Peach color in the kitchen interior: interesting design ideas and real photos

By | November 17, 2022

The peach palette is versatile. Such shades will fit seamlessly into any functional space, including the kitchen. Warm peach adds comfort and warmth to the atmosphere, will have a relaxing effect and at the same time will set an optimistic mood. However, in order for the interior to be modern, stylish and original, it is important to take into account several aspects when working with color.

Combination with beige.

Features of working with color

There are several aspects that are advised to pay attention to when working with peach tones. First of all, it should be borne in mind that the choice of shade saturation depends on the area of the room. If the layout of your apartment involves a large kitchen – you can safely experiment with bright and juicy shades. However, in a small kitchen, calm pastel colors will look more appropriate.

Curtains as a bright accent in the interior.

Experts also advise avoiding bright shades in wall decoration. Saturated tones will look more advantageous in interior details and textiles. Such details with a common complementary range will work to create a single image of the space.

A bright combination of shades in the kitchen interior.

Warm shades not only add comfort, but also visually narrow the space. For this reason, when working with them, it is important to correctly build light sources.

Designers do not recommend giving preference to light peach tones in a neutral design. Colors close to the body can look boring and dirty in the interior.

Bright accent in the interior.

If you prefer monochrome decoration, it is important that the furniture and textiles are several shades darker than the wall decoration.


Soft tones in the kitchen interior.

Most often, designers use several shades in the interior at once. There are several win-win combinations in which peach tones always look stylish:

Modern kitchen.

  • Peach and white are a classic solution for kitchen decoration. As additional shades in this case, light green, lilac or blue can be used.

Combination with white in the interior.

  • Peach and gray are a less festive combination. However, the combination of these colors looks elegant, the main thing is to maintain a balance of contrasts. Not only finishing materials, but also metal surfaces, including household appliances, can act as gray accents in the interior.

Combination with gray in the interior.

  • Peach and brown allow you to create a laconic interior. Most often this combination can be found in Provence-style interiors. Additional touches can be all kinds of materials in natural shades – straw, milk, sand, pink, sky blue.

Combination with brown in the interior.

Peach shades also look great with a light range. The combination allows you to set a light relaxed atmosphere, this combination is as pleasant and comfortable as possible for the human eye. At the same time, peach goes well with dark saturated tones – deep blue, olive, ochre, emerald, turquoise and burgundy.

Rich shade in the kitchen interior.

Designers do not advise combining more than 3 bright shades in one interior. The ideal combination option in this case is the proportion of 60/30/10. In any combination there are basic and additional shades. It is important to keep in mind that a light peach base looks best framed by dark furniture. If there are bright peach shades in the interior, it is worth giving preference to furniture in light colors.

Combined with white and yellow.

And one more important point – if you stopped at the apron of the kitchen set in peach tones, you will have to abandon the dark brown walls. This solution is correct in terms of color combinations, the abundance of bright colors will overload the room.

Lighting selection

Peach color is quite unpretentious. However, when working with it, it is worth avoiding too cold lighting. Such rays will make the shade less contrasting, while delicate tones can look boring and lifeless. At the same time, too warm lighting will bring the brightness to the maximum and make all the shades brighter. In this case, the beauty of the conceived interior can be lost in the abundance of shades. For this reason, designers advise to give preference to artificial lighting with a neutral undertone. Such lighting is most like the sun’s rays. With it, any color will look clean, which means it will not lose its pristine charm.

Bright kitchen.

Choosing a style

In addition to the choice of color design, designers pay attention to the importance of a competent selection of style. The versatility of the peach color allows you to experiment. In particular, this range is compatible with the classic style.

Combination with green.

  • Classic style. Elegance and a minimum of decorations using natural materials are the basis of this style. As for the range, naturalness is a priority: milky, powdery, apricot. They are easy to combine with white and beige.

A classic solution for the kitchen.

  • Hi-tech and loft style. Modern design solutions are usually based on pastel shades. The accent (kitchen set, decorative items) most often become more juicy colors of pumpkin, melon, apricot. Facades are traditionally made of plastic, glass and MDF.

Loft style.

  • Shabby chic. Vintage decoration tends to pale colors, which occupy completely all the walls, textiles and decor. Rich coral, melon and other eye-catching colors will bring comfort. Wood is usually chosen as the main material.

Detailed interior in the style of shabby chic.

  • Provence, country style. French romance and suburban lightness are best conveyed by a combination of peach with white and cream. It is important to keep a balance: if a light shade is chosen for the kitchen set, then the walls should be warmer. The rule also works in the opposite direction. This will help not to lose the originality and charm of rustic motifs.

Provence style.

  • Ethno-style. There is no way in it without a colorful mix of peach and other saturated colors: scarlet, pink, orange and blue. If you want to add oriental motifs, you can not do without a calmer white, heavenly, sandy and mustard. Various plants can act as an addition, the geometry also looks good.

Kitchen with ethno-style elements.

Tips for arranging a peach-colored kitchen

The features of the selection of furniture and finishes depend on the chosen color, which are worth knowing before you decide to stay on it:

Lighting options.

Since peach is quite diverse, with a little more addition of red, you can get a sparkling juicy shade, and with an increased concentration of milk, a pastel palette. Depending on the saturation, you can both provide a charge of vivacity, and create a more peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Bright accents in the kitchen.

The style of kitchen can be any. Bright and catchy peach tones are suitable for modern trends, more brown is added to more restrained and minimalistic ones, and contrasting combinations are ideal for country and other relaxed stylistics.

Bright accent in the dining area.

In addition to painting the walls, you can also choose a furniture set in this color. This is a rather bold decision that requires careful consideration. Contrasts are especially appreciated here: neutral walls and accent furniture are perfect for this role. This way it will be possible to present the furniture in a more advantageous light and highlight it against the general background. A good solution in such an interior will be pillows and other small elements in pastel shades or an elegant wall panel, a picture in a frame.


The kitchen in peach tones is a universal solution for both a large room and a small room. If you are in search of the most successful combination of colors – it is worth giving preference to peach and white in the interior. Those who are ready for more original ideas should take a closer look at the introduction of additional shades and interesting details. Our photo collection will serve as inspiration.

Combination with white.

Interior design with a bar counter.

Combination with white walls and dark flooring.

Combination with purple.

With bright textiles.

Light interior.

Combination with green.

Bright details in the kitchen.

Spacious kitchen.

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