otherwise it will look like a hospital ward. The best option is to complement white with contrasting colors and similar shades: ivory, milk, cream, peach and others.
  • To decorate the kitchen in white tones, it is not necessary to choose a certain style of interior design, because it will look interesting in almost any direction of design. Classic, modern, high-tech, Scandinavian or Mediterranean style. The choice depends on the wishes and imagination.
  • Due to its freshness and neutrality, white color perfectly combines with any other color, as if adjusting to it, emphasizing or softening. Depending on the added shades and materials, the kitchen will seem warmer – for example, when choosing a countertop made of wood, or stricter and more concise – with brickwork on one of the walls.

To dilute the extreme monotony of the kitchen, you can use a painted kitchen apron, mosaic, ceramic tiles of an unusual or simply contrasting shade. Depending on the chosen style, original lamps or chandeliers of red, yellow, blue color will be appropriate.

But do not try too hard to fill the room with bright spots. Otherwise, the interior will simply be overloaded with details and it will be difficult to concentrate in the kitchen.


How to choose furniture for a white kitchen?

To begin with, white, like any other color, has many variations. The shade of the furniture must be selected in accordance with the overall “temperature” of the interior.

  • Warm shades, such as ivory, cream, go well with classical and ethnic styles. It is advisable to support them with beige, yellow, green, brown, orange in the interior. Household appliances should be chosen from copper, bronze or brass.
  • Cool shades – pearl, platinum, milky, boiling white – will sparkle in an environment of modern, futuristic design. They will get along great with black, gray, red, purple, blue. The oven, hob and extractor hood in such a kitchen should be steel or chrome.

When considering the choice of kitchen set facades, choose one of the most relevant and fashionable options:

  • Shiny glossy surfaces visually increase the space.
  • Matte coating looks noble and less whimsical in care than glossy.
  • Wooden facades – a trend of recent years – fill the interior with comfort.
  • Models with glass and plastic elements – look original and serve as a “highlight” of the interior.

It is clear that if we are talking about white, then the facades will be white. Gloss is used in minimalism and high-tech styles. Wood decors will look great in classic interiors. Solid matte will fit perfectly into country and Provence.

Remember that facades can be of different shades of white. There is no need to focus on the snow-white version. Think over the style of the interior and the overall picture of the color. And it will be easy for you to make a choice in a furniture salon.

Since the kitchen set in white tones has “increased compatibility”, you can surround it with absolutely any colors.

  • Do you like monochrome color? You can choose a light finish of the room, and the table, chairs and other furniture should also be white.
  • Do you prefer contrasting combinations? Then feel free to complement the interior with a bright sofa, curtains and accessories.

A small kitchen is best furnished compactly, using all the available space to good use. That is why the upper line of cabinets is often removed under the ceiling. Such a kitchen should look as light and airy as possible. Even the usual handles can be abandoned in favor of modern opening and closing mechanisms.

If one or another style of the future interior requires naturalness and wood, the shade of which does not coincide with the ideas of an ideal white kitchen – it does not matter! Suitable furniture painted white and complemented with solid wood items, kitchen utensils, small shelves.

In a confined space, it is important to maintain a balance between the practicality of storage systems, a pile of all kinds of boxes and baskets. Therefore, before finishing, it is necessary to determine the future cabinets, their depth and capacity. Everyday dishes and cutlery, food and glasses, towels and cleaning products have their place in the kitchen. In addition to aesthetics, this approach is convenient for all family members to use.

Even despite the simplicity of the color, the white kitchen looks different depending on the chosen style and accentuated by accessories. Even in a small apartment, it becomes an island of comfort and cleanliness, setting the tone for the entire dwelling.

The main thing is not to combine too many shades, so as not to lose the main idea of the design. Then even the smallest kitchen will turn into a place where you want to spend time with pleasure!

Finishing materials

Materials for finishing the kitchen largely depend on the chosen style. So the classics tend to natural wood and stone, and minimalism allows high-quality parodies. In any case, the kitchen is a place of frequent temperature changes, cleaning and splashing, so you need to choose coatings that are not only beautiful, but also convenient to care for.

  • Ceramic tiles, natural or artificial stone are suitable for the floor. The dining area can be visually separated with laminate or parquet, choosing shades of natural wood.
  • The ceiling can be painted or assembled into a multi-level structure: stretch, suspended. On a small area, it is still better to limit yourself to a glossy stretch, but without levels. This option will perfectly reflect light.
  • The walls are more often decorated with tiles, special panels or paint. Less often with wallpaper or plaster, because these materials, even the most moisture-resistant, are still more difficult to care for.

