Pink color in the kitchen interior: interesting design ideas and real photos

By | November 17, 2022

Are you looking for unusual solutions for your kitchen? Do you want to create a unique exclusive interior? We offer you an interesting option – to decorate the kitchen in pink.

Kitchen with open shelves.

What is good about pink in the kitchen

It is in the design of the kitchen that this color is used very rarely. It is considered too glamorous, childish, unsuitable for this room. We will try to prove that this is not the case. The advantages of this color in the interior are not only in its integrity.

In addition, he:

  • Positive by definition, relieves nervous tension.
  • Gives a feeling of peace and tranquility.
  • This color will add warmth. If your kitchen is located on the north side and there is not enough sunlight in it, warm delicate pink tones will warm it.
  • Pale pink color visually expands the space, filling it with light and air.
  • Improves appetite, even the most ordinary dishes in such a kitchen will seem like delicacies.

However, there is one “but” – you need to use it very carefully. Kitchens in this color will look stylish and original if you choose the right shades and combine them correctly with other colors. Give preference to pale pastel tones. Bright pink acts the same way as red – it excites.

The best shades of pink for kitchen decoration

The pink palette is surprisingly diverse, but it always sounds fresh and airy, it will not get bored, because it has a lot of shades.

Appreciate the elegance of these colors:

  • Dusty pink is a very soft combination that creates an unusual aura in the room.
  • Powdery pink and pale pink colors give volume to objects.
  • Fuchsia color – bright color will create a spectacular accent in the interior. Do not overdo it, apply it in a dosed manner.
  • Purple-pink.
  • Creamy pink.
  • Pearl.
  • Peach.
  • Strawberry.

There are more than a hundred of them in total, there are plenty to choose from. In order for the kitchen to give only pleasant emotions, we choose the right materials for finishing.

Finishing materials

  • Floor covering. Choose a light-colored floor covering. The material is not limited: it can be laminate, linoleum, tile or wood. It all depends on your capabilities, style and taste.
  • Walls. If pink color dominates, then choose muted colors for the walls. It can be ordinary painting, plaster or wallpaper. Let the apron be brighter. In combination with the backlight, it will sound a spectacular chord.
  • Ceiling. Just like everywhere else: it can be suspended, stretch, multilevel, or simply whitewashed. However, the ceiling may not necessarily be white. In such a kitchen, gray, beige, and even black ceiling looks great. The latter option is only suitable for spacious rooms.

The table top can be made of stone, wood, MDF. White, beige or gray. If you definitely want a pink one, then you will have to order one specially, and it will cost more.

Choosing furniture and color combinations

The interior will be completed, of course, by properly selected furniture. And here it is very important to get into the right tone, to guess with a combination.

What shades are best friends with pink:

  • White. A pink kitchen set will play beautifully against the background of white walls. This combination is almost a win–win option, Such a kitchen looks very fresh and airy.
  • Gray is a very noble combination – aristocracy of the highest standard. It is absolutely universal, suitable for any shade.
  • Black. The black and pink kitchen looks stylish, but it is an option for large rooms, black color visually reduces the space.
  • Brown is the same as black, a very elegant combination. Especially if brown is the main background.

Corner kitchen.

  • Beige can be very creative in combination with pink.
  • Green is very gentle and cute.

Combination with yellow.

  • Yellow – why not? Unconventional, unusual, especially good with dark shades.
  • Lilac is the very refinement and harmony.

You can also create a monochrome kitchen by combining different shades of pink. In order not to look boring, combine warm and cold tones.

Interior Design Styles

In what style to decorate the kitchen?

This color will suit almost any design style, it will give the interior a fresh sound. You just need to guess with the combination.

Classic style.

  • Classic. Here, pastel shades of pink are well combined with brown, green, white, and gold. A distinctive feature of such a kitchen is elegance and simplicity.

Shabby chic.

  • Rococo is a style for large rooms with high ceilings. A pale pink kitchen with stucco and gilding will remind you of the times of noble knights.
  • Modern style – a combination with gray is now on trend. Pink facades of the kitchen set balance gray walls and chrome fittings.
  • Scandinavian style – pale pink color will be good here. This will add warmth to the overall cold interior.
  • Provence style – a pink kitchen combined with blue, green or yellow will look very elegant. The abundance of lace, floral ornaments are very suitable for this color.
  • Country style – here it is best to combine this color with beige and shades of wood.

Modern style.

  • Hi-tech style. The combination with black is best suited for this style. Don’t be afraid to choose bright tones – black will muffle their exciting sound.
  • Minimalism, modernism can be perfectly beaten in this color.
  • Loft style is the only style where this color seems out of place. But even here it will be quite appropriate if you use cold shades of dirty pink.

Whatever style you choose, this color will give it a new sound. Matte muted tones will create an atmosphere of peace, glossy and even flashy will suit energetic natures, adherents of the avant-garde. If you are not afraid of experiments, then bright shades will motivate you to create culinary masterpieces.

Put an end to the design with a successful choice of lamps, and you will understand why pink kitchens are gaining popularity now. This design is even able to hide or smooth out the shortcomings of the room – it will simply take all the attention.

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