Classic white kitchen: design ideas and tips

By | November 17, 2022

There are many advantages of using white in decorating, and designers of various levels have been told in detail. They always note his ability to visually change the geometry of the room, fill the interior with lightness and lightness, be a wonderful background for bright inclusions, absolute compatibility with any style.

The most advantageous option is a combination of white shades and always relevant classics. The white color emphasizes the strict symmetry of the shapes of kitchen furniture inherent in this particular interior direction. The characteristic decor looks airy and elegant, and the selected accents perfectly complement the light palette.

How to properly decorate a room, turning it into a standard of design art? How to create an atmosphere of prosperity and respectability in your kitchen? Today we will tell you about it.

Luxury furniture with luxurious palace decor elements.

What are the features of the classics?

Kitchens decorated in this interior direction charm with a sense of comfort and respectability. Sharp contrasts and asymmetrical lines are alien to the classics. The classic style creates an atmosphere of reliability. In such an interior, people who have certain life values feel great:

  • striving for stability and order;
  • careful preservation of the traditions of your family;
  • making balanced, thoughtful decisions and faultless execution of tasks.

The classic style promotes a calm, thoughtful pastime. He does not accept fake glitter and fuss. Having decided to decorate the kitchen in this interior style, it is worth following some rules:

  • Use mainly natural materials for wall and floor decoration, decor. These are solid wood, natural stone, cotton, linen, wool, glass and crystal. If there is no possibility or the material causes an allergic reaction (for example, wool), it is permissible to find a replacement from artificial materials that qualitatively imitate natural ones. It can be a parquet board, a kitchen set with MDF facades made of wood or a countertop made of artificial stone. The performance characteristics of modern materials are in no way inferior to natural ones, and in some positions even surpass them.
  • The color palette is chosen restrained, without sharp, contrasting transitions. White shades are harmoniously combined with pastel natural tones. You can add bright, saturated colors in the form of living indoor plants or a cut bouquet of flowers in a vase.
  • The forms of classical furniture are always symmetrical, straight-line. They are softened by the intricate curves of the legs of tables and chairs, an interesting, rounded-spiral pattern of false chandeliers, moldings, ceiling rosettes and other decorative elements. Instead of heavy and expensive plaster stucco, decorators actively use polyurethane products. They are easy to transport, installation does not require special skills or tools. In addition, plastic products can be attached even to plasterboard structures and plywood walls.

The classic interior in white shades creates a feeling of luxury, a snow palace. Visually, the room looks much larger than it actually is. In addition, such a finish is preferable for dark rooms, in whose windows almost no sunlight enters.

Kitchen in white color scheme and classic style

If the decision is made and the classic design style is chosen, then this is a universal find for kitchens both small in size and located on a large area, helping to create an elegant and stylish interior.

Expressive and restrained atmosphere will be successfully emphasized with white shades.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of white in the kitchen interior

The frequent use of white products in design projects directly indicates that the color has much more advantages than disadvantages. They can be safely attributed to:

  • Practicality. Streaks, fingerprints, small spots, drops are visually almost invisible, unlike dark surfaces.
  • The ability to fit in harmoniously and support any style. Glossy and satin surfaces enhance this ability.
  • The opportunity to focus on design ideas, and at the same time reduce some of the shortcomings of the furniture and materials used.
  • Increasing the illumination of the room due to the reflective properties.

No one denies some of the existing disadvantages. Among them, paradoxically, is fatigue, the need for constant care. There is a negative psychological perception of this color by some people, which can be smoothed out by introducing shades: pearl, alabaster, ivory, fragments of wood and stone.

The listed pros and cons relate to the overall background design of the premises and the color of the furniture.

The finer points of finishing

But before filling the room with furniture and accessories, it is necessary to properly finish the kitchen space:

  • Ceiling. According to the classical requirements, it should be painted or whitewashed. A mandatory element of the decor is stucco, moldings, painting. You can use the finishing with slats, wooden beams or install a coffered ceiling made of drywall. However, with all the practicality, stretch ceilings are practically unacceptable.
  • Walls. They can be decorated with fabric, wallpaper, linen draperies in the dining area. The texture will make quality care difficult. A constant requirement is monotony. But at the same time, the walls should differ by several tones from the color of the furniture. This will create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, and will avoid the impression of deliberate sterility.
  • Floor covering. To support the canons of the classics, you can use modern materials: tile, laminate, linoleum, fill, repeating the wood structure.

Glossy floor in a classic interior.

Furniture: the subtleties of choice

Since the dining area and the cooking surface are adjacent in the kitchen, it is appropriate to consider the options for furnishing each of them.

