White and green kitchen: design and decoration ideas

By | November 17, 2022

The green color is widely known for its calming and relaxing effect on the human psyche. That is why it is often used for decoration, including kitchens. This color looks harmoniously with white, other natural shades and pastel tones.

Depending on the color saturation, a kitchen in a similar range is suitable for both conservative middle-aged people and young people who are ready to experiment.

Provence style.

Green color in the kitchen interior

By itself, the green color is quite saturated, so it is worth carefully considering the future composition before the repair begins. A person spends quite a lot of time in the kitchen during the day, especially if they not only cook food there, but also take it. If there is too much green in the room, instead of a sense of peace, it will cause aggression and irritability.

Modern design.

An important rule of the white-green interior is to introduce the more of the first, the juicier and richer the second. There are many options for such a combination, you just need to choose your own and connect your imagination.

Unusual design.

Green apron

A white matte or glossy headset looks original with the green of the apron. It can be made of tempered glass, especially dense plastic or shaped tiles.

A white-green small mosaic, and an apron with a photo print with green patterns or an image of spring grass will do. Even on a cold winter day, such a kitchen pleases the eye.

Calm interior.

Green walls

A rather unexpected solution, but a popular one. The tone is usually chosen pastel or vice versa deep, close to emerald or even blue. Different materials are suitable for finishing the kitchen. Wall panels, moisture-resistant washable wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster.

The light wallpaper with a dark green pattern looks original. In this case, it is better to choose a completely white kitchen set, and if it is difficult to decide on such a finish, you can always focus only on one wall. A set with white upper cabinets and green cabinets will suit this design.

Rich color of the walls.

Green ceiling and floor

This finish will suit the bold and determined. Green wooden floors in the kitchen of a country house will look especially beautiful. Painted in the color of fresh grass or sea waves, they will allow a person to involuntarily get closer to nature.

A stretch ceiling or artificially aged and made in an olive shade will complement the eco-friendly and natural atmosphere of a private house. The original idea will fit into the atmosphere of country style, Provence or retro.

Bright accents.

Green tabletop

White color visually expands the space and makes the kitchen more airy, but the eyes get tired of monotony quickly. In addition, pure, undiluted, white is more like a hospital ward. The highlight of the kitchen will be a countertop in green, made of different materials. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, it will also be practical: drops and mechanical damage are less visible on the dark.

To match the tabletop, you can choose dining chairs or stools, lamps and dishes.

Delicate pistachio color.

Green textiles

Bright green curtains, kitchen towels and napkins will be an original addition to the white headset. Textiles will favorably emphasize the style of the kitchen. Monochrome curtains also look interesting in combination with green lower cabinets. When choosing curtains, you can give preference to fabrics with a small floral print.

The perfect combination.

White and green kitchen set

There are few options for combining shades. Either the lower or upper modules will be green. The first one is considered the most popular. Thanks to the white line of hanging cabinets, the kitchen looks easier, and the transition between colors is smoother.

The transition between modules is decorated with an apron with a green print. But a tabletop is also suitable for visual division. Made of dark or light wood, it will add comfort and warmth to the kitchen.

Emerald shade.

But in green, you can also design the upper line of cabinets, leaving the lower one completely white. Olive, light green and those close to them will look harmoniously. Designers recommend using such a technique: to make a line of horizontal white ones above the vertical cabinets. This will visually expand the kitchen and the set will look more airy.

An interesting design solution.

Interior design style

In what style should the white-green kitchen be decorated?

Although such a combination of colors is found in different interiors, not all styles will look organically in it. Among the most common are classics, romantic Provence and country, modern minimalism and high-tech, quaint Mediterranean.


“Rustic styles”: Provence and country

Traditionally, more muted shades of green are selected for them: herbal, pistachio, matte, olive. They are unobtrusive and allow you to create a cozy room at home. In addition, pastel colors are best combined with white.