Choosing a countertop

Since the white kitchen is loyal to any colors, the countertop can be any. It is important to start from the practicality of a particular material.

If you cook often, give preference to durable, wear-resistant options from:

  • Acrylic – they are light, wear-resistant, unpretentious in care and easily recoverable.
  • Epoxy resin–based composites are resistant to mechanical damage, moisture-resistant and are not afraid of the aggressive effects of most chemicals.

If appearance is more important, choose a countertop from:

  • Natural marble or granite — they are beautiful and durable, but difficult to care for, require regular treatment with protective compounds.
  • Wood is a short—lived, but the most effective and environmentally friendly material.

If you want to choose an inexpensive model, pay attention to the furniture with a plastic coating.

Traditionally, the countertop differs in color from the facades. So the kitchen furniture looks more contrasting and expressive. However, the monochrome design of the white kitchen allows the use of a light vertical surface – this will create the lightest, airy space.

Choosing an apron

The apron can be made of a wide variety of materials: smooth tiles or tiles with a textured surface, natural wood, decorative plaster, glass, plastic, brick, concrete. The main thing is that it protects the walls, matches your taste and the overall style of the room.

A decorative brick can be used as an apron.

In the visual perception of the kitchen room , the apron can play three roles:

  • The apron complements the overall composition.
  • The apron visually connects the top and bottom.
  • The apron is an accent.

An apron in pearl, milk or boiling white color will favorably set off any color set. Recently, it has become popular to make it from rectangular tiles – this is a good, but far from the only way. It can also be glass, plastic or made of special panels.

If you decide to maintain the kitchen completely in a light range, we recommend introducing a variety of textures: let the floor and doors be “wood–like”, the refrigerator and built-in appliances are smooth glossy, and the apron, for example, is whitish brick.

A colored apron in the interior of a white kitchen.

A contrasting apron will “play” in a room completely decorated in white. It will become a bright accent, emphasizing the modern design of the kitchen and the extraordinary tastes of the owner. Also, contrasting solutions are good for zoning in studio apartments: this way you can visually highlight the cooking area.

A multicolored apron will become a bright detail that attracts attention. For a space in a classic style, it is worth opting for a mosaic panel or a tiled patchwork, and for a modern one, prefer tempered glass skins with photo printing.

Metal apron. For the design of the kitchen area, metal has been used not so long ago, but it has already proven itself as a durable and aesthetic material. It will be especially good in modern apartments with bold design finds.


What kind of wallpaper to choose for a white kitchen?

The kitchen in a snow-white range looks very refined and stylish. In order not to devalue this effect and emphasize the advantages of furniture, it is necessary to choose the right wallpaper. During cooking, they can absorb odors, be exposed to steam and get dirty – especially in the area of the stove and sink. Therefore, it is better to abandon cheap paper options that will quickly become unusable. Premium textile and acrylic wallpaper has no place here either.

The most “hardy” options are vinyl and non—woven with a uniform texture.

Non-woven wallpaper is made of synthetic fiber and cellulose, they are durable, easy to stick and are not subject to deformation. And vinyl ones consist of two layers: paper is at the base, and the top layer is made of polyvinyl chloride, which resists contamination and wear.

The choice of color directly depends on the characteristics of the room and the style of decoration:

  • Canvases with a large print visually reduce the kitchen space.
  • A small drawing on a light background visually enlarges the room.
  • A vertical pattern or strip will allow you to “lift” the ceiling.
  • Horizontal stripes in combination with a light kitchen set will expand the room.
  • Geometric plots in the form of intersecting lines or drawings will create a sense of continuity of space.
  • Walls of dark tones will help to make a narrow and long room more harmonious.
  • Textured wallpaper will be good in a monochrome interior.
  • An interesting “color spot” effect will allow you to embody three white walls in combination with one bright one.
  • Canvases with graffiti applied to paper collage, photo wallpapers, 3D wallpaper, which can be used to highlight one of the walls, are perfect for snow-white furniture.


Curtains for the kitchen in white are one of the main elements of the decor. It is they who create comfort and that “homely” atmosphere. Let’s run through the main colors that can be used for the kitchen interior in white tones.