For the white dining room, the choice of classic glossy furniture has recently become a priority. It is the glossy surfaces of tables, facades of buffets and showcases that create sophistication and a sense of luxury in the room.

Advantages of gloss:

  • visually increases the area of the room due to reflected light;
  • it is resistant to mechanical damage;
  • durable;
  • it remains in its original appearance and pleases the eyes of the owner for a long time;
  • dilutes the correctness of the lines of the classical style, bringing a touch of modernity to the interior.

Kitchen interior design in classic style.


  • gloss requires increased attention to care, it is necessary to get rid of smudges and stains in the shortest possible time;
  • handprints, streaks and small spots immediately catch the eye;
  • there is a fear of identification with a medical institution.

Therefore, when creating traditional classic interiors, experienced designers still prefer the matte version. He minimally attracts attention to himself, and at the same time looks very presentable and solid.

The furniture that makes up the dining group: a table and chairs, perform the function of supporting the rest of the kitchen set.

Furniture for the cooking area, as well as its design should be given special attention. It is possible to arrange the equipment and cabinets built into the facade both in a straight line and in an elegant angle. The white kitchen set will fit perfectly into any geometry of the room.

The presence of materials of various textures in the facades: glass, mirrors, wood, gives a set of furniture fundamental and solidity.

Choosing the right color combination

The white color can be diluted with any other, without violating the basic style. This will help to avoid the impression of being in a hospital ward, warmth and home comfort will appear. The combination of white with gold and silver colors is the most common. But the main thing here is not to overdo it, creating a modern look of furniture, accentuating the color schemes in small additions.

Adding a bronze palette, less common in this type of finish, experts recommend using it in the design of water taps, lamps and door handles. Most often, a combination of white and black is used when the main surfaces are presented in a dark scale against a background of white gloss.

The use of natural stone, tile or porcelain stoneware is also relevant. When decorating the kitchen in white gloss, a brown shade is added to match the natural look of the tree. And it will not necessarily be wooden objects. This color can be painted or tiled apron, curtains and tablecloth are selected.

Various natural shades harmonize with white, diluting the monotony of whiteness. You only need to beware of the multiplicity of shades.

Ways of arranging the kitchen space

For the classics, certain rules are characteristic in the proposed decor elements and the design of the total area of the white kitchen. Below are some of them:

  • The classical style involves the use of techniques in retro style.
  • In the absence of the possibility of acquiring such, modern household filling is removed behind furniture facades.
  • Lighting is an integral part of any interior. In the case of creating a white kitchen in a classic style, it will be very natural to place a large chandelier in the center. It can be made using both forged and glass elements. A well-lit room always has a luxurious look. It is appropriate to place the lamps selected by type and tone in the necessary areas of the room.
  • Retro products are used to give comfort. Look for ceramic or porcelain dishes in family chests. It is quite possible to pick up some curiosity to taste in an antique store.
  • In a white-glossy interior, it is unacceptable to use tablecloths made of oilcloth materials, only products made of natural fabrics or vintage ones connected by mom or grandmother will look decent. Monotony and unobtrusive floral pattern will suit the general style of classics.
  • When choosing curtains, preference is given to lambrequin or Roman, rolled, Austrian versions. Shades of colors are selected inconspicuous and without flashy drawings.
  • When creating an image of a classic interior, it must be remembered that inexpensive and standard plumbing elements will stand out from the general appearance, and spoil the overall ensemble of the idea. When choosing, you should give preference to vintage models. Cruciform handles of cranes, modern levers-valves will look good.
  • In a glossy white kitchen, a few antiques will be very useful. Designers often use this method of giving the interior an antique look. To do this, furniture facades can be specially aged by patinating, using golden shades of special compositions. The appearance of antique furniture is created, the spirit of the past is introduced.

In conclusion, we can say that the classic kitchen can have any shades of white. These can be creamy, milky, eggshell or even ivory tones. All recommendations for pure white color are suitable for these shades. They create a pronounced and at the same time restrained atmosphere of classical style. Their combination looks exquisite, becoming a wonderful backdrop for the appropriate decor: chairs with fashionable upholstery, jacquard curtains, antique chandeliers.

Bouquets of fresh flowers on the dining table will serve as a great addition.

The implementation of projects to create white kitchens in a classic style does not cause much difficulty. Materials: tiles, paint, wallpaper and textiles are always available in the assortment of stores. It is also not difficult to find a suitable furniture group.

The only thing that upsets the consumer is the high cost of implementing the project.

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