The decor for country-style or Provence will be checkered white-green curtains on windows and open kitchen modules. Wicker baskets, napkins and pots with live plants.

Delicate interior in country style.

Classic style

It is important to remember the details. The classic interior is filled with carvings, patina, rounded lines. The lampshades are matte and elegant. Malachite, emerald, jade shades will suit such a kitchen. They are associated with precious stones and will add splendor to the room.

The dark shade of the walls in contrast with beige.

Mediterranean style

All surfaces are made in a light scale, and the color of the kitchen set is chosen close to natural: gray-green, sea wave color and other saturated shades. The dining group is made of natural dark wood.

Such a kitchen will be decorated with mosaic or painted ceramic tiles on the floor and apron.

Cozy interior.

Minimalism and high-tech style

For modern styles, bright colors are relevant: lime, emerald, lettuce or yellow-green. The facades are glossy and plain. A juicy palette balances the purity and tranquility of white. Household appliances with straight black lines will complement the kitchen.

Minimalism is practical, so you should not overfill it with decorative elements. Everything in the room should be as simple and convenient as possible for life.

Minimalistic kitchen without overhead cabinets.

Furniture selection

According to the designers, it is quite difficult to work with green. It requires not only a combination of palettes, but also textures of materials. For example, a dark green kitchen modules will suit an apron decorated with marble and a countertop to match. For pistachio and light green facades, you should choose tile or wood. Olive tones are combined with “Spanish tiles”, and bright with concrete gray.

Pendant lights in the kitchen.

In addition to the apron and countertops in the kitchen, there are other items that also require harmony. The dining table or bar counter can be made in white or wood, depending on the shade of greenery. A black dining set will also look original.

In the spacious kitchen, it is possible to make two accent walls green and complement them with matching chairs. Plastic or painted wooden.

Dining area.

Decor and accessories

Since the green color is saturated and very beautiful, a large number of details will cause chaos and destroy the atmosphere of tranquility. Therefore, they should be introduced gradually. Designers advise you to choose several colors and combine them with each other.

Classic green kitchen.

Functional items are more often used as accessories in the white-green kitchen: ceramic plain or painted dishes, lamps, kitchen utensils. Green branches in transparent vases on the windowsill. Matte planters for plants on a wooden open shelf.

Even a bright green refrigerator or microwave will serve as a decor. The main thing is that the shade and appearance of the equipment fit into the stylistic idea of the interior.

Bright decor.


Increasingly, local lighting is being organized in apartments and houses because of its convenience. Everyone turns on the light only in the necessary area, knowing for sure that it is well and brightly lit. Whereas from a single lamp, the light spreads unevenly.

Wicker furniture in the interior.

An important question for a white-green kitchen: should I choose cold or warm lighting? A warm one is most suitable for the central chandelier and the dining area, it will emphasize the comfort and relaxation of the atmosphere. The warm light will make the bright and olive kitchen even more inviting and homely.

Neutral light is only suitable for modern styles, but designers recommend using it only if the dining area is moved to another room. Otherwise, it will be unpleasant and uncomfortable to be in such a kitchen for a long time. But cold lighting should not be considered at all.

Cozy interior.

Lighting devices are chosen based on style. Chandeliers and groups of lamps, floor lamps in the kitchen-living room or neat wall sconces. They will be complemented by small spotlights above the work area.

The white-green kitchen is a space for imagination. A variety of shades and textures are intertwined with each other. With the right approach, the room turns out to be warm, cozy, such that you want to return to. The combination of colors is perfect both for the design of a country house and for a small city apartment. The main thing is to keep a balance.

Photos of kitchens in combination of white and green

Curtains as a bright accent.

Emerald shade.

Dark kitchen combined with white marble countertop.

U-shaped pistachio-colored kitchen.

Spacious kitchen in a private house.

Spacious kitchen living room.

Lighting types: chandelier, spotlights.

Brick wall in the interior.

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