  • Black is great for bold graphic interiors.
  • An unusual silver shade will add space to the interior.
  • The spectacular red will create a sense of celebration every day.
  • The combination with green is associated with naturalness, nature.
  • The beige palette is typical of classical trends in design.
  • The gentle blue will unobtrusively remind you of the sky, the sea, the air.
  • Muted pink will make the interior delicate and feminine.
  • Positive yellow or orange will add optimism.
  • Purple will manifest itself in all its glory in luxurious interiors.
  • The brown shade will make the room contrasting, but at the same time very cozy.
  • Cool refreshing blue looks expensive and stylish.
  • Gold will perfectly complement classic, oriental and bohemian designs.
  • Snow-white in combination with a bright environment will create a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

Curtains for the kitchen in a modern style.

If we talk about the model of curtains, then for large kitchens you can safely choose curtains supplemented with tulle, and in small rooms roll-up and Roman curtains will be more appropriate.

Textiles in any room are designed to create comfort, warmth, grace. A minimum of expenses when buying curtains of warm tones – and the kitchen is transformed, becomes bright and saturated with color. Cool shades help to balance the sunlight.

White kitchen furniture harmonizes with curtains to match the walls, but the fabric should be a little darker. A universal option can be the choice of curtains for the color scheme of the kitchen set. Then, over time, the wallpaper can be changed, and the furniture will remain the same. This is also an economical approach.

Using a white kitchen set and white curtains, do not forget to choose a thin fabric, and not massive dense canvases that will create an association with the ward in the hospital.

Also, in the white design of the room, attention is focused on the window if it is decorated with colored curtains or decorated with milk curtains with bright stripes.

Remember that the material for curtains in the kitchen should be selected taking into account their ability to absorb odors, to pass the rays of the sun. Do not use flammable fabrics. In the case of placing a balcony in the kitchen, curtains should not obstruct the exit.

Accessories and decor

The rich white color embodies purity, lightness, sterility. It allows bold experiments with bright shades in the interior design in the kitchen. It is easy to choose original accessories and materials for curtains for a white kitchen set. The snow-white kitchen is also universal when choosing a stylish design.

Accessories should be harmoniously combined with the design style and household items. Glass handles are suitable for cabinets with stained glass windows, and chrome details will be combined with a water tap.

The uniqueness of using a white kitchen set is that the decor can be changed frequently and approached with an enviable variety.

Don’t overdo it! Arrange bright accents in a dosed manner so that there is no bright spot in only one place.

  • Cutlery and accessories should differ in color, then the kitchen room will just play.
  • Store dishes of bright shades so that they can be viewed from any angle. You can use open cabinets or glass facades.
  • Feel free to mix colors – purple tone with greenish or orange color with a purple tint.
  • Place funny things on the territory of the kitchen: letters, magnets, slates, photographs, vases. Intricate lighting fixtures will perfectly dilute the interior.
  • Children’s drawings can be a wonderful decoration. A positive psychological effect of naive and cheerful images is provided.
  • Flowers in flowerpots or bouquets of live plants will perfectly refresh the room.
  • Bright chairs diversify the white background, and the use of colorful seating will be the perfect accessory. Pick up chairs of fancy design, with curved shapes, in the kitchen of white color.


Proper lighting plays a huge role for the perception of the final result. There should be enough light in the work area, above the sink, where there is a meal, so a multi-level design of light supply in the kitchen is extremely necessary.

When choosing a kitchen set and its placement, it is immediately necessary to think about the location of light sources, based on the size of the cabinets and their design.

The main central chandelier should not become the only lighting device, so glare from white surfaces will not solve the problem of insufficient light. The lampshade should not be fabric, so as not to complicate care and cleaning. A glass or plastic coating will work well.

An excellent approach to lighting design is the adjustment of lighting. When cooking, adjust the sensor to the maximum level, and dim the lights during dinner.

Additional sources – an LED strip along the contour or spotlights – will give the space
attractiveness and functionality. The work surface can be illuminated with mounted lamps.

White kitchen set

Shades of white in the interior of residential premises are very common. Rooms become airy, light. Use in the kitchen, the white headset will suit any chosen style, to different background design. White is always in fashion.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many consider white impractical, expensive. Others have no idea at all how furniture can be a different color. Let’s try to make a list of the positive and negative sides of using white in kitchen furniture.

Arguments in favor of:

  • elegant, pleasant appearance;
  • feeling of freshness in the room;
  • the possibility of using bright and saturated accents;
  • the room is visually enlarged, which is incredibly important in a small kitchen;
  • the white kitchen set will fit into any style;
  • cleaning white furniture is no more difficult than a set of a different color.

Arguments against:

  • the light surface gets dirty quickly, the slightest dirt is visible on it, such furniture needs to be washed more often;
  • the glossy surface of the furniture shows every touch of the fingers;
  • perhaps a reminder of a hospital ward when the rest of the decor in the kitchen is white: wallpaper, curtains, furniture and accessories, dishes.

It is not difficult to calculate that there are 2 times more advantages. Do not be afraid of white. Moderate and competent use of it will only contribute to a wonderful transformation of the kitchen and create a charming and cozy interior.

Matte or glossy?

Let’s consider an important question that always puts the buyer before the need to choose. The white gloss pleases the eye, looks stylish, the light plays with highlights on it, the effect of a mirror reflection is created. When leaving, frequent polishing is necessary, it is desirable to touch the facades with your hands less.

Traces are less visible on the matte surface, but it also needs to be washed systematically. An interesting solution is to combine different types of surfaces in one kitchen set.

5 tips for choosing:

  • The kitchen is located on the sunny side – buy a white set with matte facades.
  • A light gloss is easier to clean than a dark matte surface.
  • The whiter the kitchen set, the less cleaning.
  • The matte facade also needs constant cleaning.
  • To avoid stains, any surface must be wiped dry.

Provence style.

The shape of the kitchen set

How to decide on the form?

This choice is influenced by the area of the room and its layout.

  • Straight (linear) white kitchen set. Comfortable and beautiful interior. All items are lined up in one row, the rest of the space is free. A dining area can be placed in the center of the kitchen.
  • White corner model. Practical design, clear organization of the surrounding space. It looks organically in any interior. Traditional details are spacious lockers in the corner and there is also a sink or hob. It is good to complement such a set with a bar counter in a small room or an island table, if the kitchen area allows it.
  • White kitchen set in the shape of the letter “U”. The furniture is lined up along three walls, most suitable for a square-shaped room. Ideal for placement in a studio apartment. Most often, the dining group is taken out into the living room. The white surfaces of the kitchen set without fittings increase the space and create the illusion of walls around.
  • White kitchen set in the shape of an island. This configuration requires placing a dining table in the center of the room. The most suitable solution is a country house. The island kitchen set plays the role of another work surface on which the stove, cutlery, sink are located. In some cases, it replaces the bar counter.

What should be the basis of the kitchen set and its coating?

This issue should be approached thoroughly. Beauty is needed in the setting, but structural strength, practicality and functionality are much more important. A kitchen made of strong materials will last a long time, and this is an important factor.

  • Wooden kitchen set. Natural material, characterized by high environmental friendliness. Wooden furniture has a long service life. With proper care, the kitchen set is resistant to moisture penetration, the surfaces are easily sanded, does not deform with little physical impact. Temperature changes do not affect the quality of furniture. Given the above characteristics, it becomes clear the high price for wooden furniture. A significant disadvantage is weightiness, bulkiness, heaviness.
  • Kitchen set made of MDF panels. This material is also eco-friendly, because it consists of resin, compressed chips. On top, everything is covered with a protective decorative layer of film and plastic painted on top. MDF is practical and convenient for use in a room with temperature differences.
  • Kitchen set made of chipboard. A popular material for the manufacture of kitchen furniture. Natural chips are pressed under high pressure and glued, laminated. Durable material, heat-resistant. It has a valuable advantage – an acceptable price. It has a significant drawback: violation of the protective layer leads to swelling of the material and its deformation. White facades are made of the same materials. Separately, it is worth highlighting plastic and acrylic products.
  • Kitchen set with plastic facades. In the manufacture of this type of doors in the kitchen cabinet, chipboard is glued with a multilayer plastic created at high temperatures and pressure. It turns out a thin layer of various textures: matte, structured, glossy. The color gamut is represented by a wide spectrum. Plastic is easily cleaned with detergents, wear-resistant, does not deteriorate when exposed to direct sunlight. It has a low cost.
  • Kitchen set with acrylic facades. A practical material created using modern technologies: the edge is made of acrylonitrile, styrene and butadiene. Resistant to high temperatures, mechanical stress. It is eco-friendly, retains color for a long time, and is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Does not deteriorate from moisture and steam.

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